The Manchester United Legend I’d Love To Meet

Many people, when asked who they would like to meet from any point in history, might pick someone like Leonardo Da Vinci or Alexander the Great. When I heard this question, I thought of Roy Keane, one of the greatest professional soccer players of the modern era. Roy Keane had an illustrious career, most notably donning the red uniform of Manchester United, but also playing for the Irish national team, wearing the captain’s band for both squads. His tenacity and burning desire to win make him one of my heroes and meeting him would provide me with great inspiration.

Keane was not only an excellent soccer player, but a passionate captain, and had a fire inside him that refused to lose. He never gave up, no matter what the odds, which typically led to sparking his team to victory when they were previously losing. One of the most famous instances of this was when United were down to Juventus is the 1999 Champions league. He came up with a captain’s goal, and dragged his side into the final with an inspirational performance, despite the fact he was ruled out of the final against Bayern Munich. His zeal also led to a fiery temper, which occasionally resulted in his ejection from games. Despite this, Keane maintained his attitude, knowing it motivated and elevated his team to become legendary. He never backed down from anyone or anything that posed a challenge no matter how small or how monumental, be it Patrick Vieira, his revenge tackle on Alf Inge Haaland, or criticizing United’s fans.

I, like Keane, always wish to succeed, and for me that is with soccer, school and life in general. At times I have had difficulty picking myself up after setbacks both on the soccer field and in school, so I would love to meet Keane and ask him how he has always managed to do this so well himself. I would discuss with him how even when he got discouraged, he pushed on and maintained the form he had before the injuries or when his team was losing. Finding out what enabled Keane to be the person he is would be my main goal of meeting with him. I hope that I could apply to my own life what Keane would share with me during our conversation.

Roy Keane has had an impact on my life from the first time I watched him play. He has taught me to always yearn for more even after accomplishing a goal. I have learned that if there is a setback in life, not to feel sorry for myself, but to get up and move on. By watching Keane play, I understand that the only way to be successful is to have the desire to excel, not only on the soccer field, but in life as well, whether it is on a test, with a paper, or just homework. After suffering athletic injuries and some sub par grades, I have thought of Keane and have carried on, determined to get back in the game and do better with my school work. Keane has been a role model for me, and I have taken many lessons from him that are not only valid on the soccer field, but have, and will continue to help me lead a successful life.


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