What Are Your Expectations for Your Favorite Premier League Club?

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With the continuing separation between the have and the have nots in the Premier League, I think that it is curious to ask fans about what they expect from their clubs.  Obviously, every fan wants their club to win and be successful, but in this current era in which the top of the EPL consists of the usual suspects, not every club has a reality of winning the league.  With league titles out of reach for the likes of Wigan and Stoke, what do their fans cheer for?

This goes beyond mere expectations, but more what makes you feel positive about your club and its future.  For those of you in the States who follow college football, I am a fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes.  The Hawkeyes are typically a solid team with very few stars.  But my expectations for them is that if they compete for a league title every four years and go to a major bowl game every three years, I feel very positive about the direction that the program is heading.  If the Hawkeyes can meet those expectations consistently, as a fan I can deal with those seasons when the record is not up to par.

So what are your expectations for your favorite clubs?  When you respond, please make sure that there are specifics.  For example, a fan may have the expectations for Manchester United:

  1. Finish in the top 3 of the Premier League every season
  2. Compete for the title every other season
  3. Reach the quarter finals of the Champions League

I want to hear from you.

44 thoughts on “What Are Your Expectations for Your Favorite Premier League Club?”

  1. I expect of Newcastle United that we

    1. don’t enter a relegation battle
    2.give some sort of challenge for europe
    3. Play exciting football

    1. I’d swap number two for ‘Do the double over Sunderland’ but otherwise that’s all most rational fans could ask for at the minute!

  2. I expect of Fulham that we:

    1. Avoid the relegation battle
    2. Play some free flowing football at home
    3. Have a decent cup/euro run

    (4. Keep our manager for once…)

  3. I expect of Fulham that we:

    1. Replace Mark Hughes adequately should he leave
    2. Give the Europa League a decent shot (knockout stage would be nice)
    3. And as Anders above, a cup run and a Wembley appearance would go down nicely

  4. I expect of Arsenal to

    1. Challenge for Premier League title
    2. Make it out of group stage of champions league
    3. Win a domestic cup

  5. I expect that Arsenal will:
    1. have a more solid defense.
    2. be more aggressive in scoring goals than just passing the ball around.
    3. WIN trophies and end the 6 year drought.

  6. Blackburn:

    1. Avoid the relegation scrap
    2. Secure young stars
    3. Find someone, anyone, who can score 10 goals (whether in squad or not).

    Those three steps would be moving in the right direction, IMO. There’s been a lack of major investment for some time now. Hopefully Venky’s will change that a little bit. Doesn’t even have to be monumental at the moment, to see improvement.

  7. I expect Spurs to:
    1. Not to be roobed by the ref like this season with the red cards shown to key players at the start of the season
    2. Finish in the top three providing the above does not happen
    3. End up in the finals of the Europa League

  8. As a Spurs fan I hope they will:

    1. Keep their key players
    2. Finish top 4
    3. Make a good run in the Europa League and a domestic cup.

  9. As a Spurs fan, I expect:
    1. Finish top four in the league.
    2. A good run in Europa League by our young players.
    3. Play exciting football and….beat Arsenal.

  10. My Spurs expectations include (in no real order):
    1) Signing a striker who can score 15-20 goals
    2) Cup final (FA Cup or Europa League, doesn’t matter)
    3) 4th place league finish

  11. As a Liverpool fan I expect:

    1. We will find a left-sided attacking player.
    2. We will finish in a Champions League spot.
    3. We will make it to the FA Cup semi-finals.

  12. As an Everton fan I expect:

    1. Sell off some of the midfield depth for wingers/strikers to give Everton a bit more skill in the final 3rd.
    2. Figure out how to start the season strong for once
    3. Deep Cup run and/or finish in the top 6 of the league and get back to Europe

  13. As a Liverpool fan, I expect:

    1. a couple of decent wingers, a midfielder, center back and left back to be added.
    2. a challenge for the title.
    3. win the FA Cup.
    4. hope Man U sign more players like Michael Owen :)

  14. My West Brom hopes/expectations:

    1. reinforce/remake the defense, i.e. a new center back, new goalie, and 2 new full-backs
    2. continue to play exciting attacking football through O’Wingie and Co
    3. repeat a mid-table finish, perhaps up to 8th or 9th?

  15. Manchester United Fan:

    1) Succeed in the transfer market (secure De Gea, sign at least 1 creative CM, send Berba packing and replace him properly)
    2) Develop the younger generation (Wellbeck, Macheda, da Silva bros, Smalling)
    3) Get Number 20.

