Reading vs Swansea, Championship Playoff Final: Open Thread

Over 40,000 fans left their homes in Wales this morning and invaded London to cheer on Swansea City in the Championship Playoff Final against Reading (live today at 10am on Fox Soccer Channel for viewers in the United States). More than 40,000 Reading supporters will be in Wembley too for what promises to be a loud and passionate crowd cheering on their club. The winning club will be the most substantial prize in world soccer.

As a Swansea City supporter, it’s hard for me to type this right now. I just want to match to start so the Swans can calm my nerves and play the game I know they’re capable of playing — a beautiful sight to see with lots of one-touch passing, quick runs down the flanks and creating excellent chances in front of goal. That’s not to take anything away from Reading who are equally capable. This promises to be a very exciting final with so much on the line for both teams (and both sets of supporters).

Before, during and after the match, use the comments section below as an open thread to share your rants, raves, observations and questions.

74 thoughts on “Reading vs Swansea, Championship Playoff Final: Open Thread”

  1. The much awaited day for Swansea supporters is here. Just 5 minutes to kickoff. FSC is doing a good job showing the various playoffs for promotion. Good lead up to the match. Good luck Swansea!

  2. All the best Gaffer. I’m pulling for Swansea as well. So far lots of nerves and nothing clear cut, but it’s promising to be a great match.

  3. 3-Nil —

    Unless Swansea sign Arsenal’s backline at halftime, the second half is going to be a celebration for Gaffer and other Swansea supporters.

  4. You coming over for a match next season at the Liberty then? I’ll guarantee the way you and any other Swansea fans will feel tonight will trump anything any ‘top four’ followers will ever feel.

    1. No offense, but if I never know the joy of earning a place in the Premiership I’ll die a happy man. YNWA.

      1. You don’t know what your missing. Years of being laughed at and ridiculed for not taking the easy option by people who are ‘better’ than you because they follow some club on televeision whilst you travel to the arse end of the country watching your team. Then it all comes together and you can ram it back in their smug glory hunting faces. If you’re lucky yo establish yourself in the league, get to an FA Cup final and generally piss everyone else off becuase you don’t roll over and die for them by playing tippy tappy football.

        1. Not denying the sweetness one would feel…heck, I’m a Red Sox fan, that 86 year curse thing was hard to live with…just would rather not feel it myself.

    2. ICK, I’m already making plans with the missus and kids to come over to Swansea to see a match or two in the Premier League. I can’t wait!!

      The Gaffer

  5. It’s half-time, but I thought Reading actually played better than Swansea in the first half. But the difference was that Swansea converted their chances. The Swans started to settle down a bit after the 30 minute mark, but the game is far from over.

    The Gaffer

  6. If Long had scored that sitter it might have given Reading some hope. I just can’t see then turning this one around. On the other hand they may still get into the game because Swansea are noted for turning off whenever they have a bright start.

    See you in the EPL, Swansea.

    1. BBC is reporting that substitute Jay Tabb was sent off for abusive language in tunnel, while Reading’s assistant manager was sent to the stands.

      The Gaffer

  7. Hey Reading… Ever heard of defending? :)

    Welcome to the world of nerves and heartache, Swansea. It’s good to have company from Wales to join in the pain of being an EPL club supporter.

    1. ‘the pain of being an EPL club supporter.’

      I’m sorry but just f%*k right off. If you want to understand the reaction to that comment have a read up on Swansea’s recent history then come back and tell me that it’s painful following a Premier League team!

  8. Everton fans are already lining up for passports to go to another country now that Swansea are almost in the EPL. :)

  9. I’ve got a fiver that says there’s dvd of Istanbul ’05 in Reading’s changing room. =]

    Though, I’m pullin’ for the Swans.

  10. At this point in time The Gaffer should be feeling physically sick, wringing his hands, be pale and drawn, will snap and snarl at anyone who interupts him. He’ll have a massive turtle’s head too.

    1. The second half was agonizing for me. I couldn’t sit down for 1 minute. What a sense of relief that they were able to hold on in the end. And how calm is Scott Sinclair, ‘eh? He should be taking penalty kicks for England!

