Chelsea Sack Carlo Ancelotti

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Chelsea have sacked manager Carlo Ancelotti.

In a statement from Chelsea, this is what the club said regarding the departure:

“The owner and board would like to thank Carlo for his contribution and achievements since taking over as manager in July 2009, which included winning the Double for the first time in the club’s history.

However, this season’s performances have fallen short of expectations and the club feels the time is right to make this change ahead of next season’s preparations.

Carlo will always be welcome at Stamford Bridge, where he will be given the reception and respect his position in our history deserves.

Chelsea’s long-term football objectives and ambitions remain unchanged and we will now be concentrating all our efforts on identifying a new manager.”

The move by Chelsea comes after the Blues lost Sunday in their final game of the season against Everton. Chelsea’s failure to win the Champions League is seen by many as the reason why Roman Abramovich decided to pull the plug despite Chelsea’s late run for the title where they were pipped by Manchester United. Despite finishing in second place, it wasn’t enough for Abramovich.

It now starts all over again for Chelsea as they hunt to find a new manager.

What’s your reflection on this breaking story? And who do you think would be the appropriate manager to take Ancelotti’s place?

40 thoughts on “Chelsea Sack Carlo Ancelotti”

  1. Terrible decision. All downhill since Wilkins was sacked. When will Abramovich figure out he knows nothing about football?

  2. 2nd place and he won the double last year. Love Chelsea, love Abramovich’s willingness to spend but hate the itchy trigger finger. Ug.

    Not his fault that have his team only show up for a paycheck.

    Only people I’ll be happy with are Jose Mourinho or Andre Villas-Boas.

    1. Actually most London clubs imploded this season. Two managers got sacked and at least another one may move on. But there is one certain manager in the North London who is still lauded as a big success and a breath of fresh air.

  3. I bet this is only the beginning of a major housecleaning at Chelsea. Easier perhaps for a new manager to do that? Also, the pieces, lovely as they are individually, never seemed to fit, especially that big piece acquired from Liverpool.

  4. What are the odds Roman hired Rafa Benitez just because of Rafa’s history with Torres. For as talented as the players are, Chelsea management is laughable.

    1. I’ve been under the impression Rafa has told the press he won’t work for a competing club in the PL, but who knows.

    2. Great point Greg – never thought of that. Benitez would be a perfect fit – he loves to spend money and he knows how to win (CL) Cups.

      As for Ancellotti – a damn shame, he has his coach unceremoniously sacked and a 50 million square peg dumped on his lap – mid-season, both probably without knowing anything about either.

      Another reason the likes of Sturridge should run for the hills: would any future Blues manger risk the sack by giving youth players a chance?

  5. Seems a bit premature, but who knows how things will turn out for Chelsea. That’s the beauty, I guess. Everyone just has to wait and see.


  7. You don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t know what you’re doing.

    Clueless decision but its his money I suppose.

  8. This is why Chelsea will never win the Champions League. They don’t like continuity. They have a clueless owner with money to burn. There will be enough managers who will take the job knowing they will have money to buy players they want and if things don’t go right they will have a big payday.

    Ancelotti is one of the nicer managers who never talks ill of other managers. A class act and a damn good manager to boot.

    The only thing worse would be for Chelsea to hire Rafa Benitez. Then again it would serve them right if they did. It will ensure that Liverpool will get back into the top 4 at Chelsea’s expense. Go Rafa go… to Chelsea.

  9. Not only is this firing wrong but it’s the way it was done too. Ancelotti was fired an hour after he gave his last post-match interview. A man that won the double last year and did keep them in the CL for next season should have been treated with more dignity. Why not do it tomorrow and at a press conference thanking him for his service?

    West Ham did a similar thing to Avram Grant. While I think Grant’s firing was inevitable and the correct decision the way it was done while he was still on his way back with the team after their loss to Wigan was just classless. What is it with these owners who think they can treat people anyway they want. No wonder one team is in the Championship and the other will hopefully drop out of the top 4.

