7 Reasons To Cheer For Manchester United In Champions League Final

Manchester United play Barcelona this Saturday night in the 2011 Champions League Final live from Wembley Stadium in London, England. Practically the whole world of soccer fans will be watching this match. Some will support Barcelona. Some may support Manchester United. But there will be plenty of neutrals. It’s those neutrals (myself included) who I’d like to address in this article to give seven reasons why I believe we should support Manchester United on Saturday night.

Here are the top seven reasons why we should cheer Manchester United in the hopes of winning the Champions League Trophy:

1. Man United are not a team of divers.

Barcelona’s antics in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid were disgraceful. Particularly guilty were Sergio Busquets, Pedro and Dani Alves. I hate divers and I dislike players who try to fool referees by committing simulation. Manchester United, on the other hand, play a fair game and rarely cheat. This is one reason why we should cheer for Manchester United on Saturday.

2. Man United are representing England.

Whether you like it or not, Manchester United are representing England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom in this game. As a British citizen (but not a Manchester United supporter), I’ll be rooting for United so they can beat Spain, Catalonia and Barcelona in one swoop. I realize it’ll be difficult for some supporters of rival clubs to cheer for United, but this is the one time out of the year where United deserve the support so an English team can lift the trophy. In previous Champions League Finals (and European Cups), I’ve cheered for Liverpool, Arsenal, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa, Manchester United, Chelsea and other British teams. Now is the time to back Man United. Just for one day.

3. Man United play a more pleasing brand of football that we’re more accustomed to watching.

There’s no denying that Barcelona have players who have better skill than Manchester United. But what United has over Barcelona is a brand of football that we enjoy watching every week in the Premier League. The speed, tenacity, unpredictability and variety of attacking styles. The blistering pace that completely opens teams up. And the way that Premier League teams push forward and rarely commit back passes. With Barcelona on the other hand, you have a team who — at times — will walk around the pitch and pass the ball back and forth in their own half, and then slowly put you to sleep with their tiki-taka brand of football. That slow pace where Barcelona keeps a vast majority of the possession and then delivers a critical through-ball to one of its forwards is effective at times. But it’s very frustrating to watch. I want to see two teams battle it out and play more of a ping-pong style of soccer where there’s more action and more excitement, something which Manchester United is very capable of doing.

4. Manchester United are the underdog.

This is probably the only opposition in the world where Manchester United are rated as the underdog. The vast majority of pundits will expect Barcelona to win, which puts Manchester United in the enviable position of being the people’s underdog. Most of us love underdogs. The difference with Man United is that they’re a very powerful underdog who has a decent chance of winning this game.

5. Barcelona are not the be-all and end-all of football.

Barcelona are considered the world’s best team. Rightly so based on having the best crop of players in the world, namely Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and David Villa. But they are not the be-all and end-all of football. There are other teams in this world who deserve a chance to knock Barcelona off their perch. There are teams who have different ideas of playing football. And, at the end of the day, Barcelona are beatable. It would take an incredible performance to beat the Spanish side, but if Manchester United accomplishes that and wins the Champions League Final, it has the opportunity to be considered not only the best team in Europe but also the best team in the world (forget about the FIFA Club World Cup tournament, which is a joke).

6. Man United represents the Premier League.

Most of us watch one or more Premier League games on a weekly basis. I enjoy watching La Liga games, but I have to admit that La Liga is getting more boring for me each season with Barcelona and Real Madrid solidifying their positions in first and second spot. While the Premier League has its own monopolies, at least they’re more varied with more teams capable of winning the title such as Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and now Manchester City. Whether you support Manchester United or not, I think most of you agree that we’d rather see a Premier League than a La Liga side lifting the Champions League trophy.

7. Barcelona are the rich kid you always want to beat.

Last, but not least, Barcelona embodies the rich kid on the playing ground who has everything he wants and needs, and shows off in front of his less fortunate friends. It’s the kid that most people want to see slip up, to fall or make a mistake. There’s a sense of hoping that the kid comes back down to earth and is like the rest of us. Manchester United has a chance to be that team that beats the kid. Whether or not they can do it, we’ll have to wait and see until Saturday night.

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  1. Love the article. This is a time for England to come together and back one team. Liverpudlians and Citeh supporters excluded for obvious reasons.

  2. Yeah . . . sorry, just can’t bring myself to it. And you make excellent points – if it were anyone BUT United, I’d like to see Barcelona knocked off that perch.

    But just can’t see myself rooting for United . . . well, ever.

  3. F United!!

    They spend plenty of time going to the ground and influencing referee decisions. I hope they pwnd up and down the pitch!

  4. Love this.. I dont think Barca play exciting football. They play many many back passes untill the opposition are a man down. Even GIBSON will be able to have 99% pass completion with that kind of back passing.

      1. Barca are one of the most boring teams to watch in world football. They have fabulous skill on the ball, and their passing is immaculate, but they only have one style of play. At that style, Barca is by far the best in the world. However, that style is incredibly boring to watch as a neutral and fan of the Premier League. There is no backup plan, no second option, no different style to go to in case the first style is not working. The only backup plan is to attempt to get a member of the opposition sent off. If you want an exhibition of the short passing game, Barca is by far the best team to watch. However, if you want to see exciting, fast paced, or physical football, Barca is not the team to watch at all. A team like United, Liverpool, Chelsea, or even Blackpool would be better to watch for exciting football.

        Having said that, however, I simply cannot bring myself to cheer for United on Saturday. This United team simply does not deserve to do the league and European Cup double. The team just isn’t good enough this year to win that double, and I don’t think any team in England this year was good enough, even my beloved Chelsea.

        1. Really? The team that beat your beloved Chelsea 0-1 at home and then 2-1 at Old Trafford to make the semi’s against Schalke? Not good enough? What does that say about your team?

        2. Does not deserve…? Interestingly, United’s 9 point lead at the top of the PL table is the largest winning margin since 2001. Considering this team is “average” in so many peoples’ eyes, it’s no mean achievement. I would argue the contrary.

          1. This was also the lowest points total for any winning team since United won the league in 2001. Like this United team, that United team was not a “classic” United team and never played exceedingly well, while still getting the job of winning the title done. I’m not saying that this United team wasn’t the best team in the league this season, not at all. This United team, in my opinion, is not of a vintage that would deserve to win the league and European cup double this season.

        3. I hear what you’re saying re “vintage”. Cannot disagree with the sentiment but I truly believe that any team beating Barcelona in such a final deserves all the plaudits they get, similar to the noteworthy performance of the Liverpool team in the 2005 Final.

