Manchester United Away Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo

Just one week after Manchester United launched its new home shirt for the 2011-12 season, a photo has been leaked on the Internet showing Manchester United’s away shirt.

Man United’s new away shirt features blue hoops and either dark blue or black hoops. Designed and manufactured by Nike, the back of the Manchester United away shirt has the acronym “MUFC” embroidered just under the collar. While the shirt design is a departure for Manchester United (and Nike), it’s a welcome change and something which will be instantly recognizable as a Manchester United shirt as soon as the Red Devils begin wearing it during away games.

What’s your opinion about the new Manchester United away shirt design? Click the comments link below to share your feedback. And don’t forget, for the largest selection of Premier League shirts for all 20 clubs, visit the EPL Talk Shop.

77 thoughts on “Manchester United Away Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo”

  1. I’m getting one! First word that came to mind (after a few seconds of speechless surprise) was “Original”.

  2. hello to all united fans and players.we need to rebuild our team with strong, skillful and talented midfielders.let’s try and buy atleast three midfield because now aday midfield are the backbone of football.

    1. true that. Look at barcelona. Xavi sets up everything, Iniesta makes runs that cut threw the defence and busquets just sweeps up and lets nothing past. Utd need this, Sneijder to play the iniesta role, maybe Ando could do the Xavi role or Spains U 21 midfielder Thiago who Utd have supposedly put in a bid for and the maybe De Rossi or Lassana Diarra to play the Busquets role. If Utd could get some of these players we would be awesome with Young and Valencia each side with Rooney and Chicha up top :)

  3. It’s blue!!! They must be copying Chelsea or Inter Milan!!!!!! (To all the united fans saying City’s away shirt is copying united’s)

    1. united have had black and blue in there colours alot and city use to always have black and red in there old kits so yeah

    2. united wore a blue kit in the final of the european cup when they were the first team in England to win it in 1968 ! if u dont know anything about united why comment?! Clueless!!

      1. Well im utd old school and as an old school fan i rather like it ,in fact its really nice.
        I thought more effort would have gone into the home shirt after number 19 and knocking them scousers off the top…lol 20th title coming soon.

  4. I like it and it will look awesome on the players. But I will not be getting one as hoops make me look fat. Which I’m not but they do. Haha.

          1. Since Nike became our sponsors we have adopted a rotation system for 2nd and 3rd kits e.g. Last seasons 3rd (Black w/ blue ‘V’) kit was the 2nd kit the season before.
            The 2nd kit becomes the 3rd kit when a new 2nd is introduced.

  5. True mate but in case we need to use white shirt or some other in some cases like if we meet AC Milan or some team wearing something similar as they do.

    It might be that we are having the the white shirt as a third kit if we needed – like the black one this year.



    1. Considering the launch date for a new “away kit” was announced as this friday, and that (as devil20 said) the kit rotation happens every year, one must ask….how in gods name did you think this would not be the new away shirt JR?! lol.

  6. coooooooooooooool!!! it’ll be nice to see united playing in that shirt! hopefully Sneijder, Diarra, Young and De Gea(he’ll be wearing the GK shirt!) will be wearing it next season!

  7. It’s a fake shirt in roughly the right design. The crest is in the old-style shield like they were from 2007-10, whereas the photo of the real shirt show it should be lasercut, like the new home kit. Also, that “MUFC” on the back bellow the collar was a feature of last season’s kit. The real one will most likely have a devil there, just like the home shirt.

    This pic will have come from some asian website selling knock-off shirts.

      1. Would you like to try again in English? I have no idea what you are trying to express in that sentence.

        Anyway, looks like I was spot on with my previous comment.

  8. It looks very un-United-like! I’ve seen them wear blue, but this isn’t their style. I don’t know why they can’t stick with their style instead of trying to be something they aren’t. United is NOT a blue club, it’s a red club.

  9. Aowa!! the blue 1 is totaly not cool the red one is now improved. now every1 we shud check n notice that wen they play with away kit especialy the blue 1 they r not so intimidating to their opponents bt the red 1 big clubs r more cautios bt for smaller clubs red kit is (lol) teriffying for them

  10. I wish I can say the white kits are gone – we’ve been awful when we wear them. But here’s why I think the white kits are here to stay…

    If you play Barca or any other them that features red and blue as home kits, you cannot wear a blue as your away kit. Same if you play Inter.

    So white may become the 3rd kit.

  11. ArsenalFC: United’s first away shirt in 1902 was blue stripes. Every season from 1945-1993 United had blue away or third shirts. Fair to say that we have stuck with our style over the years.

    1. yer well said DAVE and also united wore a blue kit in the final of the european cup when they were the first team in England to win it in 1968 ! if u dont know anything about united why comment?! Clueless!!

  12. I think its great..
    Ive not bought a home (red) kit since before AIG and have instead been buying up old shirts on Ebay that are mostly the more interesting Away kits anyway?
    This in time will also become one of “those” shirts. But I may actually get it now with 14 Chicharito on the back!

  13. hey i got this kit but it was very cheap but looks just like this one can somebody explain to me why or how

  14. Coooooooooooooooooooooool jersey……………………i love it…..i have to get one, just like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Its boring.I don’t like it at all.Away shirts can mean a big difference during an otcome of a game.Pschycologically that is.Maybe if Utd had worn their traditional red & white during the champions league final at Wembley, the result would have been much more different.I knew they would loose when I saw the white kit.
    Like Rooney said.”Its a great feeling wearing the red & white kit”.

  16. Irrespective of what it looks like, I think it is disgusting that we have a new home and away shirt only 12 months since the last home and away shirts were released, they try and bleed us fans dry to service there debts

  17. Ugly again!
    i don’t know what happened to the Nike designers but in the last 2 years all the jerseys are ugly!!!i have All manchester united jerseys in my collection and i’m absolutely not proud of these new ones!(specially the 2010-11 away)

  18. I like this – reminds me of an away kit that Inter Milan had a few years ago – however until the Glazers get out I will continue to wear yellow and green.

  19. it looks similar to Inter Milans shirt, and Citeh’s away shirt looks similar to AC Milans shirt, therefore i can’t wait to duel with them!! we shud both wear the away kits when we play nxt season! it’ll refelct the ‘Milan Derby’…!!! O yes.. and WE will thump them!!!!!

  20. love it looks better long sleeved though what number did ash young get?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :)

  21. just been informed by sports direct that nike have delayed the new man utd away shirts till 21st july dont no about any where eles

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