England 2-2 Switzerland, Euro 2012 Qualifier: Video Highlights

Video: Euro Qualifier: England/Switzerland

Saturday’s Euro 2012 qualifier between England and Switzerland was a surprisingly entertaining game with plenty of end-to-end action, goals galore and several incidents.

It was also the third match in one week that has turned Wembley into an entertaining venue after the Champions League Final, Championship Playoff Final and then this game between England and Switzerland (watch the highlights above).

England and Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart will want to put this game in the back of his mind after a couple of glaring mistakes that put Switzerland in the driving seat.

Overall, though, this match showed the good, the bad and the ugly side of England. They were sensational at times especially with Theo Walcott and Ashley Young causing the Swiss defense plenty of problems. There were the bad mistakes by Joe Hart. And finally there was the ugly shot by Darren Bent when he missed an open goal.

8 thoughts on “England 2-2 Switzerland, Euro 2012 Qualifier: Video Highlights”

  1. There is no way at all you can blame Hart for the second goal. He had the wall set up right where they needed to be to cover the near post. It was not his fault that they just moved right out of the way to open up the lane right to the near post.

    I think a good argument could be made that he wasn’t at fault for the first goal either. What is he supposed to do with the ball curling towards the far post and three unmarked Swiss players that could potentially play the ball? That is really no mans land for a keeper.

  2. Once again England fans are blaming the goalkeeper when neither was his fault. The first was missed by Ferdinand which put off Hart. The second was Milner’s fault for moving away from the two-man wall and the ball went right through where he had been standing.

    The problem is that England just don’t have the quality to compete internationally. The Swiss had too much freedom in midfield. England need to start the rebuilding process by getting in more of the youth players and letting them grow together. The likes of Lampard, Terry, Ferdianand, Johnson, etc. should be replaced. Otherwise, England will suffer for years to come.

  3. England is crap! They can’t hold the ball up if their lives depended on it. All they do is kick and run. That’s why they will not win anything anytime soon. Revamp the whole academy system and grow players who are comfortable with the ball at their feet.

    1. You idiot you “England is crap” does not make sense, i predict that you do not know anything about football.

  4. as long as freckled Capello is in charge of England, loss is likelier in big games. they may alway qualify for big games but exits earlier like fish in hot water.

    Now is the right time to replace Capello with Redknapp or Mourinho or face big name left underneath big game loss.

    By far, Capello is the most likeliest winner of England’s actual loser!

  5. Stop blaming the manager for everything. It’s more the problem with the players. England just don’t have the quality other countries have. Ferdinand and Terry are over the hill. So is Lampard and Gerard. Wilshere and the other youngsters should be given an opportunity to play together. In the short term they will lose more than win but in the long term it will be more beneficial.

  6. Its Joe Harts fault… wtf??? what retard thinks that hahahahahaha v interesting – thats it then is it – lets look for a new goalkeeper and we will be beating brazil in no time – hahahahahaha – do i laugh or cry…

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