  5. As much as I’d like to support an English club in the final of the Champions League, It’s not going to happen, United are the team that everyone loves to hate, and I’m not going to lie, the thought of Barcelona battering United excites me!

  6. I won’t disagree that Barca have several floppers but guys like Messi and Iniesta are stand up guys and I love watching them play. ManU isn’t guilt free with flopping and whining; Nani is just the prime example but there are many others on that team that act like if they are touched it should be a red card.

    Personally, I’m not rooting for either side. I just want an attacking, aggressive match that people will be talking about for decades. I think Barca have the better talent but are a bit one-dimensional. If ManU can figure out how to beat them, I’m more than happy with that result. But one thing’s for certain, I’ll never call ManU an underdog or root for them as such.

    1. “but guys like Messi and Iniesta are stand up guy”

      I keep seeing people say this about Messi but he isn’t quite the golden boy everyone makes him out to be.
      true, he doesnt flop like his teammates but he is beginning to be a bad offender of “card waving”. (when is FIFA/UEFA going to start actually cracking down on this offense and give out cards to these guys like their rules/laws say they should?)

      the guy is an unbelievable talent and I’m glad he isnt the diver/flopper others are but this side of him being exposed recently isnt doing him any favors.

      1. Only thing I’ll say is that Messi must be black and blue after every game recently. The main strategy of Real Madrid through those 4 matches was to foul Messi hard every time he had the ball. I’m sure he gets frustrated as much as you and I would if we were the target of constant fouls. I’ve never claimed that Messi is a golden boy. He has human emotions like the rest of us but his football is otherworldly and I’m excited to see how Vidic handles him.

        Regarding flopping and card waving in general. The reason why people do it is because it works and has zero repercussions. If the refs actually grew a pair and carded those who did it, things would change quickly.

        1. “Regarding flopping and card waving in general. The reason why people do it is because it works and has zero repercussions. If the refs actually grew a pair and carded those who did it, things would change quickly.”

          You continue to do a great job of pointing out my pet peeves. :-)

  7. 1. Yes they are.

    2. Who cares? This is a football game, not a xenophobia contest.

    3. No they don’t. They especially won’t against Barcelona, against who they will play very defensively.

    4. Ok. We like the David vs Goliath scenarios. United vs a non-league team in the FA cup would be an example. In that scenario you cheer for the underdog. This is a Goliath vs a more skilled Goliath, the underdog angle doesn’t work.

    5. Who said they were? How is that a reason to cheer against them?

    6. Yes, and there is already a premier league team I support. I am not going to support another premier league team, simply because they are in the same league(good to see you ran out of ideas, as 2 and 6 are basically the same reason).

    7. Now this is just getting absurd. Manchester United are as rich, if not richer than Barcelona. In the last 5 years, Barcelona has had more revenue 3 times, Manchester United twice. You really are stretching thin, trying to cast United in the impoverished underdog role.

    What I get from this article, is there is no actual reason to cheer for United in the final, unless you are a United supporter, or Barcelona hater.

    1. Yes, exactly.

      Unfortunately, it’s become clear over the past few months that the Gaffer holds some sort of resentment toward Barcelona and/or Messi. If only Barca had Rory Delap, then they’d get praise on this site.

    2. I absolutely agree Matt.
      What a biased piece of article.
      As much as I admire this website & a am a gr8 fan of it, material above in the article is total disgrace..
      I wont b surprised if u would go on & change the website name to MUTALK…
      By the way I aint a Barca fan, neither m I a red devil. But being a neutral I cant help but disgust the points u’ve put above. Bcoz MUFC represent England!!!! Bcoz they aint
      I mean how can u, being a neutral & owning a this sort of website, comment the way u have above?? Support MU bcoz they r English & they represent BPL for god shake!!!!!???
      I like BPL more thn anything else in d world but u just cant say those sort of things.
      And thn u go on with stuffs that makes me think is this really worth it!! Is it really good to b a fan of a such a biased website!! I mean, MUFC play better futball!!!! Barca r d rich guys!!!!!! Get real dude… Know ur facts first…
      I am so so disappointed with u Gaffer.
      This isnt wat I n mayb many other neutrals expected of u….

      1. I would like to add, if u support MUFC & dislike FCB, so b it. Its within ur rite..
        But dont tell me whom I should support, not on the grounds u reasoned…
        I on behalf of all the followers of this website demand an explanation from u , gaffer.
        Do u actually think u have not delivered stupidly biased???
        Being the Gaffer, how could you favour one team & ask every 1 else to do exactly the same!!!!!!????

        1. Relax, man– it’s one man’s opinion. He’s not saying you’re an idiot or whatnot if you don’t support them. Just laying out his personal beliefs. Maybe you’re a bit too sensitive to be reading others’ opinions.

          1. well, mayb u r rite JW.
            But u know wat, if it was a one mans opinion, it would b / it should b in this coloumn, the reaction coloumn, or should b authored by any1 else, not the gaffer. To make it more clear, if u or any other fans/non fans did wrote the article, than it would b a personal opinion. But whether we like or not, whether the gaffer likes or not, he has responsibilities towards all of us, all of the Gaffers fans. He shouldnt b doing that.
            I donno if the Gaffer got my point right. All i wanted to say was what I believed a man in his position should be better at.
            No offence Gaffer, I admire u, ur articles, ur website, infact I voted 4 ur website / podcast in recent poll. And I wrote strong words simply bcoz I love everything about this website. Hence I I didnt expect what I saw/ read.There is nothing more in it.
            I still am ur fan, but as a fan I believe I should let u know how i feel, thats all. No other issues. Infact I cant wait 4 ur next article. I love 2 read u. I just hope I made my point clear enough to suggest that I disagreed to that 1 point, not that 1 person.Not the website. And definitely not u, Gaffer.

      2. 52 comments means the Gaffer is getting the job done. So what if he ruffles a few feathers, it the CL final! I’m just glad he’s not interviewing mascots, rummaging through garbage cans and other such dreck.

        1. My thoughts exactly. Nothing like stirring up a bit of controversy with a few emotive pointers eh Gaffer..lol! And playing my role 😉

    3. 2. Who cares? This is a football game, not a xenophobia contest.
      Cheering for a team from your own country is NOT xenophobia. Stop groping for straws.

