Fox Soccer Channel HD On Comcast: Help Speed Up The Rollout

The New York Times reported last week that Fox Soccer Channel and Comcast had reached a deal to carry Fox Soccer Channel HD on select systems. I received several e-mails and tweets from readers asking why I hadn’t reported the news. I was excited by the announcement, but a little dubious. I wanted to find out the facts in order to better inform the readers of EPL Talk. After all, New York Times reporter Jack Bell’s sentence that “The deal means that FSC is now available in HD on all major cable and satellite systems” was a tad misleading. Yes, Fox Soccer Channel HD is on some Comcast systems, but for the vast majority of Comcast customers nationwide who still don’t have Fox Soccer Channel HD, the news was a tease.

I contacted Fox Soccer Channel last week to find out more information. According to Fox, Comcast has launched Fox Soccer Channel HD in Albuquerque, Philadelphia and Seattle. More regional markets will be added in the future but it’ll be at the discretion of Comcast. “At this time, specific dates are not available but Comcast will inform its customers when the channel will be offered in their market,” said a Fox Soccer Channel representative.

So while the news is encouraging for Comcast customers who don’t have Fox Soccer Channel HD, the hard work is still yet to be done. If you have Comcast and you want Fox Soccer Channel HD, contact your local Comcast office and tell them. Tell them that Comcast customers in Albuquerque, Philadelphia and Seattle have it, so why can’t you? Let them know that their competitors DirecTV and Dish Network have it, and that it’s unacceptable that Comcast still doesn’t carry it. The only way to speed up Fox Soccer Channel HD being added to your Comcast programming is to get you and your friends to make them know.

Also, refer to this helpful article – Tell Comcast we want Fox Soccer Channel HD.

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  1. we have it here in Spokane WA one day last week it came on.i have the HD package.still no Fox Soccer Plus still fighting.

    PS Congrats on the Swans good luck in the EPL.

  2. “The deal means that FSC is now available in HD on all major cable and satellite systems.”

    Agreed. That statement actually means next to nothing. FSC HD has been “available” to TimeWarner customers for many months now. Do I have it? Nope. My local TWC affiliate does not see the need to add it to the line-up.

    However, they did add FS+ HD and GoalTV HD to the sports pack, so I’m not complaining. I now have access to just about all the soccer and rugby I can handle. If I never get FSC HD I’ll be fine.

    And I might as well start right now…..Come On You Swans! (even though I’m neutral) 😉

  3. We need HD in Chicago!!!! There is a huge fan base here and I do not know why they don’t have it here. Fox boast that they had the largest viewing with the Champions League final, so why can they not roll HD out if the viewers keep increasing??? Comcast is run by a bunch of morons.

    1. Totally agree. Chicagoland area needs it in HD for the start of the season. I’ve already called and let Comcast know what I think. If they can’t get around to providing what they’ve already agreed to any time soon, the next calls will be to cancel comcast and get it through another provider.

  4. Just FYI, Gaffer, related to the whole who-is-carrying-soccer-in-HD front, that VerizonFios in Greater Boston now has FSC (but not FSC+) in HD. You probably already know this, but just sayin.

  5. I finally moved out of my parents basement and bought myself a condo last October, having footy channels in HD was my #1 priority when choosing a TV provider, having Comcast at my parents house made me hate that provider with a passion, I was the person who provided Gaffer the info about the “tell Comcast we want FSC HD” form. I finally decided I had had enough with Comcast and put my big boy pants on, I called Directv and have had it since I moved in. I couldn’t be happier.

    The fact that Comcast is only having the channel in a few select markets further fuels my happiness that I chose Directv. If you’re in Chicago, make the switch. Be happy, watch football in HD.

    1. I thoroughly endorse the suggestion that you should move to DirecTV. I waited and waited for Cox Cable here in San Diego to add FSC HD, and FS+ in any guise. They don’t have the will to do so even though the soccer market here is probably much higher than the national average. All pleading fell on deaf ears.

      I ditched Cox and couldn’t be happier. Far better reception, a much, much wider choice of movie HD channels, East & West Coast feeds, and, above all, terrific HD coverage of both Fox Soccer channels. On top of that their Whole-Home coverage for $3 a month ensures FSC in every room with 3tb of storage thanks to the use of two eSATA external drives. HEAVEN.

  6. They’re being very literal with this announcement. I live in the Philly burbs and just looked for FSC HD. No dice.

    1. Yeah, I guess “Philadelphia” only means the city-proper. I live outside of the city but fall under the Philadelphia channel line-up – but no channel addition for me.

  7. Turned my t.v. on the other day, here in Seattle area, and it automatically tuned from FSC to the new HD channel. Happy days!

  8. TWC in LA now has FSC and FS+ in HD in its channel lineup. Not sure when the change actually happened, just came across it the other day. Yay!

  9. Still nothing in Pittsburgh either. Have contacted Comcast at least 4 times and just get the standard response that they are “always looking to add more channels but have no timeframe”. It’s tough watching the early game in HD on ESPN and then switching over to FSC in standard def.

