Which Premier League Clubs Deserve To Be Relegated On Sunday?

Which Premier League clubs deserve to be relegated this Sunday? The ones who finish in the bottom three based on the number of points they accumulated during the entire season. However, we all have our opinions regarding who should go down. Some clubs have had unfortunate luck. Some have had lucky breaks. But based on the five teams battling to avoid relegation, who do you think deserve to go down and why? Vote in the poll below and share your opinions in the comments section underneath.

Here’s who I think deserve to go down:

In my opinion, the club who deserves to go down with West Ham United is Birmingham City. They’re a club who, while featuring many skilled players, have played a far too negative brand of football over the course of the season. Coming up from the Championship are Queens Park Rangers and Norwich (and the winner of Swansea versus Reading). All of those teams play an attacking style of football. My hope is that the Premier League becomes more competitive and features more attacking football sides, so in that case, I have no issue with seeing Birmingham relegated. While Alex McLeish did so well to get his Birmingham side to win the Carling Cup, they’ve been a forgettable team ever since.

The challenge is trying to decide which other team should be relegated. Blackpool have been media darlings, rightfully so, with a delicious brand of football that is a joy to watch. Blackburn are punching below their weight and have played a more enjoyable product under Steve Kean than compared to Sam Allardyce. And despite the boardroom comedy from the Venky’s, Rovers are a traditional English club who should be playing in the Premier League next season.

Then we have Wolverhampton Wanderers and Wigan. I have a soft spot for these two clubs (as I do for Blackpool and Blackburn). Wigan is managed by former Swansea boss Roberto Martinez. And anyone who saw his analysis during the 2010 World Cup for ESPN knows that he’s articulate, an expert on the game and likes his teams to play an attractive brand of football, with passes usually strewn across the blades of grass rather than an up ‘n under through the air. They have been a frustrating side to watch this season, though. They’ve lacked the killer instinct to kill games off. Hugo Rodallega hasn’t had the same spark that he had last season. And if it wasn’t for Charles N’Zogbia, the side would have been relegated by now.

Wolves are a different breed. I have a lot of respect for this team who have been through a lot of ups and downs during the past two decades. Their supporters are passionate. The club is on steady ground (they plan on demolishing their Stan Cullis stand later this month and building a new stand, to be ready for the 2012-13 season, that will increase the capacity of Molineux to 31,700). But just like with Wigan, Wolves have lacked the killer instinct on the pitch this season. In far too many games, Mick McCarthy has been too defensive which has come back to hurt Wolves when they could have had a win but settled on a draw.

Overall, I can’t see Blackpool getting a result against Manchester United, which is key. There’ll be a party atmosphere at Old Trafford with fans there to celebrate United being presented with the title. But I just can’t see Blackpool overcoming their defensive weaknesses and grabbing the point or three necessary to stay up. They’re still too suspect in the back, and will leak goals. So, as said as it is for me to say, I believe Blackpool along with Birmingham City will go down. Does Blackpool deserve to go down? No, I believe Wolves and Birmingham do, but anything can happen on Sunday. One final game for all five clubs in peril will decide their fate.

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  1. I think it is a bit harsh to criticise Wolves style of play. I’d hazard a guess that few teams in the PL apart from Blackpool have provided the neutral with such excitement this year. Beating, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City etc along the way!

    Has to be Birmingham and Blackburn for me. The first because they are a horrible club all round, with terrible support and terrible football. The second because it will serve as a warning to new owners who come in and try to mess things up/screw managers around.

    1. I’m not criticizing Wolves’s style of play except that I feel Mick McCarthy has been too conservative at times when Wolves could have pushed forward for victory.

      The Gaffer

      1. Sure Wigan are managed by a former Swansea manager, who you love…But Wigan’s attendance is shameful at best. They have N’Zogbia that’s all. I agree with Tom, beating all the top teams should not mean that you deserve to be sent down.