      1. When you cheer against the foreigners, and for the team from your country simply based on the fact that they are from your country, that comes pretty close to xenophobia. I am a Liverpool supporter, the idea that I would cheer for a club I hate, simply to cheer against foreign teams is idiotic at best xenophobic and idiotic at worst.

        1. Saying it’s xenophobia is stretching it. If England play at Wembley and you are an Englishman/woman, you generally support the home side don’t you? Well United are representing England at club level aren’t they? Or is it just the fact it’s United as opposed to, say Chelsea or Arsenal?

    1. As this is a couple of days after the event, and the Manure got thrashed 3-1, and easily , i would say you were wrong to make that statement. Kings indeed, naaaaah naaaah. lol lol

  8. UGH. I hate both of these teams above all else. Yes, they have extremely talented players, but there is NO WAY I could root for either….

  9. I’m going to support United for one simple reason. When Fulham advanced to the Europa League Final, many of my United friends were in full support of Fulham. So I’ll return the favor.

  10. 7 reasons not to cheer for Manchester United.

    1: Nani, Rooney, Giggs, Fabio, Rafael, Fletcher, Evra. Ronaldo before all them………probs one of the worst in world football.

    2: Who cares! I only support one club and thats Manchester City. I have never supported United and never will……ever!

    3. No they don’t. Barca play football probably the best in the world…..movement and passing is incredible. Arsenal play similar but not a touch on Barca.

    4. Barca are a better team and this is only reason for United’s underdog tag.

    5. They play the best football i have seen in my lifetime apart from Real Madrid in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

    6. Yes they are representing The Premier League but i support Manchester City.

    7. Looking at the debts Barca are carrying since Laporta’s tenure i would say this is a bad point. Mind you with the debt United are carrying it does make Barca appear to be the rich kid.

        1. I agree, Nani should be on their twice. Berbatov too.

          Never seen Fabio dive, though. I remember when Fabio went shoulder to shoulder with Drogba recently and fell flat on his face, but that was not a dive, it was a crushing.

    1. point #1 is so ridiculous i stopped reading the last 6 points.

      As a true football fan, at least try to point out valid facts. Do u really think that these players are “probably” one of the worst in world football??
      What does that make of ur precious City players then??
      As a United supporter i do think City players are very talented on the pitch but not off.

      Are u deliberately trying to be a dumb cunt, or have u always been one?

      There’s the ABU’s and then there’s Andy.

      1. I accept Andy has the feeling he has, being from the other side of town. But I would suggest this is a good “team”, not a collection of individuals. And if Man City made it to the final next year, I’d be rooting for them (assuming their not playing United) Despising and hating your neighbours shows a lot of insecurity.

  11. I’d support anything over that diving racist called Biscuits. I don’t care if he’s better than Ronaldo and Messi combined. The modern game has no place for this sort of nonsense.

    Heck I’d even root for Liverpoo over Diverlona.

  12. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever cheer for United. I look forward to seeing them fall flat on there faces. To your point about Barcelona being the rick kid who has everything, that is just ridiculous. Yes they do have a talented squad who have high wages and they have bought some players. However, you fail to mention how most of there talent has come up through their academy La Masia. I respect any team that can develop talent like that. On saturday I will be a barcelona fan for a day and look forward to seeing United fail miserably. YNWA

  13. 1. Barcelona plays the better brand of football. Most of these guys just won a World Cup. What has England done lately?

    2. No one cares about the EPL

    3. Barcelona doesn’t rely on player acquisitions like Man U does. This team has grown up playing together. Man U is a piece meal of random talent like it always is.

    1. 2. In your own little universe, perhaps. In this one, 200 million regular viewers from 200 countries will readily disagree.

    2. RE:
      point #1: opinion
      Point #2: there are alot of people in various parts of the world that disagree
      Point #3:
      Presently, amongst others,
      David Villa ,Dani Alves ,Gerald Pique, Eric Abidal, Javier Mascheramo, Kieta

      Also in the past:
      Henry, Emmanuel Petit, Overmars

      Before this present era, barca and real madrid outspent just about every other european side.

  14. Gaffer:
    Worst article in a while. Go cheer for your “honest” footballers like Ryan Shawcross, and tell the world how Rooney is better than Messi.
    You British people still have them pink glasses, cheering the anti-football of Stoke City (because, you see, they are honest and they give 100% every game) and you keep wondering how come England can’t win the world cup with Lampard and Gerrard…go back to your lala land…
    For the sake of football, I hope Barca puts another clinic to separate the footballers from the pretenders!

    1. Ryan Shawcross will be watching the game from his kitchen. Rooney will be on the pitch. Keep asking yourself what has Shawcross done lately you buffoon!!

  15. If Man U dominate the match Barcelona’s main tactic after that is to get an opposing defender sent off. It worked against Arsenal and Real Madrid.

    1. Some of the players on Barca will play act, I completely agree. They’ll also complain after hard fouls. But quite a few of the fouls were legitimately worth cards and, as to the others, if the ref is so cowardly as to change his mind and issue cards if players complain to him, maybe he needs to look for a new job.

      I don’t get the argument that says Barca are the bad guys and ManU are the good guys. Both have good, upstanding players and both have whiny, flopping idiots. I’m just hoping that good, entertaining football wins out over the negative tactics.

  16. One reason to NOT support Manchester United.

    1. They are Manchester United.

    Nani. Rooney Anderson, even Giggs dive. Play up to the refs. even Hernandez and Berbatov has been known to take a purposeful tumble. And who cares if they are English. Cameron is PM if he was in a debate with say Zapatero… should I defy my politics to support Cameron? And I’m sorry. but I like the ball on the floor, and that is the football I am “more accustomed to watching”. and the rest is just filler…

    Besides. If Barca beat up Man U maybe Jesse Chula will stop with his anglocentric phraseology… and start with Catalonian. Jesse You live in Kentucy… right?
    here’s a starter Video Jesse… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMqPDlgKQ80

    1. Obviously, the reality of having to live next year in regulation has deluded your sensibilities. But the comparison made was the sort of fraudulent diving and racist taunts as evidenced in the RM – Barca CL game. It was the ugliest game all season performed by the supposedly greatest team in the world FC Barcelona and it was a pathetic display. Beautiful game, my arse.

  17. Sorry, Gaffer.

    As a life-long Liverpool supporter, wishing a United side well is impossible. I can be unbiased about individual or even team performances and give praise but to want them to win is not going to happen. :)

    On the other hand, I don’t like Barcelona either. This belief that they play the “right” style of football and their constant complaining and flopping when a team doesn’t let them play is infuriating.

