Brad Friedel Joins FOX’s Champions League Final Coverage in USA

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Brad Friedel has been added as an analyst for this Saturday’s coverage of the Champions League Final. The American goalkeeper will be featured on FOX’s live coverage of the 2011 Champions League Final on U.S. television between Manchester United and Barcelona.

Friedel is currently one of the hottest properties in the British transfer market with Liverpool, Tottenham and West Bromwich Albion all vying for his signature. It looks most likely that Friedel will move from Aston Villa to Liverpool, to rejoin the team where he played from 1997 to 2000.

FOX’s pregame show will feature host Curt Menefee alongside analyst Brad Friedel and Eric Wynalda. The match commentary will be by Martin Tyler and co-commentator Alan Smith.

In last year’s Champions League Final, FOX featured former US national team manager Bruce Arena alongside Menefee. This year, FOX has made the wise choice in bringing Friedel in who, not only has the playing experience, but is also a much better presence in front of the cameras.

7 thoughts on “Brad Friedel Joins FOX’s Champions League Final Coverage in USA”

  1. I don’t know much about Friedel’s onscreen appearances as an analyst so we’ll have to wait and see if he does well or not.

    As far as joining Liverpool it doesn’t make sense as he will be behind Reina who is one of the best keeprs in the EPL. Liverpool are also not in Europe so they will be playing fewer games. It would make more sense for him to go to Spurs where Gomes is so erratic that Friedel will be favored to be ahead of Gomes. Spurs are also in Europe so they will be playing more games.

  2. Several sources are reporting his move to LFC is pretty much a done deal. The Reds don’t have a first team GK coach and he could easily be looking at a player > coach job.

  3. Two things concerning his move to Liverpool:

    The most likely is that he could, as FC Asheville said, come in with a player / coach role. He could be Reina’s back-up but it would also serve as his internship for a near-future coaching role. On a personal note, I love that Liverpool is on the right track by getting back to the boot-room mentality.

    The other much less likely story is that his coming in could free up Reina so that Liverpool can cash in on him. Reina has come out and said he wants to stay but Liverpool may like Friedel’s lower wage bill and the ability to get a possible record transfer fee in for other positions.

    1. “…a possible record transfer fee…”

      A possible record transfer fee for a goal-keeper, was what I meant.

  4. Friedel is 40, hardly going to replace Reina. Maybe he figures he can last another year if he is not playing regularly, and he obviously needs to keep earning as long as possible with his monetary issues.

  5. Gaz, I doubt very much that Liverpool would sell Reina and replace him with Friedel. Fridel’s age is a big factor. I don’t think it’s out of the question that Reina wouldn’t be sold. I agree that Liverpool could get a huge fee if they sell him right now. His replacement however would have to be someone younger and better than Friedel. I’ve watched Friedel this season and he looked a half step slower in many games.

    He would make a great backup keeper and could go on to become a goalkeeping coach but I don’t know if he would make a good goalkeeping coach as not all good keepers necessarily make good coaches. Only those who have worked with him would know about his capabilities as a coach. It’s obvious that Friedel would like to continue to make money either as a player or coach given his financial problems.

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