      The Gaffer

  11. I am loving this game – rooting for Swansea – on the edge of my seat. At least we can see this game …. hehehehe

  12. Congratulations to Swansea! A well-deserved win. True to form they did make it hard on themselves though. Good luck in the EPL. You can rest easy now, Gaffer.

    1. I’d agree with that, get across what it means following a club that’s has to struggle and battle to come back from the dead without being able to expect the TV money to sustain them.

      Expect a lot of patronising pats on the head though.

  13. What a terrific match this was. Loved it!

    Congratulations to Swansea. You deserved it. Well done to Reading too for making a game of it after halftime.

  14. That was a great game.

    I too will have a soft spot for the Swans next season…with the exception of two matches.

  15. question…I know they won the playoff, and got promoted, but how does one get awarded a trophy for coming in 3rd in the Championship?? Does the 2nd place team get a trophy too??

      1. But, winning the playoffs is essentially the same as finishing 3rd…crazy English and your Englishy ways! haha, all good.

  16. There you go, Gaffer! Congrats!! :-)

    I was out, thought I had the match DVRd….nope. Ackkk! That’s all right though because I see FS+ has it on today at 3:00 in HD. I’ll watch it just to enjoy the whole thing. You, too, might want to relive the glory! 😉

  17. Very happy for you and your Swans, Gaffer. Here’s to another memorable Premier League season for all invovled in 2011-2012.

  18. As a Reading fan I am gutted by that game, especially with so many missed chances, but congrats to Swansea. I am actually happy for Rodgers and wish them well.

  19. WHAT A MATCH!! I thought Reading were the better team on the day, but Swansea City performed well too.

    My dreams have come true. Thank you everyone for your kind words and support.

    We’ll be releasing a special episode of the EPL Talk Podcast tonight with a discussion of the Swansea vs Reading match, a review of the 2010-11 season and our thoughts on Barcelona beating Man United.

    Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoyed the match and appreciated Swansea’s style of football. Feeling on top of the world right now!

    The Gaffer

  20. Congratulations to Swansea. Looking forward to seeing you play some attractive socccer come August.

    Anyone know the exact date when the EPL season begins? I know the fixtures won’t come out for a few weeks but was wondering about the start date so I can plan my vacation.

      1. August 13th?!

        That only gives Drogba 10 weeks to contract beriberi or hepatitis, Arsenal only 10 weeks to not buy a central defender, Rooney 10 weeks to grow enough hair on his chest to spell “f-$-#-k”!

  21. Of course, my fellow readers, you know what this means. “Sneak peeks” at Swansea’s jerseys, primers on Swans’ chants and songs, a brief history of the club, introductions to the Gaffer’s relatives still back in the old country, insider directions on how to get to Swans’ home matches, endless articles a la, “Ten Reasons To Love The Swans”. And for those of you who have felt the Gaffer’s articles seemed to show he was some kind of closet Man Utd supporter… ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

    Bring it on, Gaffer! :-)

  22. Congrats to Swansea,I thought they were through to the Prem 30 mins into the game,then after 70 mins I thought they were gone back to the Championship!!! English Football Leagues are brilliant.

    Hope Swansea do well, except when they play Liverpool :) .

  23. As a Reading fan I’m gutted. Didn’t think we played that bad to lose it. Our defending was terrible though. If only that shot hadn’t hit the post at 3-2 it might have been different. Congrats to Swansea.

  24. I just need to rant. Start watching the final on FSC in the States, and the first item on their ticker “Sinclair hatrick propels Swansea into EPL”. Thanks Fox, no need to watch the game then. What a bunch of idiots.

  25. I think that it is good that a Welsh side has made it to the EPL. staunch loyalist lost while FOOTBALL won. I hope Scott Sinclair make it this time in the premier league. I wonder how Chelsea feels right now since they are in the market for wide players.

  26. to all the Swans fans congrats on the promotion coming from a Forest fan that is hard.i just hope Forest will get back to the EPL before i die.

  27. And to top off the great day Cardiff sack their respected manager and Craig Bellamy is a front runner for the job, my god they must think it is Christmas in Swansea. :) .

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