The Toughest Challenge That Alex Ferguson Faces Of His Manchester United Tenure

Parading the Premier League trophy around the streets of Manchester on Monday, there was a distinct and justified sense of achievement for Sir Alex Ferguson. In 25 years at Old Trafford, the Scot has won 12 Premier League titles, along with 24 other trophies, and in my opinion is the greatest British manager to ever grace the game. Bringing success to Manchester United was an accomplishment in itself, sustaining it and adapting to management in the modern game is simply an incredible feat. But, behind the smiles and celebrations on Monday’s open-top bus tour, Ferguson would have been acutely aware of the challenge that lies ahead.

Recent campaigns have seen Ferguson’s charges battle Chelsea and Arsenal for Premier League supremacy. Since the 2003/04 season, when Roman Abramovic threw his considerable financial weight behind the Blues, Chelsea have won three Premier League trophies, Arsenal have claimed one, and Manchester United have emerged victorious four times. Next season however, there are two other teams looking to have their say in the title race – possibly the two clubs United fans hate the most, Manchester City and Liverpool.

United’s “noisy neighbours” have the spending power to acquire almost any player in world football and are rumoured to share an interest in some of United’s reported transfer targets. At the risk of being cynical, a player given the choice to join either City or United would probably opt for the blue half of Manchester, purely for the financial package they can offer. If they can afford to pay Yaya Toure £220,000 a week, just imagine what they would pay Wesley Sneijder or Alexis Sanchez. One advantage United did have over City was the lure of Champions League football but that is no longer the case thanks to City‘s 3rd place finish last season. Meanwhile, Liverpool have improved dramatically under the stewardship of fan’s favourite Kenny Dalglish, and look set to spend big this summer. Eden Hazard, Ashley Young, Connor Wickham and Jordan Henderson are all reported transfer targets, and a prolific forward partnership in Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll could also be forged if both can avoid injuries.

With all their rivals looking set for summer sprees, supporters of Manchester United must harbour doubts as to whether their club can still afford top quality players in such an inflated market. Ferguson still has an eye for a bargain – you only need to look at Chicharito for proof of that – but it’s looking increasingly likely that at least one creative midfielder is needed at Old Trafford and they may have to spend upwards of £30m to get one of the necessary quality. Despite being over £500m in debt, David Gill has constantly reassured that there are large sums of cash reserves to add to the playing squad, and Ferguson must surely be looking to spend it. David De Gea looks set to sign from Atletico Madrid to replace the almost irreplaceable Edwin Van Der Sar, and the likes of Wesley Sneijder, Luka Modric and Ashley Young have also been linked.

Sir Alex famously said his biggest challenge was knocking Liverpool off their perch. Now he turns his attention to staying on it.

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  1. They have been saying the same thing for years now, united time is over and this is Liverpool’s year blah blah blah. Three out of the last four titles have ended up at old trafford with us losing the other by a single point. We have been in three out of the last four CL finals as well, does this seem like a team on its way out?

    Yes we have lost some experience in VDS , Neville and Scholes but its not like we are Arsenal with a squad who has never won anything. As for players picking City over us don’t make me laugh, any player who wants to win medals will most likely pick Utd over city. They only have to look at Tevez wanting away from the club after 2 seasons to know how bad it really must be. Im not saying City cant be challengers this season but the likes of Liverpool it still way to early for them to be talking league titles, 22 points behind Utd this year after one of our worst seasons points wise in recent times.

    1. I’m not saying United’s time is over, I’ve already placed my bet on them to win the Premier League next season. I’m merely pointing out that the financial position they are in could impact on the success they have on the pitch, whereas all other teams around them appear to have a lot of cash to spend.

      As for players picking City over United, I didn’t state this was a certainty. It completely depends on the player – but there are sadly some players out there who would choose the money at City over the success and tradition of a club like Manchester United. City can afford to pay ridiculous transfer fees to clubs and obscene wages to players and that will be attractive to a lot of players, especially with the role of agents these days.

      I also didn’t say this will be Liverpool’s year, because I don’t think it will be. Chelsea, Arsenal and City all pose greater threats to United than Liverpool. But you can’t deny they are now looking like a club on the up again and, depending on how well they buy, could be challenging for either the championship or the top four. At least in my opinion.

