Liverpool Win 5 EPL Awards In Best of 2010-11 Premier League Season

The votes are in for the 2011 EPL Awards, the annual competition (now in its third year) that allows supporters from around the world to recognize the best of the Premier League season. And in the categories that recognize the best footballers and managers, Liverpool — despite a poor start to the season — won the majority of the Reader’s Choice honours. These include EPL Player of the Year, Best Goalkeeper, Best Midfielder, Best Striker and Manager of The Year, while Manchester United won the Best Defender of the Year award and Arsenal won Best Young Player of The Year.

The third annual EPL Awards recognized the best of the 2010-11 Premier League season. Organized by EPL Talk, the voting began Monday, May 2 and closed May 22, 2011. Trusted since 2005, EPL Talk is the most popular Premier League blog in the world.

In addition to the results from the Reader’s Choice awards, the Editor’s Choice winners are listed below. The final results are as follows:

EPL Player of the Year

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Dirk Kuyt, Liverpool (16%),
  2. Nemanja Vidic, Manchester United (13%) and
  3. Samir Nasri, Arsenal (11%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Charlie Adam, Blackpool

EPL Young Player of the Year

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Jack Wilshere, Arsenal (29%),
  2. Javier Hernandez, Manchester United (28%) and
  3. Lucas Leiva, Liverpool (17%).

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Javier Hernandez, Manchester United

Best EPL Manager of the Year

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool (50%),
  2. Alex Ferguson, Manchester United (33%) and
  3. Arsene Wenger, Arsenal (4%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United

Most Improved EPL Manager of the Year

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Owen Coyle, Bolton Wanderers (34%),
  2. Roy Hodgson, Liverpool (20%) and
  3. Tony Pulis, Stoke City (16%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Tony Pulis, Stoke City

Best EPL Goalkeeper

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Jose Pepe Reina, Liverpool (36%),
  2. Edwin van der Sar, Manchester United (31%) and
  3. Wojciech Szczesny, Arsenal (9%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Edwin van der Sar, Manchester United

Best EPL Defender

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Nemanja Vidic, Manchester United (34%),
  2. Jamie Carragher, Liverpool (16%) and
  3. Leighton Baines, Everton (8%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Nemanja Vidic, Manchester United

Best EPL Midfielder

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Lucas Leiva, Liverpool (17%),
  2. Nani, Manchester United (10%) and
  3. Ryan Giggs, Manchester United (9%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Scott Parker, West Ham United

Best EPL Striker

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Luis Suarez, Liverpool (29%),
  2. Javier Hernandez, Manchester United (19%) and
  3. Robin van Persie, Arsenal (15%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Robin van Persie, Arsenal

Congratulations to all of the players and managers nominated. For the complete list of EPL Awards, visit

38 thoughts on “Liverpool Win 5 EPL Awards In Best of 2010-11 Premier League Season”

  1. I’m a Liverpool supporter, and even I disagree with most of the vote winners. Always the problem with a public/online voting contest.

    For best striker, where is Tevez?

    Good shouts by the editor, agree with most of those choices.

  2. Kenny dalglish, do me favor!! These are the only “awards” anyone associated with the scousers will win this year, what a joke!

  3. So, really, in every category that a Liverpool player won, we know it’s the second placed player that actually won.

    Glad I’ll never get to the point where watching my team play is so unappealing that I’d spend more time organizing and fixing the results of online polls to make them bearable in my mind. Liverpool supporters truly are one of a kind, and that’s not a compliment in these circumstances.

    1. Nothing unappealing about sticking it to united,city etc this season…nothing at all.Personally I’m glad we are one of a kind…means we dont have an unhealthy 26 year obsession with another club.We can all sit back now and watch city buy everything insight….and watch united whinge and obsess about them instead.

      1. So what you’re saying is, and correct me if I’m wrong, that you care enough about United to leech off of City’s future success? Do you not have enough confidence in your own team to do the job? You can’t really claim you’re not equally obsessed with United when you finish your post with such words.

    1. Why be embarrassed? It’s a popular choice vote and Liverpool supporters mobilized themselves to get out the vote. Hopefully the Editor’s Choice awards balance the final results a bit.

      The Gaffer

      1. Actually, I’d say it reflects the fact that most American fans of any team other than Liverpool no longer read EPL Talk after their role in the whole LFCNY boycott. When you allow yourself to become the mouthpiece for one set of disgruntled fans you’re going to alienate the others, especially when it costs the soccer communty such an important media outlet like Sirus XM. Of course they didn’t feel the need for an organized boycott going after your sponsors, they just left with their feet (or finger clicks) as it were.

        1. Marcus, you’re grossly mistaken. EPL Talk is on track to have its best month in web traffic ever, even higher than our previous record during the 2010 World Cup. So it’s not true that “most American fans of any team other than Liverpool no longer read EPL Talk.” We have a strong community of supporters from all Premier League clubs on this site. In this particular awards competition, it was the Liverpool fans who organized themselves to get out the vote that made the difference not the lack of the thousands of other supporters who voted for their favorite club.