  10. This is how Ancelotti was fired, according to the Guardian:

    “Chelsea sacked Carlo Ancelotti in a corridor at Goodison Park within an hour of the end of the final fixture of the season.”

    Says all you want to know about Abramovich’s ownership at Chelsea. Shameful!

      1. I’m no Chelsea supporter, but yes, after winning the double a respectful sendoff was in order. Flushing competent managers after a couple of seasons is ridiculous. Jose AND Guus? What happens after you run out of top players and managers? Sometimes, it’s not all about winning.

  11. This is why I will be rooting for Chelsea to drop out of the top 4 next season. What a disgrace to treat a man like Ancelotti the way they did. No class whatsoever.

  12. well thank sh*t for that….

    Welcome West Ham’s new manager. He has written in his contract that he can’t manage any PL team… Welcome to the East End.

    Carlo Ancelotti’s Army!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I would cry if we got Rafa.. Althought I feel Carlo had lost the dressing room with the likes of Kalou, Anelka and Mikel being dropped to the bench because of Torres’s arrival. I wish Carlo all the best but I hope Rafa does not get hired even though he might get the best out of Torres.

  14. I would cry if we got Rafa.. Although I feel Carlo had lost the dressing room with the likes of Kalou, Anelka and Mikel being dropped to the bench because of Torres’s arrival. I wish Carlo all the best but I hope Rafa does not get hired even though he might get the best out of Torres.

    1. I think Chelsea have become a team of mercenaries, so motivating the dressing room is a very difficult thing to do. Players talk about wanting to join a team because of the team spirit and tradition, but when your academy and reserve system don’t feed the first XI the players feel like hired guns. When your manager is shipped off for not winning the CL or league title, regardless of injuries/illnesses, ownership starts looking like the problem.

  15. As we all know Abramovich’s number one aim is to win the Champions League so it makes sense for him to go after a manager who has a wealth of experience in this competition – for me I would throw Frank Rijkaard’s name into the ring. A previous winner with Barcelona in 2006 and currently available. If Hiddink is advising Abramovich then surely Rijkaard’s (being a fellow countryman) name would have been mentioned.

  16. I honestly think that this is the end of Chelsea’s contention for the EPL title. With their ageing players they will need to buy lots of quality players to replace the likes of Drogba, Anelka, Terry, Lampard, etc. This squad of players is over the hill. I won’t be surprised if they drop out of the top 4 next season. Winning the CL depends a lot on the draw a team gets. So how well Chelsea does will depend on their opponents in the competition.

    I just have a feeling that this could be the beginning of the end of Chelsea’s reign at the top end of the EPL. They have too many holes to plug.

  17. If Barcelona win the CL then I think Pep Guardiola will take the Chelsea job. Tha’ts my prediction. Otherwise it will be Hiddink or Van Basten with Hiddink as technical advisor. If Chelsea decide to dismantle the present squad and start rebuilding then I can see Porto’s Villa Boas being hired.

    1. If Pep wants out, he may also consider Arsenal. Curious if Cesc would stay if Pep and Arsene swapped clubs.

  18. Why is everybody suprised the way Abramovich acted? I’m sure Ancelotti wasn’t. He knew what he was getting involved in – a football club owned by a bandit. There is a lot of talk about American owners, but they are angels compared to the Russian.

  19. At this rate, even Ferguson would have been fired out of Chelsea. I was shocked at the sacking of Abram Grant who got booted because of one single reason alone, John Terry’s misfortune of firing wide from the spot. How can any manager control a player’s boots is beyond understanding and simply wrong-headed approach.

    Ferguson’s continuity has yielded massive amount of trophies for Man Utd. Ancelotti in my view, was a great manager who could have accomplished greater things for Chelsea. Instead, not delivering for one season does not count for doing the double the previous season. Sorry Carlo!!! Thanks but not thanks.

    1. You’re probably the only person shocked at Grant’s sacking – should have been out at Christmas. He was unable to inspire a hugely talented squad and is tactically inept. 2 teams relegated in as many seasons.

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