      1. As much as i don’t like what the Glaizers have done with the club by putting us in this financial position they have never failed to back SAF in the transfer market and i don’t see that changing anytime soon, it simply wouldn’t be good business for then not to open the cheque book to keep the current success rolling.

        Big difference between challenging for the EPL championship and a top four finish. I honestly believe Liverpool will struggle to get back into the top 4 again this season which will be a disaster for them if it doesn’t happen. Lets see how quick the new owners are in investing millions of pounds out their own pockets with another year of no champions league football, as of now they haven’t proven they will spend big as all they have done is use to 50m they got for Torres to buy 2 new strikers.

        As for city being able to outbid and pay better wages than us I again think that when it comes down to it when TOP players have a choice to make 9/10 times they will go for Utd. The club have proven they are willing to pay big money in wages with the new Rooney deal. You are correct though Citys money will be a attraction for some but look at the players who turned them down already in Kaka, Villa and Berbatov just too name a few.

        1. The Glazers have backed him yes, but if you look at the last two seasons when the debt has massively increased, United have only signed Valencia for about £18M or something like that, Owen on a free, Hernandez for £7M and Smalling for £10M. They’re all good signings, don’t get me wrong, but I’m simply pondering whether they’ll give Fergie the money to go out and get the likes of Sneijder, Modric and Alexis Sanchez.

          There isn’t actually too much difference between fighting for the title or the top 4. At different times during last season, all three of Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City had times where they looked like they could go on and win it, and had times where they needed to simply stay in the top 4. Arsenal looked certain to finish at worst 2nd place, and finished 4th.

          If I was a footballer, and I had City and United after me, there would be absolutely no doubt in my mind that United is the better place to go to. All I’m saying is this might not be the case for all players, and if United offer £100,000 a week to a player, City can easily afford £250,000 or above. You’re right in saying some players like Berbatov and Kaka have rejected City in the past, but they now have Champions League football to offer, which they didn’t before. And as I said before, agents play a big part in these deals and would be more eager for their client to join City as they would then get more money themselves.

      2. Man City’s wage bill from 2010 was £133m a year while Utd’s was £131m, £2m difference! Now go and look at the squads of the two teams now City have 21 big signings there rest being low money signings or youth players (lower wages), now in comparison to Utd have 16 I think this says a lot about which club pays the highest wages to individuals don’t you!

        As for Yaya Toure it has been said by Brian Marwood that his wage would only come near the £200k mark with bonuses, and even then he would have to win every Cup they entered!! The same is not said of Rooney’s £250k per week (prem highest earner)

        City pay high wages yes but so do the other top teams that why they‘re top, City pay no more than the other top teams and the end of year wage totals prove this. So try to stop taking notice of an over zealous media especially when it comes to City they love a good made up story! You want top players to be a top team, then you pay top wages.


          I actually don’t remember commenting on what wages both clubs currently pay, but seeing as you want to discuss it…

          City pay on average £9,000 more than Manchester United at the moment. That’s for a squad that is currently not as good as United. They obviously have ambitions to become better than United and therefore will be signing more world class players, and in the meantime getting rid of the likes of Bellamy, Wright-Phillips, Bridge and Adebayor.

          Now City are in the Champions League they will go after higher calibre players and will be paying more money. They have already offered Tevez a new contract worth £250,000 a week. The fact is, if there was ever a situation where both Manchester clubs were trying to get the same player, City can offer more money to the player’s club and more money to the player himself.

          You appear to be trying to put forward an argument that City are just on a par with all other teams financially, and this just isn’t the case. They have a bottomless pit, whereas United have debts of over £500M. United, nor any other top team, would have paid £18M for Roque Santa Cruz or £22M for Joleon Lescott, but City can afford to do it because there’s no risk invovled – if the player doesn’t turn out to be good enough they’ll just get rid and buy someone else.

          1. Jack the figures I have given you are the actual club year ends, not some made up story. These are the wage figures that were paid by the clubs and released in their year end accounts. All clubs file these with Companies house every year and they are open to the public. The club with the highest paid player is Utd, according to reports and Tevez was offered a new contract to bring him in line with Rooney but he refused it as he will be leaving in another 3 years at the age of 31 he probably go home, pockets loaded and fair play to him, he’s worth every penny.

