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Questions Please for Arsenal Legend Lee Dixon

Have you ever wanted to ask Arsenal legend Lee Dixon a question? If so, here’s your chance. Post your best question in the comments section below. And if it’s chosen, it’ll be asked directly to Lee Dixon next week and will be appearing on this site in the near future as a video with the Arsenal defender answering your question.

Feel free to ask questions about his career with the Gunners, his work for the BBC as a pundit, his experience with I AM PLAYR, his thoughts on Arsene Wenger’s tactics or transfer dealings, or anything else.

The deadline to post your questions is Sunday night, so think fast and ask your best question below.

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8 Responses to Questions Please for Arsenal Legend Lee Dixon

  1. Was the own goal he scored from just inside his own half the best/worst own goal or goal he ever scored?

  2. Gacanja says:

    If u were arsene wenger what will u do to win the title next year

  3. Greeny says:

    What do you think of the recent corruption allegations surrounding Fifa? Does there need to be a complete overhaul of football’s governing body?

  4. carma says:

    What do you think was the club’s biggest blunder this season? And how do you think they could fix that next season? Do you think it’s time for Wenger to go or could he salvage his reputation next season?

  5. Lyle says:

    Is Stan Kroenke’s ownership of Arsenal a positive development?

  6. jimbo says:

    what are your thouhts on the state of US football at the moment? Do you feel that the introduction of Henry & Beckham had a big impact into the development of the game?

  7. J-Goon says:

    What is your favorite beer, and why?

  8. R2Dad says:

    1) Please discuss the state of refereeing now vs. your experiences as a kid and as a professional. Any standouts referees for you, then and now?
    2) Please evaluate the current Arsenal defense and compare it to the defensive lineups you’ve been a part of at Arsenal. How critical is it to the mindset of the defense to have an excellent keeper vs a world class keeper (seaman)? Any good stories come to mind?
    3) How has Wenger changed since the days when you were playing and winning titles?
    4) Who do you enjoy the most working with now, and why?
    5) Pundits, even ex-players, never seem to tire of their own voice. How do you prepare for a match to deliver concise insight?

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