  16. Arsenal fan forever.
    My expectations for Arsenal are and should be for Wenger as well:

    1.Finish first in the Premier League
    2.Reach the finals of the Champions League
    3.Win the Fa Cup

  17. Wednesday fan:

    1. Win League 1.
    2. Promotion to Championship.
    3. Win both Sheffield derbys.

    As for the EPL, I kind of want to root for QPR but, unfortunately, the very mention of Bernie Ecclestone engenders near-murderous rage in me. Excuse me while I go break something …

  18. Bolton:

    1. Stop playing 4-4-2 away from home, it’s suicidal and if it continues we’ll be in a relegation scrap.
    2. Beg, borrow or steal Daniel Sturridge.
    3. Keep Stuart Holden fit for an entire season and we might finish in the top 10.

  19. Villa fan:
    1. get a long term manager
    2. sell ashley young and stewart downing
    3. sign some new pieces and challenge for europa league/domestic cup

  20. As a Newcastle fan I expect:
    1. Spend some money on the squad this Summer
    2. Avoid second season syndrome and challenge for a top 8 finish
    3. Something crazy to happen and/ or Pardew to get the sack

  21. As a life-long Everton fan:

    1. Find a proper strike partner for Beckford, be that Cahill or someone new.
    2. Keep hold of our young talent for a change.
    3. Sell our injury-prone players (Saha, Anichebe, Vaughn) and use the cash to tempt Donovan back (okay, this is a dream, but I can hope, can’t I?)

  22. Man City fan:

    1) Make a real challenge for the Prem title up until the end.
    2) Get out of the group stages in the CL.
    3) Continue developing the younger signings for a core squad for years to come.

    They do that, I’ll be happy. Continued participation in the CL the next year will continue to provide benefits, and City can really mount challenges for silverware year-in, year-out.

  23. As I Stoke City fan I expect us to:

    1 – Avoid the relegation battle.
    2 – Continue to piss the ‘nu’ football fans and lightweight teams off.
    3 – Have decent crack at the cup. Winning 5-0 at Wembley is ace and we want more of it!

    As it is we’re consolodating ourselves, have around £30m to spend and our owner’s personal wealth is increasing rather than decreasing. We have no debt and aren’t paying ridiculous wages (by comparison to a Kieron Dyer £80,000 a week job). All in all if you’d told me I’d be in the position to say this 5 years ago I’d have had you sectioned.

  24. My expectations for Stoke:

    1. Survive
    2. Ignore the biased referees as much as possible
    3. Ignore the biased media as much as possible

  25. Norwich City Fan:

    1) Don’t get stressed b/c one must always “trust in Paul Lambert”
    2) Shore up midfield and defense (strikers are ok now with Vaughn and probably Morrison coming)
    3) Don’t get relegated

    Long term goal: Don’t lose Paul Lambert

  26. For Man City:
    1. Win the Premier League
    2. Make it at least to the semi-final in the Champions League
    3. Buy the rest of Barca’s midfield

    Just kidding about the last, but my point is to keep improving the squad — both by developing young players and bringing in 2-3 solid transfers a year — and keep up the momentum.

    Also, the phrase, “Knock [fill in the blank] off their perch” comes to mind.

    1. But are we talking goals or expectations here? I fully expect for City to TRY and win the Prem, and aim to have a deep run in the CL – but I don’t necessarily “expect” it . . . yet.

      Now, after several years of challenging for both and improving the squad, those may become expectations, but for now I think having lofty goals is good, but expecting it all to come quickly may leave supporters dissapointed.

      Love the last line – now WHO could you mean to fill that blank? 😉

      1. I’m not a hereditary City fan, but what I know about those who are makes me think disappointment isn’t really an issue. It’s time for high expectations. I only hope Mancini is ruthless enough to pull it off.

    2. Man City getting to the Semi- Finals in the Champs. League??? thats so hilarious, Man City will definitely struggle to make it out of the group stages and then will get their asses sent out of Europe in the first knock out stage….. Tottenham European campaign> Man City European Campaign……………….Pathetic Man City Bandwagoner.

  27. My expectations for Manchester United is
    1.Sign David De Gea and Wesley Sneijder or Luka Modric
    2.Make deep run in Champions League or win multiple trophies
    3.Win Title number 20

  28. My expectations for Liverpool:
    1. Go undefeated at Anfield
    2. Top 3 finish
    3. Carroll and Suarez figure out how to play as a tandem

  29. As a Man City fan my expectations for next season are:

    1. Sell at least 100k more of those Mancini Blue-White Stripped scarfs
    2. Balotelli to exceed 1.0 in his yellow card-to-goal ratio
    3. Destroy the Death Star and win the heart of the Princess

  30. Aston Villa:

    1. Secure long-term manager who feels privileged to manage AVFC.
    2. Secure top 6 spot
    3. Win the Carling and/or FA Cup

  31. Chelsea Fan:

    1. Challenge for EPL Title
    2. Finish in the top 3
    3. Progress to the semis/finals of the Champions League
    4. Progress to the semis/finals of the FA Cup
    5. Secure a manager who will be consistent with us
    6. Secure the signings of Kun-Aguero and Neymar (2 years)

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