            The argument I’m putting forward is that if City Pay so much more than Utd why is there only a £2m difference in there year ends when City have many more senior players? You seem to be saying City will pay £300k and not give a dam this is not the case the it will be very rare City and Utd to go for the same players for a start but if Utd want a top player they also have to pay no different to Madrid, Inter, Liverpool etc. Yes City brought in a few top earners in the Summer Silva, Toure, and to a lesser extent Dejko but if you don’t think Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Nani, Valancia are on similar or more then you’re kidding yourself.

            The players City signed this year were are already top draw, the year before not so with the exception of Tevez and Robinho. Now they have champs league who do you think they will sign? Ronaldo, Messi It will not happen these players are un-buyable maybe they could sign Kaka but this is unlikely as they no longer need a signing like this and he hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire at Madrid has he? The signings City have made were simply to bring themselves up to the top teams levels which also means wages, with a couple of new players they will have done this (IMO) they also have to pay what the top teams do in wages. Contrary to popular belief they did not have a scatter gun approach to signing players. The Manger knew the targets and got most of them. Do you remember this ‘money can’t buy success’ well it is! Every team that has spent big which means wages and not just the player has also had success i.e Utd, Blackburn, Chelsea and many others.

            You keep saying about £9k more per player, I’ll repeat the year ends say what the team gets paid in the wages column. The Telegraph does NOT know individual players wages that’s only between the club and player anything else is speculation. I do not know how they come to that figure because even based on 25 man squad that’s £225k per week which means either City or Utd are breaking the law as the are faking there accounts to the tune of £10-£12m! Just work it out from the year ends jack it’s impossible!

            City do have a advantage financially at the minute but only because of Utd’s owners I know most on here think they are great but the amount of money Utd should have is massive, it’s all down to the owners. City bought Lescott and Cruz before the FFP rules when they were limited to who they could sign at that time. Also if a club is not willing to sell the player the price is over the top c (Lescott has been top this year Cruz is one of the worse signings ever made by City worse than Jo).

        2. I just wrote a massive reply and for some reason it didn’t appear on here. I can’t be bothered to do it again, but the basic theme was that City currently pay, on average, £9,000 a week more than United. And that’s for a team that aren’t as good as United at the moment. Now, offering Champions League football, they will be in for higher calibre players and will therefore pay more wages.

          The fact of the matter is, if there was ever a situation where both United and City were in for the same player, City can easily afford to trump United both in the transfer fee to the player’s club and the wages to the player himself. City have a bottomless pit of money, United don’t.

          Let’s agree to come back here after next season and I can guarantee you the difference between the two clubs’ wage bills will be far greater than it is now.

          1. The figures for the year ending June 2010 are as follows Manchester City’s wage bill was £133.3million, Manchester United’s £131.7million while indecently Chelsea’s was £172.5million and Arsenal’s £110million.

            City may seem to have bottomless pit you’re right but they do have to look like they are trying to keep within the FFP rules at the very least, as do Utd and Chelsea of course (both posted huge losses in march).

            To any player in the world it is obvious that City are serious contenders for trophies, so if an offer came in from either City or Utd the wage would be similar it’s not less because it’s Utd what ever news stories you read! I don’t see them going for the same players any way Utd need a Keeper a midfielder or two and maybe one defender who knows if they will sign them. For a few years now they have said the funds are there only for them not to spend them. City will go for (IMO) left sided winger & maybe a left back.

            If we come back next season it may be a bit more as they brought in five new players but don’t forget the of loaded 5 big earners on loan as well as others.
            The year after will be lower as they will have sold Given, Wright Phillips, Adebayour, Santa Cruz, Jo, Wayne Bridge, Craig Bellamy maybe Jerome Boatang and according to John Doe anyway Tevez! All massive earners. Other’s to leave could be Onuoha, Patrick Veria, Caicedo that’s not far of a million pounds a week worth of players. So work out how much that lowers the wage bill! These will be replaced by 2 or 3 new signings. As for Utd their wages will rise as they have given Vidic and Rooney massive new contracts this year, they also need to sign players to replace VDS, Scholes, Hermon Munster and others, they may well go for the cheaper players again but when your talking of the players like Sneijder your talking £200.000 a week at least. I don’t think things are as black and white as you seem to think Jack.

