Liverpool Agree £20m Deal for Jordan Henderson, Says Report

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Liverpool have signed English midfielder Jordan Henderson for £20million with David N’Gog going to Sunderland as part of the deal, according to Sky Sports. The deal is contingent on Henderson passing his medical on Wednesday as well as agreeing personal terms. But it looks very likely that Jordan Henderson will be playing his football at Anfield next season, while N’Gog will be playing for Sunderland.

The Merseyside club have been pursuing the signing of Henderson since last week. Henderson, 20, plays in a central midfield role and has made more than 71 appearances for Sunderland since joining the club in 2008. The English midfielder made his debut for England in the November, 2010 friendly against France where he started the game alongside Steven Gerrard in midfield.

Henderson is definitely a gifted footballer and a rising star in England. He was named Sunderland’s Young Player of the Year for the past two years. And will be leaving this weekend to join the England under-21 team for the European Championships.

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  1. I don’t understand Bruce’s recent transfer dealings – that’s two of Sunderland’s biggest players he’s let go now (Bent in January) and sure, they’ve raked in a nice bit of cash, but who are the big names they’re able to attract, let alone buy, to replace them? The last half a dozen games of the season, Sunderland were rocked by injuries which highlighted how little depth there is in he squad. Henderson really was a gem.

  2. 20m is a lot for someone who didn’t do that much last season. United had been linked to him and every time I watched him play I personally didn’t think he was anything special, maybe the step up in teams will bring the best out of the lad . If the papers are to be believed Sunderland are now after Wes Brown and Darren Gibson for around 11m.

  3. I think in about two years Liverpool will be the happier of the two clubs. Henderson has huge potential and probably a replacement for steven gerrard in 5yrs time

  4. This would seem to be a sign of intent from Liverpool.
    According to my reading of tonight’s report on the Guardian’s website it seems to be 13m plus a trade of Ngog (valued at 7m) – Gaffer, did I right the report right? If so, not a bad bit of business – again.
    We still don’t really know where Dalglish will play Gerrard – central midfield or playing off a striker. Its hard to see room for Gerrard, Carrol and Suarez up front, but if its true that the Pool are also bidding for Adams then the central midfield also looks a bit crowded (last count – Gerrard, Spearing, Lucas, Meireles, Henderson, possibly Adams). Curious, especially considering the light schedule Liverpool will have next year (most likely under 45 games)
    I would have thought that center-back and wide midfield would be more of a priority, but the summer is young.
    Iain its tough for teams that operate in the world of mid-table to struggling to avoid relegation. Once a player gets a reputation he becomes a target for the top clubs, and most clubs can’t afford to turn down a huge profit on a player.

    1. JMF, Sky was reporting that the entire deal was 20m. They didn’t break down what Henderson was valued at. Nor did they do the same for N’Gog. Just that the total was 20m.

      Personally I think it’s a great buy for Liverpool. And definitely a player who will be a future star at Anfield.

      The Gaffer

  5. Consensus seems to be the cash could raise to 13-14m (after performance incentives) + N’gog…great bit of business for Liverpool.
    In KK We Trust.

  6. Great signing and very, very smart.

    Suarez, Carroll, and Henderson are all very young and will provide Liverpool will either many years of service or a few years of service and the ability to get the transfer fee back as the players will still be young.

    The problem I have is that we are getting players in positions that, while needed, are not the vital positions we lack. Get some damn wingers in there!

  7. According to The Independent, Liverpool will pay 13 million in cash plus send N’Gog to Sunderland. If that’s the case then it’s very good business since N’gog hasn’t been getting much playing time and was not really in Liverpool’s future plans. That means N’gog is priced at 7 million pounds which is quite high, but he is still in his early 20’s so maybe he can improve at another club.

  8. If a moderately promising English youngster with one cap and a couple of seasons with a mid-table side is worth 20 million quid, then that speaks volumes about the problems in English football. If he was any other nationality, he’d probably be picked up by Wenger for pocket-change.

    That said, I think it’s curious how the press puts a value on player-plus-cash deals. If this deal was $13m + N’Gog, then that’s precisely what it was: $13m+N’Gog.

    To describe it as a $20m deal makes the assumption that N’Gog is worth $7m in the eyes of both parties, and that is not necessarily the case.