        McCarthy’s defensive style has hurt Wolves at times yes but not to the point where they need to be dropped. Supporters are great and the club is heading in the right direction, as you stated.

        Can you tell I’m a Wolves supporter?……..:)

    2. Just because the owners are a load of rubbish, it does not mean that Blackburn should go down. Everyone says they are a terrible team and have terrible support, however they are a small town with Manchester & Liverpool only 45 minutes away.

      The club definitely has the ability to stay in the premier league. Despite all the problems off the pitch, they finally got it together and produced results, it just happened to be too late.

  2. It’s Wigan and Blackburn for me.
    Wigan because it’s inevitable for them to go down after selling Nzgobia and Rodallega. So I’m opting for them to go down this year. Their football was far too dependant on Rodallega and Nzgobia and that’s not good for any club. All pivotal players have performed below-par and Moses, Watson and other young lads have shown their talent only here and there and not very consistent. So it’s one year of Championship for them to build it up. Provided they do not sell everything while going down.

    Blackburn because they played their cards on seasoned veterans and it utterly failed them. Mccarthy, Salgado, Roberts, Diouf, Grella… Only bright point are Samba, Olsson and Hoillet. MGP is still mediocre at best while constantly unconsistent. And the fracass with new owners…

    1. McCarthy’s with West Ham now.

      There’s actually a fair bit of youth on the squad that have promise. I’d add Phil Jones, Grant Hanley and potentially Ruben Rochina and Mauro Formica who they just signed in the January transfer window. Some potential in the academy as well, but it’s hard to say for sure about any of that.

  3. For Blackpool read Burnley and Hull.

    Whilst Coyle got out whilst the going was good Brown and Holloway seem to have believed the hype about them and it’s appeared to have to got to their teams also.

    Being off-radar so to speak has done Stoke the world of good as expectations aren’t raised. Additionally anyone knows that it’s easier to fight and maintain league position if you’re able to defend. You can hold onto a lead or 0-0 and pick up points. Blackpool and Hull couldn’t defend hence the collapse. Hull in their second season were no longer the surprise they were when they first arrived and neither will Blackpool be. The momentum of promotion and a winning campaign can no longer sustain them either.

    All three are examples of clubs with little forward planning then taking the money and hoping for the best of they got relegated.

  4. Like you, I also watched Roberto Martinez as an analyst at the World Cup and I couldn’t help but like the guy. I believe that club is on the verge of putting things together and slowly climbing up the table with an attractive brand of football. They’ve had some bad luck along the way and probably deserve better than to be relegated.

    While Blackpool don’t deserve to go down based on their play this year, I can’t see them being competitive next year. If they stayed up, I doubt they would surpass 25 points. For that reason, I’d prefer they go down.

    Birmingham, Blackburn, Wolves. Don’t really have a favorite for the 3rd spot. I’d probably go with Birmingham as well if you twisted my arm.

  5. I have to disagree with the premise of the question. As a supporter for a team that was recently embarrassingly relegated, I do not wish that on the supporters of any team. The supporters are the ones who are left to pick up the pieces after relegation. The footballers get paid and often move on to another team, and the coaches get paid however, supporters can not just pick up and switch their allegiance. Well i suppose they can, but that does not speak highly of their support, does it.

    Looking at the fixtures, I think Blackpool and Brum will be the sides joining West Ham in the Championship next season.

    1. I agree. I don’t really have a want to see anyone go down. But for the sake of the strength of the squads I think I’d prefer Wigan and Blackpool. The selling of one or two key individuals in both squads has the major potential to be crippling for both sides.

  6. Brum because they are the dullest team in the league this season.

    The other…I don’t believe in karma, but I’d sure like to see Blackburn drop for what they did to Big Sam. Although, they said they wanted to be a top 5 side, they just neglected to mention it was in the Championship.