    2. You seem to be confusing your teams! Tevez wanted away from Utd after two seasons not City. Now remind me who he signed for when he left, where he still is and where he will most likely be next season? I know you don’t want to but you really need to try to shed some of that bitterness.

      1. Incorrect Tevez wanted to stay with Utd but SAF refused to pay the over inflated transfer fee so he decided to join city which was his right to do, I have no problem with him doing that.

        However If you honestly think Carlos Tevez will still be wearing blue next season you are kidding yourself.

        1. No your incorrect one, they offered the £25m transfer fee and a wage that would have made him one of utd’s top earners but he felt they had disrespected him by leaving it until a few months before his contract expired! £25m over inflated they paid £31.75m for an older Berbatov are you smoking weed?

          Not only are you completely wrong on your first bit of bitter wishful thinking you have absolutely no evidence what so ever that Tevez won’t be at City next year. Closing your eyes tight, praying, wishing and hoping he’ll leave will not make it happen you bitter little rag LOL.

          1. Well I’m sure you could explain the irony as I’m having trouble seeing any bitterness towards Utd here from me but you could cut and paste it if it’s there just like I did with John Does bitter little swipe at City. Are you Alanis Morissette in disguise as she has no clue what irony is either, ten thousands spoon when all she needed is a knife, not ironic at all is it just plain old unlucky or daft bit like you! LOL

          2. The Irony, Why?, lies in the fact that out of 47 comments (and counting) on this thread, you account for roughly half of them — most of which are completely nonsensical rants about the same thing: your bitterness towards anyone bringing up City’s spending spree.

          3. The irony, Why?, lies in the fact that out of 47 comments (and counting) on this thread, you make up roughly half of them — most of which are centered around the exact same thing: your bitterness towards anyone bring up the City spending spree. Also, name-calling isn’t exactly the least bitter-sounding form of argument.

          4. I reply to people what’s the problem with that? That’s what the site is for isn’t it?
            I’m pointing out the two teams wages (City & Utd) are very similar and any talk of individual players wages is purely speculation as both the clubs and the players do not talk about them (or very, very rarely).
            I haven’t mentioned City’s spending spree and I don’t recall anyone else doing this. I feel no bitterness about it at all in fact I fxxking love it!!!! What I don’t love is people who talk crxp you know like yourself and the whole irony thing. Oh, I do love giving it out to the arrogant Utd fans here, not the decent ones but they are few and far between. Especially those that see fit to get the constant sly little digs in, my bad what can I say!

          5. Speaking of constant, sly little digs..

            And dude, I know what you’re “pointing out”. You’ve done it roughly 218,822 times so far in this thread.

          6. Well I’m glad you get it because others here don’t seem to get it!
            If you’re referring to me having a go at your good self by ‘speaking of little sly digs’ well that’s what happens when you draw first blood so to speak as you did with the implication I was showing bitterness towards Utd which is not the case at all no problem with them. Some of the arrogant txxts that call themselves Utd fans here on the other hand will get both barrels, I do bite back, same goes if you talk boxxocks about my club, which tends to happen a lot on this site.
            I see you also have a tendency to exaggerate! Is that another dig? lol

  2. 25 million is over inflated when you consider he wasn’t even good enough to make the staring eleven at Utd.

    Perhaps its the City board who are on drugs mate, how else can they explain these types of fees.

    Robinho= 32.5m
    Adebayor 25m

    Now granted Utd may have over payed for Brebatov but at least he has some medals to show for his time at old trafford.

    1. Doh, yeah all Utd’s strikers are better than him aren’t they??

      What were the Utd board doing when the signed these turkeys then fool?

      Veron = £28m
      Anderson = £22m+
      Berbaflop =£31.75m

      Robinho did what he was supposed to, Lescott has been half the partnership in the meanest defence in the league! Dezko??? He’s only been there 5 minutes! Milner was £16m with a player, who did not only cost City a penny and is now worth little more than a few pennys lol. Your right with Adebayor he’s a donkey and hopefully some mugs will give us a bit back for him, not as bigger loss as Utd took on Veron though lol.

      Hey numpty Berbatov’s medals don’t even come near what Tevez has won in three different country’s and he’s 3 years younger. You silly, silly boy.