    I’ll be the true definition of a neutral for this one – I just want a good match and don’t care who wins.

    1. Gaz…Above all, I want that too. If both teams play to their respective talents and not to the referee, I can graciously accept defeat as well as celebrate victory. I want to be able to witness a great atteacking & counter attacking match where both teams have 11 men on the field at the final whistle.

      Are we really asking for too much?

  18. Haha … this list is so sad and smacks of an inferiority complex.

    The generalizations of the comments (e.g. Barca is boring, Manu is boring, etc.) are ALMOST as bad as those of the article.

  19. Great article, Gaffer. This is spot on. It’s sad how petty some people can be. What they don’t realize that if Manchester United win it makes the entire Premier League look better. So if you’re a Liverpool fan, Chelsea fan, etc. it looks better for your team if Man Utd, the team representing your league, wins and in turn considered the best team in the world. Safe to assume most people here love the EPL, considering this is EPL Talk, so how could you want Barca to win and therefore represent La Liga to its fullest? A win for United is a win for every team in the Prem.

    1. Woah jake,

      Do you not understand the rivalries in the Premier League? It is idiotic to equate a win for United as a win for Liverpool. There is no club I hate more and no way I can hope.for a United win.

      1. So would you rather say your team got smoked in the Prem by the best team in Europe or by a CL loser? I’m not a United fan by the way, just sayin that it looks better for the whole league if the winner is also the best team on the continent and the world. If not, it just means another team that can’t beat Barca is X amount of points better than my favorite Prem team.

        1. I would rather say I was betten by a CL loser than to see United win the Cup. I winder how many United fans cheered for us in 05 and 07

          1. As a red from up the East Lancs Road, I can genuinely say I was cheering LFC on in 2005. What a phenomenal match it was. Petty jealousies are cast aside as far as I’m concerned when any English faces foreign opposition.

          2. Even though I’m a Man Utd fan I can honestly say the comeback against Milan is my second favourite CL final ever, second only to the summer of 99. I didn’t start off cheering for Liverpool as I was watching with Milan fans but I ended up celebrating and pissing my friends off! At the end of the day I love the game and respect worthy opponents. Rivalry is secondary.

            1. I agree mate. That night was an incredible achievement for sport. And if some fans were too stubborn to realize that and stuck to their guns, it was their loss.

              The Gaffer

      2. Many Liverpool fans hate Man United with a passion and vice-versa. But not everyone is a Liverpool or Man United supporter. We all understand rivalries (I’m a Swansea fan and I hate Cardiff, but if Cardiff qualified for the Champions League Final, I would put away my hatred and hope that they win it for Wales).

        The Gaffer

        1. I call BS on that.

          A Swan would never root for Cardiff.
          A Hammer would never support Millwall even if they where playing the al qaeda all stars
          etc etc etc etc

          this entire pretext is just a joke.

          1. lol to the al quauda all stars comment…but we’ll have to agree to disagree, I agree with The Gaffer.

        2. And support your captain Aaron Ramsey? Seems you’ve been critical of the Cardiff boy in the past…

          1. I was critical of his performance for Wales against England when he was captain. He looked out of his depth. Probably he came back too soon from injury.

            The Gaffer

  20. I agree with some things, but some things are laughable. I’d agree that Barca have a greater propensity to take a dive, but that doesn’t make ManU immune. They’d be the King of Flops but for the two spanish giants.

    Second, anybody who cries about Barca being “rich” while sticking up for ManU really has to think about their priorities. They are both ridiculously rich. It’s like I’m suppose to watch the World Series and root against the team playing the NY Yankees when they are playing the other NY Yankees?

    Ultimately, I’m unable to really choose a side because I dislike them both so very much! But I’ll watch because my disdain is distributed fairly equitably.

  21. I will watch this game like I watch world cups. With apathy. If they play great and exciting football, I will keep watching, if it’s a stale war of attrition and diving, then I won’t. I don’t care either way, it doesn’t affect my team.

    If I had to pick, I’d do it purely because I’ve had the pleasure of going to both cities, and Barcelona has sublime food, unbelievably attractive women/buildings and immeasurably better weather. On the downside, it’s full of pickpockets looking to loot from us gullible foreigners, and there’s always an American tourist to ruin everything with his loud voice and loud family wondering where the McDonalds is, why the money looks different and why everybody’s speaking Mexican. No offence, but for every meek American traveller there are 20 clueless fat red-necks bouncing around shouting at things and sweating.

    Manchester is a bit of a dump and is overrun with complete bastards, wannabe tosspot gangsters, which is a shame because it still has decent pubs and clubs, and a few genuinely friendly people who are nice and polite. I wonder why most of them migrated to… Spain.

    And that is how little a crap I give about either football team and am concerned only with purely neutral entertainment.

    1. The very stupid people in America have no interest in going to Europe, seeing as America is the best country in the world, they cannot imagine why they would go anywhere else on vacation? So clearly your absurdly nonsensical generalizations are not only in bad taste, but likely extremely inaccurate.

        1. Actually Gaffer, I wasn’t attacking Americans in general. I just wasn’t clear enough. My point was that I find it unlikely that any Americans in Spain were searching out McDonalds or saying Spaniards are speaking Mexican. I find it unlikely, because the sorts of Americans who would actually behave in such a manner, are unlikely to be traveling abroad much. Those sorts of Americans do not feel the need to ever leave the US. So if you meet an American in Europe, chances are they are thoughtful, worldly, and intelligent. At least too much so to behave as Dan described.

      1. Agreed, rednecks would never travel to countries like Spain and therefore you would not find that type of American over there. Dan has been watching too many National Lampoon Vacation movies. I live in redneckville, Tennessee and anyone around here that would act that way wouldn’t know where Spain is in the first place.

        With that said, I think it is pretty dumb to support/not support a team based on the people who visit or even live in the city of the club. Manu players certainly dont represent the townsfolk and to say the team represents England is a stretch. There’s not much English about ManU other than the brand.

          1. Johnson City for the past 15 years. But I grew up in Oregon when my parents moved from England when I was 2 years old.

    2. Dan, then why the f*** are you even posting on the site? No one here cares a shiite what your opinion is about anything. Good riddance.

  22. Your number one reason and the fact that Man U beat Schalke (and I want the team that beat my team to be the best in the world) will have me rooting for the Red Devils.

