FIFA 12 Press Conference Video Reveals EA Sports Football Club And More

EA Sports are in Los Angeles this week for the E3 Expo where they demoed the much anticipated FIFA 12 video game, which will be available for general release in the Fall.

The main new features of FIFA 12 are a new (1) Player Impact Engine, (2) Precision Dribbling, and (3) Tactical Defending. But another key new development is the launch of the EA Sports Football Club.

EA Sports Football Club is described as the heartbeat of FIFA 12. You’ll get to pick your favorite team. And then contribute to your favorite club’s success in everything you do and every time you play. For example, you’ll then be able to compete in challenges and rivalries. Plus real-life storylines from the world of soccer will be integrated into your EA Sports Football Club social experience.

It’s still a little ambiguous, but the above video will help shine more light on the new feature.

In addition to the above video, see below for four separate video Q&A’s from EA Sports where FIFA 12 Producer David Rutter answers fans questions about FIFA 12 gameplay, visual presentation, fan’s wishlists as well as EA Sports Football Club:

Core Gameplay Q&A:

Visual Presentation Q&A:

EA Sports Football Club Q&A:

Your Wishlist Q&A:

Based on the above videos, what are your thoughts about FIFA 12? Are you getting excited about the forthcoming release? Are there features missing that you think need to be added? Do you prefer Pro Evolution Soccer or the FIFA series? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “FIFA 12 Press Conference Video Reveals EA Sports Football Club And More”

  1. I’m liking the new features dealing with dribbling and the collisions. Maybe things will be a little more balanced this year compared to years past where the CPU can get away with nearly everything. I’m not much an online player, but Football Club looks awesome. It’ll be fun to see what story-lines they use each week. Still now word on Ultimate Team, really hope that feature is included again.

  2. i hope to see a better presentation of a trophy like medals being awarded to them on a podium and also wish to see white hart lane and city of manchester stadium included in the stadiums.

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