  10. I look at it this way… it… is… PROGRESS.

    I am in Boston as well, been nagging Comcast to carry FOX Soccer HD. Yes… more nagging needs to be done… only gave ANOTHER reason to carry it & will continue to do so till it is added!

    It actually surprises me Boston was not one of the 1st.

    No disrespect to any other city out there, but Boston is one of the most soccer hungry cities in the US. With all of the college students (thinking the ones from outside the US) & european immigrants. I live in an irish neighborhood, know 2 places that show EPL & Champions League… 1 of them is also big with Irish rugby… just to give you an idea. It is not hard to find a place to watch a game with local supporters, even 8am Sunday AM.

    I also like to see FS+, but not with the $15 price tag. Just put it in with the other sports package stations. They do that on Time Warner NYC.

    Now… only if Comcast will carry BBC World News… & FSC increases there production values during EPL coverage (ie: new set). When that is accomplished, I have a few more ideas for FSC (show SKY Sports News more, simulcast several SKY programming & programming from club specific stations).

  11. I just spoke to Comcast for about an hour asking when FSC will be in HD here in the Twin Cities and they coudn’t tell me. I hate them but being that I am in a condo that only provides comcast i’m F%cked!. Considering that we have the biggest youth soccer tournament in the world(USA Cup) you would think that we have a big enough demand for HD to be justified. Does anyone know anything about FSC in HD coming to Minnesota?

    1. No surprise at all Nate. Seems like every time I call the Comcast offices here in the Twin Cities I get reps who tell me “yes we have Fox Sports North” to “the channel doesn’t exist in HD” to the very rude “we’ll tell you when its available.” Seems like Comcast is almost wanting people to jump to DirecTV/Dish in our market.

    1. Same as Cox in San Diego. I switched to DirecTV – less compression, more choice, FSCHD, FS+HD, GolHD, ESPN2HD.

      Oh, and SpeedHD for Formula One which Cox also doesn’t offer. Not to mention West AND East Coast feeds of most premium channels.

          1. The HD symbol is of course on the screen when I watch FSC but comcast has not made the switch yet. Are you saying that it has?

  12. 267 is the standard def version of Fox Soccer. As of right now Comcast has yet to add the HD version for the channel.

  13. I watched the entire Gold Cup on Univision (it’s all spanish but it’s in crystal clear HD) because I still don’t have FSC in HD in the Philly suburbs. Perhaps we should be writing to inform FSC that their viewers are going elsewhere to get their soccer programming.

  14. Too late for me. I switched to DirecTV some months ago and am delighted with the results.

    Do Cox have FS+ yet, including the HD feed?

  15. A solution is to move over to ATT uverse. They just added Fox Soccer HD and Gol TV HD. They are not satellite and they most likely can offer it to you no matter were you live and they are cheaper with no contract. I am currently a Comcast Subscriber and I am so angry that nobody from Comcast will answer my question about Soccer in HD in Chicago so I am going to make it a priority to inform every Comcast subscriber I know to leave Comcast and choose ATT uverse. So please pass the word around. Since Comcast wants to hurt us with another season of no HD its time we hurt them the only way w can and move every soccer fan over to a different provider.

  16. I can’t believe that in this day and age that we are still watching soccer in standard non-HD format. For goodness’ sake I receive DIYHD and CookHD, whatever those are on Comcast. Soccer must be watched in HD. While I am sure Comcast is to blame, and they are, so is Fox Soccer. I really wish that EPL was on ESPN more. Anyway, it is getting close to time to switch by cable provider.

  17. I just spoke to Comcast customer support in San Francisco and the nice lady on the phone said that Fox Soccer HD is on the list of about 10 new HD channels that will be going live in California within 1 month. Yay!!

  18. FINALLY!!!! I switched on the Champions League game to day and saw the long desired “Watch in HD” option appear before my eyes! I almost wept. This was added to COMCAST in San Francisco sometime in the last 48 hours, as it was not available this past weekend for EPL league games. (Meanwhile, how do you NOT roll out your new HD channel for a game the caliber of Liverpool v Man U? I got up at 4:45 in the morning, bleary eyed and exhausted. I could use all the picture clarity I could get at that point.)

    Now, does anyone know if COMCAST is going to make Fox Soccer Plus available in San Francisco? If they do already, where is it? I’ve been searching the “dial” to no avail…

  19. Whoo hooo! Our area has Fox Soccer in glorious (mostly) high def AT LONG LAST…

    Now, we need GOL in HD, and Fox Soccer Plus, then we can really be happy.

  20. Just got Fox Soccer HD on Comcast in San Francisco bay area (North Bay). It’s channel 803 – need to order the Sports package.

      1. BINGO! Now, I do have it in HD in Pleasanton.

        I wish I could understand why it took so long if the service was available in other places in Bay Area. Now I have the same issue with TiVo Xfinity OnDemand – it works in Berkely, Fremont, and San Francisco, but it does not work in Pleasanton…

        Anyway, I am happy :-)

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