  23. La Liga fans seem to hold their beloved style of play as a mandate from God, that any person who prefers other footballing style is an idiot.
    Some of us EPL fans here will state that the Spanish style is “boring” (which is a perfectly legitimate opinion, whether you like it or not), but I’ve never heard of EPL fans calling La Liga ones idiot or anything similar here.
    Why can’t La Liga fans accept that?

    1. Funny thing is Nani has dived less and less as the season has progressed. In fact since the Carragher tackle I’ve seen him ride several challenges. Yes I am a Man Utd fan but if you put away bias and watch a review of the season you’ll probably see a few of those occasions – they generally led to goal scoring opportunities.

  24. i actually did support liverpool for the 05 and 07 final simply because i felt they deserve it after they undergo serious issues despite i am man utd fan but i am not going to ask whole of england to support man utd simply because clubs rivalry.i dont expect the same thing as ppl has different views

  25. I’m hoping MU quickly get a set piece goal, forcing Barca to play attacking football the entire match. As a neutral, Barca’s version of parking the bus is truly boring (effective, but snooze-worthy). They get a Hungarian referee Viktor Kassai, so hopefully we see the Laws Of The Game being applied and not a footballing version of Jersey Shore.

  26. You forgot reason #8 – Barcelona are a bunch or Racists. I know it still exists a little in the English game but not to the degree in La Liga where players blatently without fear of Reprisal insult other players.

  27. Actually, one more thing to add. A MUFC win will silence all the past posters on this site who think English football is a bastardized version of their “pure” brand of the game, and that Barca is God’s gift to mankind. They’re insufferable.

    1. And, as an ardent defender of the Milton Friedman school of economics,

      AON >>>>>> Unicef
      Private Enterprise >>>>>> Public Agency

      But I digress.

  28. To those that suggest barca plays exciting football, you should consider watching one of their games in its entirety rather than the highlights.

    For any football fan, it would be hard to argue that both teams are deserving and hopefully we get a good game. It should be an intriguing encounter of skill meets intensity.

    As for the bellyflopping antics of barca, it makes you miss the presence of an enforcer like Roy Keane. Wanna buy a yellow? Make sure you are willing to pay the price..

    1. But think of the chants! Satan in goal, his minions running amuck on the pitch, with Vinnie Jones guest-playing for El Diablo. No cards, ever. Divers would get electrocuted by their goolies. Free beer and Bovril, no seats, standing room only.

  29. This has to be one of the worst posts by gaffer. I’m sorry but you’re really digging deep into the well to try and find a reason for people to support United on Saturday. Most of your reasons are very weak.
    1. I’ve watched as much EPL matches as La Liga matches and I have to say that there are a few players on each team that dive. Barcelona players do not dive more than United players.
    2. Why should anyone support a team, made up of players from all over the world, just because they play in England. Makes no sense in this day and age.
    3. So you find Barcelona’s style frustrating to watch but have no problem with Stoke”s style of play, for instance? Wow! Just because people who watch the EPL are accustomed to watching United, who do play a good brand of football, is reason to support United? Makes no sense. Not a reason for anything.
    4. This one I’ll buy. Many people do like to support an underdog. That said, United are by no means a strong underdog. they are Manchester United after all. A big club that has won a lot and therefore are used to being favorites. Hence the reason why many non-United EPL supporters won’t root for United.
    5. I truly do not understand your reason for wanting Barcelona to lose. Are they arrogant? Disrespectful towards their oppostion? I don’t think so.
    6. So what if United represents the EPL? There are many EPl supporters of other clubs who hate United because they have been winning for so long. Comes with the territory. Besides, United are considered bullies to most in the EPL and that’s also why they are hated. Maybe if United behaved differently they would get more sympathy.
    7. Barcelona the rich kid? What have you been smoking? Not even worth responding to.

    By the way, I’m a Wigan supporter. I’m looking forward to a great match and may the better team win.

  30. 1. Man United are not a team of divers.
    Are you having a laugh? So you pick out 1 ugly game out of 50+ games Barca played this year and brandish it label the whole team as a bunch of divers? If Barca are a bunch of divers how can all you can come up with is that 1 game that everybody agree was an example of bad antics? As for Man United not being divers, you surely must have been unable to hold off a smirk while writing that sentence. If you’re gonna call Barca divers then you surely cannot be blind to all the diving and play acting, referee baiting that United do time and time again in the premier league… what do the United/Ferguson disciples in the media call that again? Oh yeah mind game.

    2. Man United are representing England.
    It could be argued that a team of mostly bought foreigners do not represent England, but I do see your point there though and it is a completely valid one, I guess. I agree a lot of people in the UK will be rooting for United just for that. And quite frankly that’s all you had to write as a real genuine reason to root for Manchester in this final.

    3. Man United play a more pleasing brand of football that we’re more accustomed to watching.
    Like the saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I won’t contest that Manchester are not capable of beautiful, exciting football but just as much they’re capable of the most boring defensive football, 2nd half of Blackburn game is a perfect example so were many of the marquee games this year were they’ve been subpar.

    4. Manchester United are the underdog.
    That’s another valid reason I guess. Unlike 2009 were every media and fan in the UK seem to be beating their chest about how Manchester was gonna teach Barca what real men football is about, this time around fans and media alike are pretty humble about this match-up and seem to count on Manchester United latest form to get them past Barcelona.

    5. Barcelona are not the be-all and end-all of football.
    That is a good point of view when you’re considered the best, any chance ones get to root against you and watch you fail can be as enjoyable as watching you succeed. Watching Barcelona beat Manchester in 2009 was twice enjoyable, as a Barca fan and as a spectacle of seeing a Manchester that dominated the EPL that year fall down.

    6. Man United represents the Premier League.
    Most of us watch one or more Premier League games on a weekly basis. I enjoy watching La Liga games, but I have to admit that La Liga is getting more boring for me each season with Barcelona and Real Madrid solidifying their positions in first and second spot. While the Premier League has its own monopolies, at least they’re more varied with more teams capable of winning the title such as Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and now Manchester City. Whether you support Manchester United or not, I think most of you agree that we’d rather see a Premier League than a La Liga side lifting the Champions League trophy.

    While the title is true (United does represent the EPL), the idea that the top 2 of the EPL has been more varied than that of La Liga is a myth that people keep repeating just because. The last 5 years as it was…
    in La Liga: Barcelona 3 titles, Real Madrid 2
    2nd place: Barcelona (1), Real (3), Villareal (1)
    in EPL: Manchester 4 titles and Chelsea 1 title
    2nd place: United (1), Chelsea (3), Liverpool (1)

    Also notice how many titles United have in the last 10 years compared to Barca or Real? If La Liga is a duopoly like SPL what then is the EPL? A monopoly where once in a while another team other than United win the title.