          Also, I vehemently disagree with your claim that “you allow[ed] yourself to become the mouthpiece for one set of disgruntled fans you’re going to alienate the others, especially when it costs the soccer communty such an important media outlet like Sirus XM.” That’s simply not true. I broke the story that brought to light what one person said about one of the worst tragedies in English football history. I did not become a mouthpiece for Liverpool fans, and neither did they do the same for EPL Talk. Also it didn’t “costs the soccer communty such an important media outlet like Sirus XM.” Sirius XM still is in business and has successful soccer programming (see

          Your last statement about readers leaving is also incorrect based on the record traffic numbers we’re experiencing.

          The Gaffer

  4. Hahaha, Dik Kuyt, now that is funny. as a LFC fan i find it absolutely hilarious. Dik kuyt? possibly the worse player to kick a ball and i’ve watch phil babb. never take any notice of fan polls. Pathetic but funny. Liverpool fan

      1. I’m not going to argue about his placement in the awards but saying he’s the “worse (sic) player to kick a ball” is silly.

        He’s our leading goal-scorer unless you want to count Carroll’s goals at Newcastle. He may not have much of a first touch and looks rather unrefined at times but, as all good strikers do, he manages to be in the right place when it counts. He’s also a lot like Ji-Sung Park at Manchester United – incredible work-rate and will always put the team result above personal glory. Players like Kuyt and Carragher are the heart of Liverpool.

      2. You obviously didnt watch them yesterday against Villa. They were so bad that us villa fans werent even paying attention to the game we were seeing if blues got relegated!! In all honesty they have done Ok in the second half but for the money they invested in the club they are rubbish and didnt even get Europa for a team that spent over 60 million in January (the fact they sold torres makes no difference to the amount they invested) it isnt enough.

        Mr Gaffer Man. These awards are kack they may be the “peoples” vote or whatever you want to call them but they are wrong how kenny dalglish got the manager award over Sir Alex is beyond me. Lucas Leiva ELP best midfielder? N’Zobia, Parker, Charlie Adam, Giggsy, Stuart Downing, Modric Mierles, Sandro the list goes on and on and on. These awards are an embarressment and are detrimental to the reputation and credibility of this site for genuine football fans who want to summarise the season properly.

        Can I just mention another 20 goal season for Darren Bent and not a word of recognition… oh well guess you have to be in a liverpool shirt to get a shout out on this site..

        1. I didn’t watch the Villa game yesterday (I was watching the relegation battles). But when I heard that Joe Cole was starting, I wasn’t expecting to see much from Liverpool.

          Darren Bent has been praised on numerous occasions on this site and podcast.

          As for the awards, they’re a popular choice vote. There are Editor’s Choice awards given in each category, and those are probably closer to what you were envisioning.

          The Gaffer

      3. Paul, you are obviously not a Liverpool fan or have watched us this year as you would have seen Dirk playing very, very well, so well in fact that many ex- Red legends called him as LFC’s Player of the Year. You knob.

  5. I think this is the moment award shows jumped the shark (i will refrain from the recent Giggs as player of the year award).

    Just give it up.

    Thank god mediocrity abounds in the EPL.
    17wins and 14 LOSSES is as mediocre as it gets.

    14 LOSES is the 5TH most loses in the EPL this year.

    Of the 6 teams that were in danger on the last day , Wigan had 14 and Birmingham had 15.

  6. This is just embarassing, surely some Liverpool fan forum or blog just mobilized their members to spam with votes. Would be great if this ended in an honest Team of the Year situation than just general fanboying, but hey, can’t blame the Liverpool fans, after all, it’s the only thing they can look forward to their team winning.

  7. Not that I agree with the results of the poll, but as a liverpool fan I think its silly at this point for anyone to bash Dirk Kuyt. Hes pulled through countless times when we needed him, this season and the last.

    Like it or not, we have one of the best supporter bases in the world. You’ve got your 19th title, doesn’t mean you have to move on to envying us in a new way… its just a web poll. Grow up, and start supporting your club (whether they win or lose.)

  8. Again Liverpool brush other teams aside in terms of Fan support ..

    Why envy others if your club supporters didn’t care to vote …
    Get a life Loosers … !!

    1. Maybe it’s because Liverpool fans had a lot of time on their hands. You know, since their season was shite. Meanwhile, Manchester United fans are too busy supporting their club to their 19th title and Champions League final.

  9. How on earth did Luis Suarez make the list for best EPL striker when he only played in 13 games? He only scored 4 goals and had 3 assists.

  10. There’s more to being a great striker than goals. Kuyt tied with chicharito this season, and had more goals than drogba or Rooney. Doesn’t make them bad or make him the best. Just saying…

    1. I agree completely. Don’t get me wrong, Suarez was fantastic this season, but he shouldn’t make the cut based on the amount of time he played. Personally, I think Tevez was the best striker this year. Not because he tied for first in goals scored, but for all his work: scoring, defending, passing accuracy, and assists. Tevez gives it his all every time he plays and never slows down. He was exciting to watch this year.

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