  7. My heart want Blackpool and Blackburn to stay up, but my head says Blackpool and Wigan will go down. I wish Fulham could have put more goals past Birmingham this past weekend, that way Blackpool would be ahead on goal difference. Blackpool may not achieve as much next season if they stay in the Premier League, but I will miss Ian Hollaway. He is my second favorite manager now.

  8. Blackburn for what they did to to big Sam and for their unrefreshing brand of physical football

    Blackpool. If they really want it they will bounce back, and will be all the better for the experience.

    Man City, just for being Man City.

    Don’t get this deserve business – its just a game, not a moral conundrum. Got to feel for West Ham. Probably one of the best sides on paper to miss the cut.

  9. Birmingham for me as they have been one of the dullest teams this season. Yes, they won the Carling Cup but other than that they have been boring. Spurs are very good at home and coming off a very impressive victory over Liverpool. Birmingham will be relegated.

    I think Wigan will get a victory at Stoke coming off a very good win against West Ham. The momentum will propel them to victory in a must-win game. Wigan will avoid relegation.

    As mush as I’d love to see Balckpool stay in the EPl I cannot see them winning at Old Trafford. Manchetsre United have only dropped two points all season at home and even with a second-string team will still be too good for Blackpool. Blackpool will be relegated.

  10. Any club that is relegated deserves to be relegated because they were one of the 3 worst teams in the league for the entire season. The league table does not lie. The entire season counts.

  11. I’m a Wolves fan, so I obviously want them to avoid the drop. Wigan have to go for me. I agree with everyone that I like Martinez, but their support is terrible. How many games do I have to watch with 70% of the stadium empty. Other than that, I guess Birmingham as I enjoy watching Blackpool play, and their home atmosphere is usually great.

  12. As Clint Eastwood would say: “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it”.

    I’d rather look at it the other way and hope Blackpool and Wolves stay up, as for the others, flip a coin.

  13. Love the picture :)
    When (not if) the sheikhs cut their losses and pull out, relegation wouldn’t be far behind.

  14. Simple answer:

    Whichever of the 5 teams that do not win on Sunday deserve to be relegated.

    Particularly Wolves and Blackburn, both of which know that a win will ensure survival.


    Blackpool better be careful. Man Utd’s “killer B’s” put 4 past Schalke. Don’t be surprised if Blackpool were to be blown away by the same group of Ma Utd reserves.

  15. Wigan have a very poor attendance record so if their fans don’t go to support the team then they should be relegated. I like Martinez and the players who give it their all but the fans don’t seem to care. Maybe if they are relegated then Martinez could go to a better team and their better players will be able to go to other teams as well. Wigan’s pitch is awful as well.

    Of the remaining teams I’m not big on Birmingham. They are dull to watch and won’t mind seeing them get relegated. Spurs might relegate them with a win but Spurs can score against the best teams and then fail to score against lesser teams. Spurs should win but you never know. I’m hoping Birmingham are relegated.

  16. Love to see Wolves, Blackpool and Wigan stay up. Wigan only recently became a choice to stay up because of the hardwork and creativity they’ve put in the last few matches. Birmingham, although winning the League cup, have shown very little desire or passion to stay up and I really wouldn’t have regrets if they didn’t stay up. Blackburn I feel should also go down if only for their laissez fair approach to the final 20 mins of their match with Man U. There was no urgency or bite from the side and even with a point which they felt they were entitled to may not be enough to stave off Championship play next season.
    Blackpool have made things very interesting and if relegated we won’t have the chance to hear (or at least nearly as often) Ollie’s soundbites.
    Wolves force the bigger more revered clubs to work harder and play a more physical brand of football, which I love.
    All said, it’s easy to make these predictions and not have a single fear when your club will be playing top flight next season but I grieve for the supporters of any of the 5 clubs whose day of reckoning arrives tomorrow.

    Happy to say we all made it through the doomsday prediction and in good shape for a real survival situation tomorrow.

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