    7. Barcelona are the rich kid you always want to beat.
    Ha ha ha! If Barca are the rich kid you always want to beat, what are United? And Real Madrid? The rich adults you want to beat even more than the rich kid!?! You have to admit Gaffer you just put that one there as a troll bait. There is absolutely no substance in your reason #7 but an attempt to get comments out of fans.

  31. 7 Reasons Not To Cheer For Manchester United In Champions League Final For Other Fan…….
    1) They beat Chelsea in quarter final of champion league…kick them out..!! and take the premier league this year…. —-> for Chelsea fan..
    2) They beat arsenal hopes to be champion of premier league this year.. —–> for arsenal fan…
    3) They don’t use much money than Man city did just for only win FA cup to win Premier League.. —–> for man city fan…
    4) They beat Liverpool for record of 18 th champion.They get 19 now..for record of england.so, Liverpool now worried Man Utd want to beat their 5 th champion league winner to get close to them to get 4th this year. —–> for Liverpool fan…
    5) Man United is the King of England now…so…it make a jealous for other rival…
    6) Man United success over the two decades becomes the greatest team ever…other rival cannot emulate them make them jealous
    7) Manchester United in final of Champion League…where is Chelsea,Arsenal,Man City or Liverpool???
    The conclusion is..we don’t really need support from other club…because Man United always have a supporter…”Glory glory Man united,
    As the reds go marching on on on!!!!” -MUFC-

  32. Another reason to cheer for Manchester United instead of Barcelona: The Spanish club’s shirt sponsor next season is the Qatar Foundation which is affiliated with the World Cup Bid that bribed their way to winning the 2022 tournament.

    The Gaffer

    1. and its presently Unisef which they give away…. Man U had AIG on its kits, who basically brought down the world economy.


    2. you probably should have mentioned that before saying that we should support united for being english, twice.

  33. Gaffer, now you’re really being ridiculous. Barcelona are/have been one of a very few clubs in the world that have allowed a charity/non-profit organization to have their logo displayed on their jerseys. UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) has been on Barcelona jerseys for a few years now. United had AIG. Need I say more?

    You need to get over the fact that Qatar got the World Cup because they were better at bribery than the country that showed the rest of the world how it was done in years past. Your obsession in this is getting tiresome. Any nation that wants to get the World Cup has to “bribe” their way in order to get the votes. That’s the way the system is set up. How do yoy think South Africa got it?

    At the rate you’re going, gaffer, you might tell us to cheer for Manchester United because Barcelona’s colors and club logo once represented witch-burning. Give it a rest.

    1. Sorry Brian, but I’m not going to forgive Qatar for stealing the 2022 World Cup away from the United States. I would have loved to take my kids to the tournament on these shores. And the United States deserved to win it. Wish I could let it bounce off me, but it’s hard to let it go when your dreams are ruined.

      As for Barca having Unicef as a sponsor, hats off to them (seriously). Man United/AIG are no angels, but I’ll be hoping that Manchester United can win Saturday.

      The Gaffer

      1. I think when they have the re-vote, the Aussie win it. and probably should over the US who hosted in the 90’s

        1. How many votes did Australia get in February in the first round of voting? Wasn’t it only one or two? The US got through all of the rounds and were beaten in the last stage.

          The Gaffer

          1. Why give the it to the US? The whole thing should be redone. If Qatar bribed their way to 1st, are we to just be naive and believe that the US got their way to 2nd just by going around saying vote for us because we’re America, the super power of the world. If anything the country that got just 1 vote might be more deserving of that WC, but then again unless that 1 vote is from a member of Australia itself, it’s not hard to imagine that it wasn’t bought.

          2. They got One vote. But who the heck knows what a real vote would have been like. Based on the criteria laid out before the call for bids, it seemed Australia was a mortal lock with England getting 2018. Sure I’d love to have it here.

    2. So you believe cheating is Okay? No wonder you like Barcelona. The last time I checked the IOC has bidding and nobody gets paid 1.5 million for votes. You must be a lawyer, because you are a very immoral person.

      1. It’s unbelievable the way now that London got the 2012 Olympic Games, everyone in the UK or from the UK media (and subsequently fans repeat like parrots) are praising the IOC as a clean federation with democratic, fair votes and no vote-selling. Nothing has changed from the IOC, people can still and still do buy the rights to host the games. Please ask the London Olympic Committee and the Beijing Olympic Committee how they got the games despite not having the best technical bids. Vote buying controversies have sullied the bidding process that got London the 2012 Summer Games.

        1. For the record, I’m a New Yorker, my city was biding for 2012. When London got the games, I was sad, I always wanted a games in my city. Apparently we did it the right way and loss, what’s next, people on this blog claiming, it’s okay to pay off the refs. At least my country has ethics, and that’s why we will never host an Olympics or World Cup again.

    3. AIG has repaid over 70% (and counting) of the bailout fund to the US Federal government.
      UNICEF, just like any and all UN agencies, have been nothing but a money pit for all nations.
      Need I say more?

      1. Can I bring up this point, do you think the reason Barcelona gets all the calls is because UNICEF is on their shirt’s?

  34. People often say they like Wayne Rooney because he plays hard for 90 minutes, has a very high work rate, and does not dive. I would like to believe this but I find it hard to forget his dive against Arsenal in 2004 to end the Gunners unbeaten run.

    Time and time again I have seen Rooney on the ground wailing in agony only to get up a couple of second later. Granted, more Barcelona players dive more frequently.

    Wayne Rooney and Dani Alves are two of the most despicable footballers in the world. I, as an Arsenal fan, have a lot of trouble rooting for either of these clubs.

    1. Sour grapes. He does play hard and he does have a high work rate. He does dive, and so do 90 percent of players who think they’ll win a set piece – except Arsenal when VP isn’t playing because you’re crap at set pieces without him. I lie?

  35. I’ll be supporting Barcelona, but not necessarily for anti-United reasons. Barcelona are simply the greatest footballing side I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching, and the idea that someone else would be crowned champions of Europe instead is deeply offensive to the meritocrat in me. Ferguson did a spectacular job breezing to the Prem title with a far-from-great squad, but this is not a Champions League winning-caliber side we’re talking about.

