Manchester City Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo

A photo has been leaked on the Internet revealing Manchester City’s new shirt for the 2011-12 Premier League season.

It’s another simple but elegant design by Umbro. The sky blue shirt features a white v-neck collar, the sponsors name in black instead of white and also features the familiar logos of Manchester City and Umbro. On closer inspection, it also appears that there’s a textured design on the front of the shirt.

What do you think of Manchester City’s new home shirt design? Personally I love it. Share your opinions about the new shirt in the comments section below. And check out Manchester City’s away shirt for the 2011-12 season also.

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27 thoughts on “Manchester City Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo”

  1. I like it but I have to see another pic. This looks like some kid in his bathroom about to start sexting.

  2. This is NOT the City shirt. It was posted on a forum and everyone said it was fake. sooooooooooooooooooooo ill agree with them

  3. Fake or not? Personally I think its a step backwards. The collar looks rubbish and the texture design on the front doesn’t appeal to me at all. At least I got the nice red and black away kit to keep me happy.

  4. One of the worst fakes i’ve seen, especially when you consider the new away kit and current 3rd kit we have!!

    Why do people go to such trouble to make these fakes?

  5. The textured design is said to be a graphical representation of the ‘soundwave’ of City fans singing bluemoon – neat eh!

  6. New away shirt is a f@@king state from the fantastic looking shirts of last 2 seasons to that is a joke. Horrible and if that’s the new home shirt someone at Unbroken needs an eye test.

  7. DSSF, you’re going to look a bit of a tit when you realise that that is 100% the new home top. It is certainly not a fake. Personally, don’t understand all the negative feedback. The V collar looks great although not convinced by the funny bits at the side (hopefully it is part of the lad’s clothing), the sponsor and unmbro sign would be better in white but it’s not bad in black. The key point will be what kind of material it is made from, if it is the cotton that the last two have been made from then imo it will be a nice top. If it is the cheap, shjiny stuff that most footie tops are made from then it will be a disappointment. Can’t tell from that photo though. Whatever we think, we certainly shouldn’t go overboard with the criticism, it is still tons nicer than the Le Coq and Reebok tops we had before Umbro came back. Yes they have really raised expectations with the outstanding design of the kits over the last two years but this is certainly not an awful kit compared to most football tops.

    1. Funny how man city’s official facebook page said this is definitely NOT the new kit after it was posted on the page several times.

  8. Anyone else notice there is something wrong with the kids neck? Looks insanely photoshoped

    best City shirt was still 2 years ago, white collar and sleeve endings

  9. FAKE. I can buy a one of these at the bodega down the street right next to the Boca Juniors knockoff…..

    This can’t be the shirt. With City now in the Champions League and expecting to grab some fair weather fans/new supporters along the way to add revenue to the club, a decision to downgrade the shirt to this level would be illogical. With the quality of kits that Umbro has been coming out with lately (see England Euro kit) and the away kit already relieved, I’m convinced this is as fake as the sincerity of a Tevez speech about team loyalty.

    1. No, not a fake, this is the real thing. Rather than just stating that this shirt is a “downgrade,” why not say why you think this? What about this shirt amkes you so sure that it will be universally unpopular with the “new supporters” as opposed to just perhaps being a shirt that is not to your taste? I think it made of the same high quality material that the last two shirts have been made from so then it just comes down to design. Maybe you are suggesting that a v neck is a definite downgrade that nobody will like? Or that a white stripe will be univerally unpopular? All sounds a nit odd to me.

  10. My uncles sister in law works at umbro and has assured me this is not the new home shirt. Apparently this is just another of the many new training tops brought out each season. And some of you will be glad to know that city have put forward an official request to keep the shirts the same material for this season due to good feedback from players and fans.

  11. I work on Dale St in Manchester in the same building as the Umbro designers I will ask them tomorrow if this is for real.

  12. I think this is the real-deal. Three reasons for this.
    1) It was up on footballshirtuk website early hours of yesterday morning. Later in the day the article had disappeared. This makes me think umbro or city found out and threatended the sight.
    2) I remember on the bluemoon forum a couple months ago, a fan was saying he heard from a reliable source the strip wouls have dots rising from the bottom but couldnt understand how this would work.
    3) Maybe I am wrong here but city rarely make training tops that are the same colours as the home top. I think they normally go for navy or more recently burgandy or grey.
    Personally, I think its smart (not sure about the dots though). Umbro can only take their simplified tailored range so far.

  13. It’s fake. The Umbro badge is much too close to the collar. And you can see pixelation where the bad photoshopping was done.

    So relax….this is not the kit for 2011/12.

    But having seen them ruin the classic black and red away kit with horizontal stripes on the sleeves and a ridiculous bib collar…I dont expect the finished article to be anything special this coming season. :-(

    1. Couldn’t agree more. The old red and black shirt was classic, but should be left in the past. I really dont like the new away shirt, as I cant bring myself to wear anything with red in it. I much prefer last seasons dark blue, which they seem to be using as a third kit for 2011/12.

  14. I’m sure I came across Alfonso Mango when I went to Turkey last year, who tried to flog me a similar shirt which was nothing like the subsequent home shirt…..

    I’m glad I didnt buy it and I dont buy his story either.

    Looks like a sweat shop knock off

  15. oops. looks like all you tossers were wrong. absolutely was the new sirt and as weirdly early-nineties as it is, it is a sick shirt. that blue moon soundwave is f***ing class. we are all on the shirt. that is so cool.

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