      1. Feel free to show me where I said United signed and flops.

        You know you’re desperate when you are taking credit for medals that Tevez has won with other teams.

        Just remember who he was playing for when he won a the Champions league, world club championship, League winners medal and a league cup medal. I suppose you still have your little fa cup to brag about..

        “This is how it feels to be city”

        1. Are you MUFC77 as well? Why would I show you where you said Utd sign flops? I’m sure it’s pretty obvious I’m replying to him. Either way Tevez has not only won more in his career than Berbatov he also won more in his time At Utd than Berbatov! IMO he will also do so with City.

          He has come to City at the start of their journey, not the end as Berbatov with Utd the spending at City has only just started where it has been going on for 20-30 years with Utd before Berbatov, it’s our turn to buy the success utd did!

      2. Wow how embarrassing having to brag about medals your captain has won with your local rivals, then again you lot have been an embarrassment for the last 34+ years so nothing new.

        1. I’m embarrassing! Who’s is the first comment? and what is it saying! I don’t brag about any medals that I have won myself never mind what the team I support has (this is basically part of being arrogant) as this has only a very small amount to do with me as I buy tickets, goods etc.
          I could say I’m a Real Madrid fan because they have won more than most couldn’t I? You’re just one of many plastic fans who feel if they follow a winning side they have some sort of right to brag and display arrogance. Are you a Utd fan to make yourself feel better about being a massive pleb? sad really. Oh and You’re the fool who bragged about what Berbatov has won in comparison to Tevez which is laughable as Berbatov will most likely not win as much as Tevez who already has something like 10 major honours to his name at the age of 27. Next………

          1. Once again you are wrong here’s exactly what you said below.

            “Hey numpty Berbatov’s medals don’t even come near what Tevez has won in three different country’s and he’s 3 years younger. You silly, silly boy”

            I’ll say it again bragging about medals and honors Tevez has won with OTHER teams is just plain embarrassing.

          2. How is does that constitute me bragging and you not? Or just me bragging if you like? That’s me telling you a fact! I couldn’t care less what Berbs or Tevez has won elswhere you’re the one who put this forward not me.

            ‘Once again you are wrong’ where are these other times? Lord give me strength lol.

  3. ‘Why?’ you’re an irritating little prick you are. No one at United is bitter about Tevez leaving…he’s forgotte, he’s history. If anyone is bitter it’s you…what are you so bitter about? It’s only a game. So what if your team is all sh1t…at least they’re trying. It could be worse…you could be playing in the Championship.

  4. @ jack
    Ive also lost a couple posts here today.

    Id be more than happy to come back at the end of next season and compare wage bills, while were at it we will compare the amount of trophy’s Utd and city both win next season

    1. I wouldn’t say my opinion is black and white, it’s just a simple fact that if City want a player badly enough they can afford to pay more than anybody else can. Whether they choose to do so is upto them but they have the ability to do so.

      Your point about Sneijder is exactly what I’m talking about. The article is questioning whether or not United have the money to be able to get players like Sneijder, both in transfer fee and wages – and if they don’t, clubs like City can afford to.

      1. Jack, things have changed with the FFP rules they need to be much more careful than they were in the begining.

        1. How ever you dress it up it’s arrogance I never heard pool fans in the 80’s or many of Europe’s top clubs talk like this. Most have won much more than Utd to boot. Only the worlds most arrogant fans at Utd behave in this way. You’ve already won next year League have you?

          1. Now that’s not arrogant at all is it!!! lol

            Better than Bayern, AC, Barca, Liverpool, Juve, or Ajax? (I could go on) No definitely not! There are many decent Utd fans but most here are total nobs and deserve the kicking there low football knowledge and arrogance gets!

          2. Yes Id say next years league is already wrapped up, in fact we shouldn’t even bother having a season in 2011/12. We can collect our trophy right after we win the charity shield in August.

            Also I noticed you haven’t included your own little pub team in that list of Europe’s top teams, its ok don’t be ashamed or embarrassed you’re not amongst Europe’s elite..

          3. You will note that many teams are not there including the likes of Preston, Blackpool, Spurs, West Ham, F.C Bruges, Mallorca, Valencia, SM Caen, Grampus 8 etc, etc you should get the picture but I doubt it very much. Should all these fans go and support the best clubs in there respective countries like you? They could be glory hunting fake plastic fans just like you, that bit sounds like a song in the making!