    For all we know, perhaps both parties think he’s worth $1m. Or $100m. Or perhaps Liverpool think N’Gog is worth $7m and Sunderland think he’s worth $1m (or vice versa). Anyway, it doesn’t matter – the fact is, Sunderland were happy to sell for $13m+ N’Gog, Liverpool were willing to buy for $13m+N’Gog, so that’s the only way we should describe the deal: $13m+N’Gog. Anything else is unnecessary and unverifiable.

  9. Liverpool have now spent 55 million pounds for Carroll and Henderson, two players with potential but still unproven. Forget their age. Can Carroll become a 20+ goals-a-season striker? He is good in the air, has a decent shot but has no pace or dribbling skills. He does not hold the ball up well and has very little technical skills. A real gamble as far as I’m concerned. Henderson has shown himself to be a decent midfielder with good movement and a good shot. In his one senior England appearance against France he was totally out of his depth against the likes of Nasri. I can see him getting better but don’t see him as a dominating force in midfield.

    Manchester United are in pole position to buy Ashley Young for around 16 million pounds. For the kind of money Liverpool have been throwing around, this deal looks like a steal if it happens.

    1. I agree with Harry 100%.

      Carroll really concerns me. And for all of the reasons he listed. And ironically we need someone like Young!

      1. What you have to remember is that Suarez (age 24), Carroll (age 22), and Henderson (age 20) are very, very young.

        Liverpool spent 55 million pounds on them but, at the very least, will get a good three years out of them and be able to sell them on for at least that much given inflation and the ever rising value given to strikers and / or England internationals.

        After three seasons at the club, these players will be 27, 25, and 23 and will demand at the very least an average of 15-20 million each. At the very worst, that is a few small loss for three years of those players at your club.

        This is the model that the new owners are bringing to the club. Buy them young, use them up, and then sell them off at their “peak” age of 27 or so.

        The same could be said of Young but in three years time he’ll be 29 and may not demand as much of a transfer. If he does go to United, he’ll probably end up seeing out his career at United.

        What I do agree with is that we should be buying a winger or two.

    2. And if Liverpool wanted Young but he wants to be a Manc, how does liverpool compete except do Tevez type wages? People go where they want to go, Mancs are in the pole position because of the players wants, not due to lack of interest from other clubs.

  10. +2
    Liverpool should have looked at Commoli’s record at Spurs. He has a history of overpaying.

    Cannot see how Carroll and Henderson are going to live up to their price tags. Average to slightly above average players at best. Nothing more.

  11. Most English players are crap. Paying 35 million for Carroll was insane. Paying 20 million for Henderson is crazy for an average player. There is no guarantee that either player’s value will increase as they get older. These buys are a gamble.

    Real Madrid bought Mesut Ozil for 12.5 million. He is young and showed that he had the skills to succeed. Ozil is thrice the player Henderson is and probably will ever be.

    No one can forecast the future. All we have to go by are what we know now. Right now Ozil is a terrific player and worth every penny Madrid paid for him. Right now Carroll hasn’t shown he is worth 35 million nor has he shown promise that he will be worth that in the future. The same with Henderson.

    You pay huge amounts for proven players, not unproven ones. The future is always an unknown.

    1. Henderson at 13 million plus a N’Gog is a good bit of business. Even as a flop in a few years, Carroll will demand 20-25 million for just being young, English, and a striker.

      Jesus, United just spent 16 million on an relatively unproven English defender. Typically, prices go up as you move towards the front line.

  12. I agree that Liverpool are taking a huge gamble in relying on players coming good in the future. The future is now!

    Swansea are reportedly interested in signing Vincente on a free. He was released by Valencia. Here’s a player who at 29 still has technical ability twice that of the average English player. Even if he’s half of what he was in his prime he would be worth signing. With the type of passing game Swansea play he would fit right in. Good business if Swansea can get him.

  13. I sure hope the Liverpool brass know what they’re doing as the prices they have paid for Henderson and Carroll boggle the mind. Yes, they are English and so will always demand a higher fee in the EPL but if you’re trying to improve your squad to compete with the top 4 plus Spurs this doesn’t make sense. Would any of the other top teams have Henderson as their starter? Even Carroll would find it difficult to start for those top teams. Pavlyuchenko, thought of as being a bust at Spurs, is a better player than Carroll.

    Liverpool are banking on the fact that these players will come good in the future. We’ll have to wait and see.

  14. Apparently N’Gog is not part of the deal. Liverpool will pay Sunderland 16 million pounds that could rise to 20 million with incentives. N’Gog is still a Liverpool player.

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