Behind The Scenes With Tim Howard On an Everton Matchday: Video

Have you ever wondered what a typical matchday experience in the Premier League? It’s a home match, the above video is a good representation of what it’s like thanks to Tim Howard who walks us through, in this case, a home match at Everton Football Club.

The one thing that jumps out in my mind regarding the above video is whether Tim Howard usually listens to music or silence when commuting to his home match at Goodison Park. While he’s driving, there is probably an early kick-off match happening. But as a footballer, do they try to tune in to the radio commentary, or do they use the time to focus on their match that’s coming up. In many ways, I’m sure it depends on each person individually.

The above video is definitely highly recommended viewing. Also, here’s another video of Tim Howard, where he walks you through his ‘man cave’ at his home in England:


3 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes With Tim Howard On an Everton Matchday: Video”

  1. It’s videos like these that make the players seem a little more human compared to celebrities. I always enjoy the pre-game routines being an athlete myself. Fun to compare similarities and differences. The man cave part is pretty cool to see, too. Fun to see what athletes have on display and get ideas for your own space. Keep these videos coming.

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