CONCACAF Draw For 2011-12 Champions League

Now that Real Salt Lake’s fantastic ride in the CONCACAF Champions League tournament has ended, a new edition begins. From the headquarters inside the Trump Tower in New York City, the 2011-12 Qualifying Round and group stage of the CONCACAF Champions League was finally drawn.

As we already know the Los Angeles Galaxy won last year’s Supporters Shield and the Colorado Rapids are the defending MLS Cup Champions, so they are automatically entered the group stage, while last year’s MLS Cup runners-up along with the two time defending US Open Cup Champions Seattle Sounders will enter in the goal aggregate qualifying round along with the Canadian MLS representative (either Toronto FC or Vancouver Whitecaps).

As everyone was waiting with baited breath and hoping to find a way to knock on the door to the secretive room where the draw would be taken place, we have the groups and the qualifying round match ups that will start on July 26th.

They are as follows:

Group A: Los Angeles Galaxy (USA), Alajuelense (CRC), Winner of Mexican Clausura Runner-Up/Caribbean Club Championship Runner-Up, Winner of Montagua (HON) / Municipal (GUA)

Group B: Colorado Rapids (USA), Real Espana (HON), Winner of Santos Laguna (MEX) / Olimpia (HON), Winner of Isidro Metepan (SLV) / Caribbean Club Champion

Group C: Mexican Clausura Champion, FC Tauro (PAN), Winner of Alianza (SLV) / FC Dallas (USA), Winner of Canadian Champion (TOR or VAN) / Nicaragua Qualifier

Group D: Monterrey (MEX & Defending Champion), Comunicaiones (GUA), Winner of San Francisco FC (PAN) / Seattle Sounders (USA), Winner of Herediano (CRC) / Caribbean Club Championship 3rd Place finisher


  • Qualifying Round 1st Leg: July 26th thru July 28th
  • Qualifying Round 2nd Leg: August 2nd thru August 4th
  • Group Stage Round 1: August 16th thru August 18th
  • Group Stage Round 2: August 23rd thru August 25th
  • Group Stage Round 3: September 13th thru September 15th
  • Group Stage Round 4: September 20th thru September 22nd
  • Group Stage Round 5: September 27th thru September 29th
  • Group Stage Round 6: October 18th thru October 20th

10 thoughts on “CONCACAF Draw For 2011-12 Champions League”

  1. Lets hope this thread stays troll and spam free.

    All I have to say is that I feel bad for Seattle. Monterrey are a tough team. Unfortunately, I have not seen a lot of the non-MLS teams so I can’t comment too much on them. I do think that of the MLS teams, LA and Dallas are looking the best so far. Lets hope LA takes this competition seriously this time around. I am really hoping for success for Dallas. I think that success in this competition could be good for them.

    1. Alan, those guys are waiting for the next Red Bulls report I write, then they will return. Follow me & Tweet me @DFeuerstein where I will explain.

  2. i’m not worried about good crowds for games involving Seattle. I hope Vancouver wins Nutrilife and advances to group stage of CCL so they’ll have a taste of it. I got into CCL a bit when Montreal and Islanders made that deep run a couple of years back. I think only Pumas going in w/Dallas will give Pizza Hut a good crowd. Too bad these other leagues arent stronger. There are some strong teams in Guat, Hon, & CR, but they could be stronger if their top division went down to 9 teams from 11 or 12, and if they revived a more extended Central American club cup between primarily those 3 countries. Oh well, I just read that the CFU final game is in Guyana and that one of the 4 finalist is a Guyanan team. Imagine if they advanced to group stage and went in w/Seattle. I think that would be a 6hr flight straight

  3. It’s exciting to look at the fixtures and know that there is some real interest
    out there among US soccer fans. Any news on TV coverage of the early round games?

  4. The TV coverage is tough to find sometimes, but online provided good coverage in the late rounds.
    I am not sure about for early rounds…as the Seattle games I cared about were on TV locally, but they have the highlights up there from all the group stage games ? Maybe they televised them ?

  5. Alan, from what I read the bottom two teams are easier than last year for Seattle. So

    1) I am glad for another shot at Monterrey and being able to see them play in Seattle again.
    2) A tough team at the top means Seattle just has to beat the other two teams most likely to advance. They should have done that last year and pissed away some games.

    1. I hope Seattle do well then. I am not familiar with the other 2 teams as coverage of anything non-European is hard for me to find, or I don’t know where to look.

  6. Dallas should be able to run with the open field Mexican teams. Hopefully DF will be back for these games. They should really do well.

    Original Tom, how are the Rapids going to do ?
    My take after seeing a bunch of these teams play last year, they are VERY beatable. The four US teams are right there with where the Sounders ( who choked ) were last year. Injuries will be a factor. The Canadian teams probably a step behind.

    I disagree with Salt Lake being a magic ride. They were better than all but one team, beating 2 out of the final four teams and losing to a very good Monterrey team…. many MLS teams are right there too.

    3 out of 5 MLS teams make it to knockout.

    1. I don’t know anything about the teams in Colorado’s group, but we avoided the big Mexico teams (and where is Soprissa from Costa Rico?). It will depend on how healthy Colorado is and on how we prioritize this tournament (I would guess the first priority is MLS play-offs, so it will depend where we are in the table).

      We have an English coach (as opposed to one from the hemisphere) and not a lot of experience going to places like Hondorus. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle the challenge.

  7. So, random question I thought someone on this board might be able to answer. I know that the following 8 teams are directly placed into the Group Stage:

    (1) U.S. Team — MLS Cup Champion
    (2) U.S. Team — MLS Supporters’ Shield Champion
    (3) Mexican Team — Apertura Champion
    (4) Mexican Team — Clausura Champion
    (5) Costa Rican Team — ?
    (6) El Salvadorian Team — ?
    (7) Guatemalan Team — ?
    (8) Honduran Team — ?

    Does anyone know how each team from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are chosen to enter directly into the group stage? Is it by regular season record?

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