    And when I hear people accusing Barcelona of diving, this tells me the only time they have seen Barcelona play is the first leg of their Champions League semifinal tie at the Bernabeu when Guardiola’s men made sure to point out to the referee every time Real Madrid hacked them down. Mourinho’s men had become increasingly physical in an attempt to knock Barcelona off their stride — much like Arsenal experience when they go up against a physical side like Stoke City or Bolton of old — and this was the Catalans’ response.

    Did they embellish some injuries? Sure. Does every single club on the planet — including YOUR club, whoever that might be — do the same? Unquestionably.

    Does that in any way detract from their greatness? Not unless you’re looking for an excuse to do so.

    1. if you don’t stop stroking the catalan giants soon you will need kneepads. they are filth. they represent everything wrong with the sport. this is not greatness; this is a club that is making boatloads for uefa and has thereby been provided an amnesty that is only matched by 2004 juventus. add OVER 500 million euros of debt and it’s not terribly difficult to see why the club is dominant the way that it is. don’t get me wrong, they are not the only club out there with dirt but this season has really hurt my pride in my sport.

      i don’t mean to imply that they aren’t a good team (although, how COULDN’T they be with every competitive advantage possible). my advise to you would be to look at the big picture and stop living in the fantasy that barca is in the final by accident.

  36. one reason to cheer for barca this time they play manure.yes the rest of the supporter in england will unified in supporting one team and they are spanish

    cant believe someone would write a blog about asking other supporter to be behind MU .where the hell hve you been living all the year in your live of football fan (and MU fan i suppose)
    Even if alot arsenal fan have start to hate barca for cecs media stuff,cheating and behviour on and off pitch,nothing cant rival MU dislike

  37. and for your point
    1- absolute hilarious specially MU have rooney,nani in the squad (on his own why you should hate them).And yes barca team dive alot but united are not saint
    2- MU represent glory hunter with vast support in asia,america…and london
    3- MU have not won the league because they play better football (plenty of team have play better than them this year) but for the great work ethic than Ferguson team has always have (wish arsenal have this and we would have won the league this year by far).
    4-underdog because this team is one of the weakest MU team under
    fergie in the last few years (prove that the EPL level was weaker on thetop of the league)against one of the greatest team ever assembled (they are not invincible as arsenal show but still a great first 11)
    5-yes they are right now
    6- they are representing england for the FA and the premiere league but not the other team and supporter.the are hated by most the other fan (i do not hate them but i dislike enough to support barca)
    7- MU is richer than barca ( even so both with big debit for different reason)Barca are actually not that rich just sponsor by bank who give them with madrid ton of cash freely, MU are only in debit because of the owner

    FAIL article by closet MU fan

    1. LG, not a closet Manchester United fan. Only two days ago, I was called out for being a Man United hater. I’m a Swansea City supporter, and have followed them religiously all of my life.

      The Gaffer

  38. Not cheering for United as a team… But I’d love to see Van Der Sar lift the trophy though. He’s fantastic keeper and it’ll be a sad day as he leaves the game.

    1. OhioBlues, good point. I would love to see van der Sar go out on top after an incredible career for Man United, Fulham, Juventus and Ajax. He deserves it.

      The Gaffer

  39. My sole reason to cheer for MANCHESTER UNITED is that, they have the right Manager and the right player, playing for the right club at the right time. CHEER UP! For the word is all about MANCHESTER UNITED. :-*GGMU:-*

  40. Not divers, are you kidding. How fast we forget Chicharito got booked this year for flopping and then got away with a pathetic dive May 14th resulting in a Rooney pk to tie Blackburn. Wow, couldn’t even beat Blackburn on the pitch without cheating. And of course Rooney is a classless thug. He likes to hit from behind but cries like a baby when it comes back to him. Root for Man U? I’m still laughing, forever Gunners!!!

    1. Why am I not surprised this issue of diving keeps rearing its head. I make no apologies for Nani’s behaviour on occasion. It leaves a sour taste for sure. But whilst Chicharito “won” the penalty in dubious circumstances, the ref ruled correctly, according to the laws of the game.

      But to laugh at United’s struggle to gain the point at Ewood Park doesn’t hide Arsenal’s pitiful capitulation at the end of the season, requiring they now have to qualify for the CL. This after being tipped to take the Premiership from Chelsea…??

      United’s winning margin at the end of the season was the largest since 2001. Not bad for an “average” team.

  41. The grammar on some of these comments is worse than a Paul Scholes tackle. I’m looking at you numbers 25-29.

    With that said I – a Stateside Liverpool supporter – will be supporting England on Saturday afternoon. As much as I loath United and Fergie, I at least respect them. It’s hard for me to do this but I really think that’s where my support will lie even if it means even more cocky Mancs I will have to deal with.

  42. Wow gaffer, you watch one game of Spanish soccer and deign it appropriate to call Barca a team of divers. You’re as ignorant as people who make blanket statements about soccer being slow and boring cause no one scores.

    And for the record, Nani is the most pathetic diver in world football, AND YOU FALL FOR IT!!! Remember your article about that “horror” tackle that was just so disgusting? Remember how Nani jumped up and then fell over in agony because his leg was about the fall off? I’d hate to see what he’d do if he ever got more than a little boo-boo on his shin.

    1. Joe, I watch a lot of La Liga (not as much this season as in previous seasons). Barcelona flop in other games too not just that one.

      Nani is a diver too, yes.

      The Gaffer

    2. Joe you are obviously delusional. There is no doubt in this world that Alves and Busquets are the Mt. Rushmore of diving and that La Liga teams in general are the diving league of Europe. At least Nani is slowly turning it around but there is no hope for the diving (racist) champions of Alves and Busquets.


  44. Given all the ridiculous reasons given for wanting readers of this forum to cheer for Manchster United I’m surprised “family values” wasn’t given as one of them. Oh that’s right, Giggs ruined it for the writer.

    In keeping with the lame reasons given to cheer for a team I’ve decided to give just one reason to cheer for Barcelona. Ferguson is a bully and therefore we should all support Barcelona instead.

  45. let me start by stating my sincere distaste for both sides involved in this years final. it was an above-average year of competition and quality but i have several reasons for wishing 2 clubs (besides the one i support) were going to be playing in saturdays clash.

    but let me first address this list of “reasons” for rooting for man u…

    1. man u arent a team full of divers…because they have grown accustom to getting the calls from the referee regardless. do your research. look at the amount of pk’s they are awarded, particularly at home.

    2. united are representing england…so?