          4. Yeah you might be right, I mean it’s not like City are one of the best or always were one of best supported Clubs in England holding attendance records while selling out more times than Utd or selling all their Season tickets unlike Utd last season is it?… Doh

          5. Wrong once again son, United have always been the biggest supported club in Britain even when we got relegated we still had a bigger attendance than our little neighbors. FACT!!!

          6. What’s wrong?
            Do City not hold the English football attendance record? Yes they do, so that’s right.
            Did City not sell out there games more than Utd this year? Yes, again right.
            Did City sell all their season tickets while Utd did not? Yes that’s three right!
            Were City not in the top 5 team attendances in England this season and have they not been constantly in it for years? Guess what right again!!!

            So genius tell me which part is wrong?

          7. I may be wrongbut i thought UTd v Arsenal in 1948 was the biggest attendance record of 83,260 while we played our home games at maine rd. Now your taking credit for our attendances as well as the medals your captain has won with us.

            Utd sold 51,000 season tickets in 2010/11, citys average is around 36,000 with a average attendance on game days of around 45,905. we have more season ticket holders than you have total fans at games.

          8. It will come as no surprise that you are wrong again! The record is for City v Stoke as you probably found that out while doing your research on wikipeadia or what ever none factual site you went to! The Utd v Arsenal game is said to have had 20-30k City fans there! As Utd’s top attendance the year before at Old Trafford was 42K I don’t think they had ever had over 64k before that. The recorded attendance at the Arsenal match was 81k and not the 83k you probably got off wikipeadia, so wrong yet again.

            Indecently the biggest attendance at Old Trafford was not even set by Utd as they never filled it until the modern era! It was set by Wolves & Grimsby!!! and is still the largest crowd ever at Old Trafford. I would fully expect City to have as many season ticket holders if not more as Utd if they had the success they have over the years. City went 34 years without a yet we were still were constantly in the top attendances what ever division they were in.

            I’ll repeat for you this year City season ticket sold out Utd’s did not City being the team who had not won any thing for 34 years!.

            Something else you may not know about your supposed own team is that season ticket holders are forced to go to cup games, City’s are not the one cup they are not force to go to is the league cup guess what the attendance this year against Wolves was it 76k? 70k? surely not 65k no it was 46k in a 77k stadium and if you want to say look at City they got 27 in such and such a game we will go back and look at some of Utd’s with less.
            Well any way you are wrong yet again, I don’t think you have got anything right yet! I’d give up if I were you as you clearly know nothing about the team you say you follow, well except for total arrogance!!

  5. I see nothing wrong with what Jack has pointed out in this article, and I’m a City supporter.

    He simply made the case that City can pay more the United likely can, and that some players may therefore go to the blue side. It’s true.

    It’s not something that I trumpet as a City fan, but there’s no doubt that they’ve used their newfound wealth to spend quickly – because many other teams like United have speant greatly over time, and a large investement was needed to catch up in a short period of time.

    1. Just letting him know the wages are evenish upto now and that the highest paid English player plays for Utd not City and that Toure does not get £220 a week. No problem with him the bitter (John Doe)on the other hand is a tool

      1. Yeah i’m jealous and bitter of a team that just won its first trophy in 33+ years.

        “HaHa this is how it feels to be City”

        1. ‘As for players picking City over us don’t make me laugh, any player who wants to win medals will most likely pick Utd over city. They only have to look at Tevez wanting away from the club after 2 seasons to know how bad it really must be’

          This isn’t a bitter statment then is it? LOL. Still a tool and a bitter one at that!

  6. Players always prefer to go to a team that can pay them well and are going to play in the Champions League. Now that City have won the FA Cup, finished third and are in the Champions League they will be able to attract top talent just like United have all these years. The fact that on average City can pay more wages to a player makes City competetive. Also, the future looks bright at City given that they have players of the caliber of Toure and Silva who still have a few more years of football left in them. United are now in a replacement phase with Scholes retiring and Giggs on the verge of retiring. United will be able to attract palyers like Schneider and Modric but how quickly they blend in is an open question. Ferguson is going to be tested like never before. Whether he can deliver is an open question as some close to the United camp feel he is slowing down. It didn’t show in the EPL this season as I think he did a superb job. Next season will be the real test. I believe City will overtake United within the next two years.

