FIFA 12 Screenshots Released From EA Sports

New screenshots have been released with previews of what FIFA 12 will look like. The new video game from EA Sports is scheduled for release later this year, but thanks to Soccerlens, they were able to get their hands on the above FIFA 12 screenshots as well as four others.

EA has been releasing small bits of information about FIFA 12 thus far. What we know is that the game will feature a new Player Impact Engine which will make tackles and fouls look more realistic. Plus the game will feature precision dribbling, which allows you to dribble whilst holding a player off the ball to make space for passes.

No news yet whether Andy Gray will be commentating on FIFA 12.

Here are the other screenshots from FIFA 12:

21 thoughts on “FIFA 12 Screenshots Released From EA Sports”

  1. As long as these video games continue to make $$$$millions every year, FIFA won’t care about its reputation.

  2. Whats with all the trolling? EA’s FIFA series videogames are an excellent form of entertainment that easily complements watching and playing football.

  3. didn’t anyone see chelseas jersey? if its fifa 12 then the jersey has stripes so this cant be the real screenshots

      1. lol Jordan, you need to read up.

        FIFA has NEVER released screenshots of new games with the new kits until almost last minute.

        They can’t wait to work on a game until the new kits come out, now can they? LOL

    1. You mean Villa.. unless you’re being sarcastic, in which case hahaha. Casillas would definitely get a red for that..

    1. Better graphics, better crowds, louder and more chanting crowds, your own sounds uploaded being MUCH louder, more teams and league and national teams, thousands of bugs to work out, fix retarded defenders, fix the online playing system, etc

      yea, not much

  4. I just need someone to help me make decent crosses from midfield to my wingers and from my wingers to crossing into the box.

  5. I hope it has the proper sponsors for the different competitions. In PES, they have the the sponsors for CL mathches like PS3, Sony, Heineken, etc. I hope that FIFA does this time. and the CL badges to represent that the teams are playing in a CL match.

  6. The most important detail of any new FIFA game to me is whether or not it supports HD graphics for the PC.

    Because of this (lack of this) I’ve been playing PES 2011 lately. As far as PES goes, the lack of licensed teams isn’t an issue (on PC) since you can always download up-to-date rosters/kits/names/etc. from 3rd-party patches. The real problem — and where FIFA really wins — is the depth of leagues. PES has div. 1 of most large countries, but if you want to start a div. 4 team and slowly work up to playing at the highest level PES has NO option.
    I like playing as my favorite team — for a while. But since they (Spurs) start pretty high already, it’s not a huge stretch to sign a couple better players and win the league, CL, whatever. For me the fun would be doing the same (over several seasons) with Peterborough United (for example).
    But FIFA, get the pc graphics up-to-date!

  7. Why is it people are so interested in the sponsors? The biggest things EA need to work out is the robot feel the game has! FIFA 11 is a good game it’s NOWHERE near as good as the 9.5/10 ratings it was getting…more like a 7/10! (PES is no better). Both games have got about 50% right and usually the things PES got right are the things FIFA flopped on and visa-versa! FIFA need to work hard on the atmosphere element of the game, edit the stupid looking player art…they look stupid! Little bandy legs with huge clumpy boots for e.g….don’t look right! They need to instill abit of emotion into their games. Get the match feel rather than plonk a load of lifeless characters into a game. FIFA are more bothered about science/physics than blending that with atmosphere. FIFA is so 2 dimensional it’s frightening. PES has got the atmospheric/human element right but lost out on “some” of the gameplay. I personally think neither game is perfect but Konami will get, what people will deem, the perfect game out their first. EA are just rolling out the same tat every year but packaging it better. I am a FIFA fan but I find like many that the bugs out weigh the good stuff. Please EA work on the atmosphere and more realism in the look and feel of the game. Great idea for a tagline “FIFA 12 – Ultimate Frustration!!!!

  8. I really think fifa is not getting the cameras,players ability,game speed,goal keeper nets which is the worst of all,the way players re being substituted…blahblha nd shld improve on dat.. Peace out

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