    3. man u play a more pleasing brand of football…really? personally, i’m still not blown away by the catalans but to compare man u’s “style” of play to their opponents this weekend is absurd. united don’t win in style, they just win. don’t kid yourself.

    4. man u are the underdog…not really considering the manager. and is it really fair to call the richest club in the world an underdog?

    5. barcelona aren’t the be-all and end-all of football…duh? if that were the case wouldn’t they be going for a consecutive title or SOMETHING along better than a measly double (and let’s face it, la liga is a matter of beating madrid).

    6. man u represent the premier league…which, in this case, is wildly different than representing england…except not…

    7. barcelona are the rich kid that you always want to beat…do you even watch the sport? manchester flipping united AREN’T rich kids? now i’ve heard everything.

    not to be rude but this was a waste of time mate. man u and fergie are just as slimy as the spaniards that got there by way of 2 completely absurd bookings. enjoy the final and please, try to learn something.

    1. So 74% of the nation support Man United. That ain’t half bad.

      For the 26% of them:

      Our History Makes Us Strong
      Your Hate Makes Us Stronger

      Thanks for your support in advance of the CL Final.

      1. No, 74% of the survey respondents don’t rank United as the most loathsome company in the entire nation. Surely you’re not as thick as to think that if someone doesn’t hate United more than any other UK company, then then must like them. Surely?

        1. Actually, the survey says 26% of the correspondents hate United, not that they believe United is the most hateful company. You may want to re-read the article in your link.
          Sure it is a stretch to say the rest 74% of them like United. It’s called artistic liberty.
          Or you can think about it this way. Has any other English football club even earned a place to be on such list? Like it or not, United is the biggest deal in English football, eliciting respect and scorn by equal measures. I mean, what’s the point of hating some two-bit outfit, like Sky Blue FC of Eastlands?
          So thanks for the link. Your hate is a testament to our success.

  46. As a Liverpool supporter, I will watch this match. And that’s it. I will watch. I won’t care who wins, cheats, dives, scores, etc. I will just watch.

  47. Cheering for Manchester United won’t make them beat Barcelona. Even if the entire world were to cheer for United it won’t matter. Barcelona are a very good team and will be difficult to beat. United’s tactics have to be absolutely on the mark with very little room for error if they are to win. With the game being played at Wembley this will give United the edge as far as home support is concerned and will feel like a home game for them. This could be very important. I’m expecting a very close game with the winner edging it in overtime.

    Very little of the reasons given above make sense. Most have already commented on their absurdity.

  48. [Comment: Why I won’t be supporting Manchester United in Champions League final
    by Ben Thornley, DPW West
    May 27 2011
    ACCORDING to some, Britain should be united behind Alex Ferguson’s bid to deliver Old Trafford a fourth European crown tomorrow night, but even the Scot isn’t deluded enough to believe that will happen.

    When their supporters sing “we’re Manchester United, and we’ll do want we want” while their manager and players have lived by that unofficial club motto for the last 20 years, it’s no wonder the Red Devils receive little love on these shores.

    This week Ferguson revealed how he learnt his first lesson in mind games from Bob Paisley – the only manager to have won the European Cup on three occasions – in his one clash with the Anfield legend while manager of Aberdeen in 1980 (Liverpool won 5-0 on aggregate).

    He took little else from the dignified Liverpool boss, however.

    Since lifting the FA Cup in 1990, Ferguson may have developed a winning habit at Manchester United but he has never mastered doing it with the class of Britain’s most successful club manager – the man whose shadow the Red Devils’ boss is so eager to escape.

    There’s much to admire about Ferguson, of course. Each one of his great teams have always tried to play attacking football and have possessed a tremendous team spirit and winning mentality.

    There are also occasions when he has displayed his well-hidden humanity – he was among the first to lay flowers at Anfield after the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

    But beyond those qualities Ferguson is a bully who has cajoled his way to 12 Premier League titles and two Champions League trophies, intimidating referees, opposition managers, governing bodies, the media and anyone else who has gotten in his way.

    His players have often behaved with this same vulgarity.

    Even if you believed in the antiquated and base notion that you should support another club from the UK in European competition, how could you possibly root for men as boorish as Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney?

    Or hope to see fans who gleefully chant about footballing disasters given the opportunity singing about winning the European Cup four times “without killing anyone”.]

    Pep Guradiola is the anti-Feguson and that’s why I’ll be cheering for Barcelona. I hope the good guys win. Yes, I do know that the word good is a relative term. Still I cannot bring myself to cheering for a club as arrogant as Manchester United.

  49. If you need a reason to hate Manure Knighted, then just read what MNUfan1991 has written.What an idiot. Just because 26 percent hate Man U, doesn’t mean the other 74 percent like them. What a fucking plantpot.
    As the Jock has not had any difficult teams in getting to another final, i can only assume the luck is with them as usual, and they will walk it. Nice to see someone remembers BobPaisley, and his three wins. Another record for Fergie to beat, and no doubt he will, but he will always be a bully and a prick, and most of achievments are down to bending the rules or applying pressure outside of the game. Paisley played the game, didn’t need to use fergies nasty tactics, and won his trophies with an English side. Lets hope the spaniards win, by a massive margin. More people hate man u , than just scousers and city. The whole of London being just one example. Come on Barca, give those gyppos a walloping.

  50. After reading this, I really don’t know what to say. Either your a terrible journalist or just a homer. Firstly. Barcelona are not the rich kids. If you even once bothered to pick up a history you would know how the poor people of Catalonia where bombed and murdered by Franco’s troops. I don’t see how losing your countries civil war makes you the “rich kids”. If any thing they where the kids that got picked on and beaten up. And now the bully doesn’t like it that they can stand up for themselves. Secondly, you must not watch anything outside your precious Premier League. Any journalist or reporter worth his weight has said consistently that Barcelona “play the beautiful game” “the way it should be played.” Roy Hudson even said “beating Barcelona is like trying to nail Jello to a wall..impossible.” and for Man U they’ve had a pretty difficult time, wouldn’t you say? Also the fact that you have such a hard on for all things English mean’s your so deep in Nottingham forest you can’t see the trees. Spain is the world class of football. Madrid and Barcelona could take any of the top four with minimal problems. Even looking at the Europa league. It was Athletico Madrid who beat Fulham and then this year Villareal who was so close to the finals. As for the national team Spain won Euro 08. A TOURNAMENT YOUR PRECIOUS ENGLISH SQUAD COULDN’T EVEN QUALIFY FOR!

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