    Tevez will probably not return to City next season because his family doesn’t like it in Manchester. His latest interview in Argentina all but paves the way for him to move elsewhere.

  7. James-would you care to explain what you mean by “overtake Unite in the next two years”.

    They might be more competitive on a regular basis but overtake is a little optimistic if you ask me, still its good to aim for the top just don’t be disappointed when its 2014 and things are still the same.

  8. They should just take all the top teams from each of the Domestic leagues and make a European Super League. Top 20 European teams with most power and money playing in it. The bottom three should get relegated to the their “domestic” league. How about that? That way, the teams that have a chance of winning can win it fairly without being at a disadvantage of not possessing the financial muscle to buy top-quality players. I’m sick of seeing the same sides in each league dominating their domestic leagues and at the same time competing for European glory and becoming richer and richer, whereas the rest of them have to settle for modest success at best. The problem with the game is there is too much money. Ticket prices are getting higher and higher every year and the fans are having to choose between mortgaging their future or not watching their teams play. I mean it’s ridiculous. This can’t go on forever.

    1. You’re right it cant go on forever and it wont, just like everything else the bubble will burst in the EPL sooner or later. A European super league will eventually happen one way or another. Expect it to happen right around the time the top teams in England start negotiating individual TV deals.

  9. @ Why?

    I just want to clarify something again – my original point was not about current wage bills. I was merely saying City can pay more than United if they want to, if there is a player they desperately want. I only brought up £9K a week because you began discussing current wage bills. As I said before, I think City’s wage bill will be quite a lot larger than United’s next time the figures get released.

    1. I only pointed out this (£9k more) can’t be the case as the end of years prove. City’s will be higher next year but not by much as besides bringing new players in they also loaned out as many. The year after will be much lower as they will have off loaded the dead wood.

      1. Just thought I’d post this as I just came across it and thought it was relevant.

        Edin Dzeko, Kolo Toure, Patrick Vieira, Gareth Barry, Joleon Lescott and Aleksandr Kolarov, all extremely average players in my opinion, get paid more than the likes of Edwin Van Der Sar, Patrice Evra, Dimitar Berbatov, Nemanja Vidic and Ryan Giggs – all of whom played a big part in United winning the league and getting to the Champions League final.

        1. Well that’s a lovely chart, very interesting but this says it is wrong doesn’t it? (and there are many more just like it, the fellow who made this chart didn’t use this source though did he?)

          You see Jack all these wages are speculation ONLY you must get that. The only real source of what a team pays its players is its end of years which you can see yourself on Companies House website but not individual. You will never know what these players get unless the player or the Club tell you and no amount of charts or speculative news reports can know this! The only fact is City pay out £133m a year and Utd pay £131m a year (rounded off for the idiots) any thing else is pure speculation.

  10. City can spend, there’ no doubt about it, if they win anything next year it will be due $$$ they shell out. So what’s City’s plan to win everything? 1. Buy Messi, that’s right, it will cost $200M but it will take a large fang out of Barca’s bite (they can also trade Tevez – he can move his family to Barcelona, lots of sun). 2. Sign Ashley Young $30M, yes, it will highjack him from playing with Man Utd., L’pool, Chelsea, but most of all be a reliable winger along with Silva. Yes, Adam Johnson is good, but the boy gets injured as often as Bale. And there you have it…they will win the PL, the FA Cup, the Carling…maybe but lose the CL final to Barca cause after all, they have more fangs than Messi.

    Now back to the article…here’s what I think SAF will sign:

    1. Sneijder $35M (35% will sign), Modric $28M (65% will sign), De Rossi $17M (20% will sign)
    2. A. Young $18M
    3. Nasri $22M (they need a solid platton of midfielders)

    1. I don’t think you’re right about who city will sign. Messi? I kinda hope you are though!
      I’m of the understanding that Young is a done deal for Utd. I don’t think Fergie will go for Sneijer, Modric would seem more in his line not sure about De Rossi and Nasri is just speculation but who knows.

  11. MUFC77, what I meant by City overtaking United within the next two years is that they will finish above United and win more trophies. Obviously City will need decades to overtake United in terms of trophies won.

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