Best Premier League Blogs, Websites and Books Named in EPL Awards

We eat, live and breathe online coverage of the Premier League throughout the season, so it’s no surprise that the 2011 EPL Awards for the best blogs, online newspapers, tweeters and online games were some of the most competitive categories in the award competition.

Congratulations to Dirty Tackle, the irreverent blog for winning both the Best EPL Blogger Reader’s Choice award as well as Funniest Football Site category (Reader’s Choice). Also hats off need to go to ArseBlog for winning the Best EPL Twitterer Reader’s Choice Award by just one vote after defeating Rio Ferdinand. On top of that, ArseBlog won awards for Best EPL Club Blog (Reader’s Choice and Editor’s Choice).

These are just a few of the categories. Click below to find out who was named Best EPL Blog, Best EPL Club Forum, Best EPL Coverage Online and much more.

The third annual EPL Awards recognized the best of the 2010-11 Premier League season. Organized by EPL Talk, the voting began Monday, May 2 and closed May 22, 2011. Trusted since 2005, EPL Talk is the most popular Premier League blog in the world.

The final results are as follows:

Best EPL Blog

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Caught Offside (32%),
  2. Dirty Tackle (23%) and
  3. The Swiss Ramble (13%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. The Swiss Ramble

Best EPL Blogger

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Brooks Peck, Dirty Tackle (41%),
  2. ArseBlogger, ArseBlog (24%) and
  3. Kieron O’Connor, The Swiss Ramble (16%)

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Kieron O’Connor, The Swiss Ramble

Best EPL Club Blog

Reader’s Choice:

  1. ArseBlog (42%),
  2. Republik of Mancunia (26%) and
  3. The Empire of the Kop (18%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. ArseBlog

Best Football Fashion Blog

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Umbro (30%),
  2. True Colours Football Kits (22%) and
  3. The Beautiful Gear (15%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. True Colours Football Kits

Best EPL Club Forum

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Grand Old Team, Everton (36%),
  2. Red and White Kop, Liverpool (24%) and
  3. CFCnet, Chelsea (10%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Grand Old Team, Everton

Best Online EPL Coverage

Reader’s Choice:

  1. The Guardian (77%),
  2. Daily Mail (7%) and
  3. The Mirror (4%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. The Guardian

Best EPL Writer

Reader’s Choice:

  1. David Conn (18%),
  2. Kevin McCarra (14%) and
  3. Henry Winter (11%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. David Conn

Funniest Football Site

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Dirty Tackle (46%),
  2. The Football Ramble (39%) and
  3. Studs Up (7%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Studs Up

Best Online Football Game

Reader’s Choice:

  1. I AM PLAYR (58%),
  2. Fantasy Premier League (17%) and
  3. Picklive Football (17%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Fantasy Premier League

Best EPL iPhone App

Reader’s Choice:

  1. EPL Addicts (25%),
  2. Sky Sports Score Center (20%) and
  3. Football Manager 2011 (12%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. FoxSoccer

Best EPL Twitterer

Reader’s Choice:

  1. ArseBlogger (26%),
  2. Rio Ferdinand (26%) and
  3. Sid Lowe (18%).

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Rio Ferdinand

Best New Football Book

Reader’s Choice:

  1. Pay As You Play, by Paul Tomkins (64%),
  2. Football – Bloody Hell, by Patrick Barclay (11%), and
  3. Promised Land, by Anthony Clavane (9%)

Editor’s Choice:

  1. Pay As You Play, by Paul Tomkins

Congratulations to all of the winners! To find out who the winners are in the other categories, visit

10 thoughts on “Best Premier League Blogs, Websites and Books Named in EPL Awards”

  1. CaughtOffside? Don’t make me laugh!

    and rio as 2nd best twitterer? That guy continues to show the world how much of a moron he is with every annoying and often juvenile tweet he makes.

  2. I would never consider the Swiss Ramble to be an EPL site. He only posts weekly and out of his last 7 posts only 1 was on a Premier League team.

    Just about says it all for the rest of the selections I suspect.

    1. Tony, the same could be said for many other blogs nominated such as Zonal Marking. Not all of the blogs focus just on the Premier League. I get your point, but Swiss Ramble’s piece today about Liverpool is a good example of why they’re deserving of the award.

      The Gaffer

      1. I agree on Zonal Marking – so they should not have been included either :).

        If it’s really EPL sites then neither of those should be in. The fact that Swiss did a piece on Liverpool doesn’t make them an EPL site anymore than this is a Championship site because we did 1 or 2 stories on the championship.

        BTW: I totally agree’d on Football Weekly, definitely the best podcast.

        1. But you could argue that Football Weekly isn’t an EPL Podcast. Ten minutes of Premier League followed up updates about Spain, the arduous Serie A segment and other leagues around the world. Nevertheless, they’re definitely well deserving of their achievements.

          The Gaffer

  3. CaughtOffside are worthy winners, that said Dirty Tackle would equally be worthy winners. Swiss Ramble is a good site also

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