Premier League Survival Sunday, Gameweek 38: Open Thread

Gulp, this is it. The final two hours of the Premier League season with all twenty teams playing at once. And just like that, it’ll be over. But these two hours hold so much promise. So much potential of drama, disappointment, excitement and suspense. It may end up like trying to play a few pinball machines at once as you flip back and forth and try to keep up with the frenetic pace. Or, you never know, it could end up being a sleeper with all of the relegation teams losing, while Wolves and Blackburn play out a convenient draw. But with so much on the line and Premier League survival in store for a few of the teams battling near the bottom, there are bound to be so many prizes in store.

In previous seasons, I’ve had a live blog on the final day but I think this is one of those times where a live blog would get in the way of the experience of trying to watch so many games at once. So, instead, like we’ve done all season, we have an open thread here where you can post your rants, raves, questions and observations. Feel free to use the comments thread below as a chance to post an occasional remark or to vent your outrage!

It’s going to be one heck of a day in the Premier League. Let’s make the most of it and enjoy what will hopefully be a historic day and one where, no matter what happens, we’ll see the final two clubs decided to join West Ham in relegation. Or will we?

36 thoughts on “Premier League Survival Sunday, Gameweek 38: Open Thread”

  1. Just looked at the Liverpool lineup and bench and they have Joe Cole and Fabio Aurelio starting on no place on the bench for Carroll, Johnson or Maxi. Now that looks to me like a team not wanting to get into Europe. Cannot see them winning at Villa with that lineup.

  2. i didnt see this in the coverage earlier in the week, but i may have missed it in the comments. For those of you interested in games not shown television or on, ESPN3 is airing them. for example, newcastle/west brom is on espn3, as well as some other games.

    1. looks like a few of the games aren’t working. united-blackpool and newcastle-WBA are fine, but with the the otehrs you get the PLEASE STAND BY message

      1. First game of the year in the Bundesliga was bungled by ESPN depotes as well. I don’t understand why some people think it would be better if ESPN had the rights just because they have a fancier studio.

      2. I was just on hold with ESPN for a good 10 minutes as well waiting to speak with one of their customer care people. I was told that the problem was a “known issue” and that they would pass my comments (i.e., “this is a joke”) along to someone presumably more important than the guy in the call center answering the phone. Well done ESPN. Six matches online and only three of them functioning.

  3. Come on Tottenham. Score some goals for Blackpool.

    No goal scoring Sir Alex. Van der Sar goes out with a draw.

    Come Fulham!!! Play that 4-4-2 ball breaker formation.

  4. Blackburn are on fire, and Blackpool still have hope of staying up. If the scores stay the same, Wigan and Wolves will go down and Blackpool will stay up because of a better goal difference. Blackpool fans have to hope that they hang on for a draw or get a win at Old Trafford.

    What a final 45 minutes it’s going to be!

    The Gaffer

    1. Birmingham is in deep doodoo if they end up losing, which I bet happens.

      It could be Blackpool and Wigan staying up.

  5. So I have ManU-Blackpool on my TV (ready to flip to Spurs-Birmingham if necessary), Stoke-Wigan on my iPad and now, due to developments at Molineux, Wolves-Blackburn on my laptop. I can’t believe the implosion of Wolves at the moment.

    And I can’t believe how exciting this is. C’mon Blackpool!

    1. Very exciting. I have Spurs v Birmingham, and Man Utd v Blackpool on my TV, and Wolves v Blackburn and Stoke v Wigan on And I’ve been darting in and out of other games on and on the FoxSoccer iPhone app and FoxSoccer iPhone app for iPad.

      The Gaffer

      1. The best relegation battle in memory and the most access to live matches ever. THIS is unmatched by any sport, any league. Amazing.

  6. Why isn’t the Fox Soccer TV site showing many games today? I was hoping to watch Newcastle game after the relegation games, but the site isn’t showing that and many others.

  7. While I like Blackpool I keep wondering if this team be any good next year without Adam? I don’t think they’d be any good so sadly I’m rooting for a Man U goal (ugh).

    Everton down to 9 men?

    I’ve always liked McCarthy but wow. Can you say utter collapse?

    Birmingham’s zero shots on net shows why they must go down.

  8. we keep losing the Man Utd game on the t.v. no idea what is happening to the satellite feed at all. We had a big storm coming through which has now passed – we are on Comcast cable in the Twin Cities – so maybe it is affecting something close by.

      1. Thanks for that – just looked at the website and that is fine and 3 seconds ahead of our t.v. feed. So if it scrambles again we can at least keep up with it online.

  9. Wow! What a finish. This is what the EPL is all about. You have to feel sorry for Blackpool and Birmingham. They did have to play away and against top sides. Wigan had the better fixture and they won at Stoke.

  10. Poor Birmingham. How they wish Crouch didn’t get hurt and be replaced by Pavlyuchenko. Both Blackpool and Birmingham had difficult games against top sides and away. That was the difference. Wigan were also away but they had a Stoke side not playing well recently. A good win for them.

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