Premier League Survival Sunday Review Show (EPL Talk Podcast)

The 2010-11 Premier League season is over after an incredible last day of the season where we saw the final two teams relegated change five times during the 90 minutes before it was decided that Blackpool and Birmingham City would join West Ham United in the Championship next season. Near the top of the table was plenty of action too, and to discuss every major storyline Sunday, including the late breaking news regarding the sacking of Carlo Ancelotti, we have Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna on hand to analyze the news.

Some of the topics discussed on the show include:

  • Manchester United winning the Premier League title,
  • Dave Whelan’s ownership of Wigan Athletic,
  • What today’s results say about Roberto Martinez and Mick McCarthy,
  • Why Arsenal fans should be concerned,
  • The legacy of Edwin van der Sar,
  • Footballers we’ll fondly remember from this season,
  • Did Birmingham City deserve to get relegated?
  • Discussion of next week’s Champions League Final,
  • And more.

Enjoy the episode. And stay tuned next week for a post-Champions League Final episode which will also include a season in review.

15 thoughts on “Premier League Survival Sunday Review Show (EPL Talk Podcast)”

  1. I generally like K’s analysis and despite his bluster he’s been right more than wrong but PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE spare us the let us honor Dave Whelan rubbish.
    Wigan has no business being a top flight club, full stop.

    The continued presence of that club in the top flight is unnatural and is denying other clubs with more history, more fans, better fans and better potential the chance at Premier League football.

    Truthfully, they would be hard pressed to stay in League One consistently without Whelan’s cash.

    1. Wigan are every bit as deserving as any other club. They won to get there and they won to stay.

      Granted, they don’t have as many supporters as other clubs. Given their location and the town’s love of rugby it’s been hard going to create any history.

      Yes Whelan has infused cash, but they have also made some great profits off discovering latin American talent. You have to respect them from a business perspective, they are a profitable team despite their attendance.

      For me, the fact that they have stayed up for 7 years counts as history. Just because they are making it now instead of 50 years ago shouldn’t discredit them as an EPL side.

      1. I agree Nate. I would like Wigan to have larger attendances than they currently do, but it’s not the fault of the club and shouldn’t be a reason for them not to play in the Premier League.

        The Gaffer

  2. I have not read every show note or listen to every podcast since March but I do wonder if there are plans to bring on a host next year for the podcast? I like the 2 pundits but the balance of a moderator is really lacking IMHO and being as respectful as possible. I do enjoy the podcast but not as much the past couple of months.

  3. I hope so, Gaff, as I mentioned, I really like LM and KK, I think they provide good opinions from frequently different perspectives. An audio show without visuals is a lot cleaner for the listener when the host does not necessarily participate in the discussions. Surely, they lead the discussion and may express an opinion through a provocative question but it is clear who is serving the topics and who is volleying the responses.

    Even on this cast, it is hard to tell when Lawrence is progressing the program or proving commentary. This really isn’t something he can avoid as he has the same voice. =)

    Thanks for having a show worthy of caring enough about to express an opinion to you.

    1. Thanks Matthew. We recognize the need and will try to find the best fit in the off-season so we can come back in form for the new season. Thanks again for the feedback.

      The Gaffer

  4. oh Yeah a comment about the content. Wolves was one of the teams I wanted to see stay up, I wanted to see Blackburn and Brum go down. However, I have to admit, I was very disappointed that Wolves came out so poor, at home against an opponent that hasn’t done very much of anything in the past 2 months. After the first half, I felt Wolves earned their relegation with that display.

    I like Barca to win CL as the Catalans will exploit the MUFC fullbacks. 1-0 Barca and I also see a meltdown from Wazza in my crystal ball.

  5. Just about Mick McCarthy at Sunderland. It isn’t really accurate to say he has less resources at Wolves now then his time at Sunderland.

    The whole reason he developed an unfair reputation as an EPL manager at Sunderland was because he was given literally nothing to spend. Zilch. Nada. In his words: “not a pot to piss in.”

    1. You’re right Tom! Accuracy on that sort of thing is important because it starts rumours and rumours become ‘fact’! I think he’s done a good job there though with the resources that he has had this season. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have done better but her kept them up, right? Right? Right…

  6. Actually timed it, Kartik managed to talk for nearly 4 minutes straight without taking a breath when asked about Manchester City. Not even gonna make a joke about it, just genuinely impressed, hah.

  7. Kartik Krishnaiyer, you are the best football pundit in the world.

    Love the current format, with Laurence hosting!!

    Thanks, guys.

    1. BTW I personally don’t feel you need an extra host. Laurence is doing a good job of that and he gets in commentary as well. TBH, the show feels tighter now than it did with three of you.

      1. You’re too kind dw!

        We’re looking at improving for next season! So much more that we can do on audio. Not necessarily in one podcast. If you have ideas or feedback for this season then let me know because it’s time to build.



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