Which Players Should Leave Your Premier League Club This Summer?

It’s that time of the season for reflection, to look back on the 2010-11 Premier League season and to determine which players, if any, you would like to see leave your club in the summer. The saying goes that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And that’s definitely true in soccer where a player who couldn’t hit the target at one club goes on to become a star elsewhere.

But sometimes it’s worth getting rid of a player who is at his highest value so that the club can then go out and buy two or three players with that money. Fernando Torres’s move from Liverpool to Chelsea is a perfect example of that, where ‘Pool were able to get Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll.

So, take a minute and reflect on your club’s season, and then share your suggestions in the comments below of who you’d like to see depart your club this summer.

Here’s my list of players who I think would leave their respective clubs:

Andrei Arshavin (he’s lost his mojo and needs to return to Eastern Europe)
Manuel Almunia (he deserves first-team football week-in week-out somewhere else)
Nicklas Bendtner (he’s not good enough to be at Arsenal)

Aston Villa:
Ashley Young (time to sell the player for as much money as possible)
Emile Heskey (time to return to the Championship)

Birmingham City:
Alexander Hleb (did not live up to his potential)
Michel (it’s time for a permanent transfer away from St. Andrews)

Blackburn Rovers:
Michel Salgado (doesn’t have the pace for the Premier League)

Marlon Harewood (he’s not good enough to play in the Premier League)
Matt Gilks (if Blackpool stays up, they need a more qualified first-team goalkeeper)

No changes necessary

Fernando Torres (Chelsea’s only hope is for a Spanish club to come in for Torres, but who can afford him?)
Mikel (too inconsistent; Chelsea needs a more creative midfielder)

Jack Rodwell (it’s time for Everton to cash in on this player so they can get much-needed transfer funds)
Jermaine Beckford (frustrating player with natural talent who has been unable to translate that into many goals)

Danny Murphy (time for the midfielder to hang up his boots, or take a step down the league)
Eidur Gudjohnsen (hasn’t been able to fit in with any of the clubs he’s moved to since Barcelona)

Paul Konchesky (time for him to go back to Fulham or another club where he can get first-team football)
Joe Cole (don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Joe)
Milan Jovanovic (didn’t fit in at Liverpool at all)

Manchester City:
James Milner (time for him to go back to a Newcastle or similar club where he’s guaranteed a starting place each week)
Shay Given (the Irish goalkeeper deserves to be starting each week in the Premier League; time to move on)

Manchester United:
Owen Hargreaves (time to retire)
Dimitar Berbatov (needs to move to a club where he can play week-in week-out)
Gabriel Obertan (not good enough for Manchester United)

Newcastle United:
Sol Campbell (time for him to retire or move down the ladder)

No changes

Cristian Riveros (not good enough for this level)

Heurelho Gomes (not consistent enough at this level for Spurs)
Rafael van der Vaart (the footballer, no matter how brilliant he is, doesn’t fit into this Spurs squad)
Jermain Defoe (needs to move on to a club where he can play every game)
Roman Pavlyuchenko (we love your spirit, but you’re simply not good enough, Roman)
Ledley King (time to hang up your boots, son)
Jonathan Woodgate (you too mate)

West Brom:
No changes

West Ham:
Scott Parker (needs Premier League football to advance his England career)
Carlton Cole (needs to start with a fresh new perspective at a different club where he can regain his form)
Frederic Piquionne (deserves to be playing at a higher level)

Charles N’Zogbia (time to cash in on a superlative player who should fetch a high transfer fee)

Marcus Hahnemann (a transfer back to Major League Soccer to finish his career would be the ideal decision)

Share your suggestions in the comments section below of who you think should leave your club. And if you disagree with the suggestions listed above, tell me why below.

59 thoughts on “Which Players Should Leave Your Premier League Club This Summer?”

  1. Wow, more moves for my Spurs than any other team and that is probably right…Gomes has his bad moments, but sometimes he is brilliant. Would only move him if there is a clear upgrade. Really hoping van der Vaart gives it another year at the Lane. Agree it’s time for Roman and Defoe to go, and probably Crouch too, even though he is my personal favorite. We desperately need to keep our “good” midfield together Bale, Sandro, Luka, and Lennon…and dump Jenas and Palacios (especially him as he is a nightmare). Then bring in another striker and add more depth to the back line, Dawson, Gallas, and Assou-ekotto are quality, but we really need depth (btw have liked what was Rose has shown these last couple games). COYS

    1. i agree with you about Spurs. they need a whole front-line rehaul.

      i really hope VDV doesn’t leave already. this is the first time that’s even crossed my mind. i think the midfield is safe, and the back line as well. Rose has definitely impressed in Benny’s absence, he’s got potential. Gomes either needs to go or Cudicini needs to start or something.

      i don’t see how VDV doesn’t fit, by the way. i feel like he meshes pretty well?

  2. I don’t agree with Berbatov leaving. Chicharito isn’t always going to have a wonder season, we’ll have Berbatov as a backup for when Hernandez is off form and vise-versa.

    1. But will Berbatov be content as a backup? He is a word class player and has 3-4 good years in him left. On the top of that he is EPL scoring leader at the moment so many clubs would love a player of his caliber and abilities in their starting line up.

  3. For Everton, Rodwell is a possibility if we get offered £20 million. He was injured for most of the year and never came into form. As such, his value is fairly low right now. I’m confident he’ll come due in the next year or two and will be worth more than we can get now. The lad “just” turned 20 after all.

    Beckford has one of the better goals per minute ratios in the Premier League. I believe he was around 15th. Moyes needs to realize he’s not good at being a lone striker and give him a partner to work with. Again, selling now would be selling low.

    Everton are financially strapped with loans that are increasing every year. If they get great offers for Rodwell, Fellaini, or Baines they might have to accept (talking £20 million minimum for each). Everton have some guys on loan like Yakubu, Yobo, and Vaughn who they’ll probably sell. Mucha (backup GK) wants to leave. Heitinga will probably want to leave as Moyes isn’t giving him enough 1st team action. Bilyaletdinov has really been poor for us. If they could get £6 million for him, I’d jump on it but he’s probably only worth about £3 mill. Anichebe has been pretty bad but he just got a new contract so I’m sure Moyes will continue working with him.

    It’s going to be a tough offseason for the Toffees. Even if they sell to buy, some of the funds might be needed to pay debt.

    1. I agree…Lets get some loose change together from our loan deals and maybe send off a big name for a bigger fee. Moyes will coach up the younger talent as always. Lets hope for a faster start next year and maybe Europe will be a reality again.

  4. For me, Dzeko at City has to go. Not sure he’s cut out for the Prem. Best bet would be back to Bundesliga or to Spain. City’s going to take a loss but compared to the money we’re going to spend to stock up for UEFA Champions League, a blip.

    1. I think it’s still too early to call Dzeko a bust. I love his attitude so far, and it does take some players awhile to get acclimated to the Prem. Give him a full season’s worth of time (i.e. at least until next Jan. window), and if he still hasn’t shown progress at that stage, then it may be time.

      With the other players and strikers that City need to permanently offload this summer – Ade, Jo in particular – Dzeko isn’t much of a concern at the moment, imho.

  5. I think Beckford has deserved another year at Goodison as Moyes’ handling of him was quite hamfisted throughout the year. While he has not performed well as a lone striker, he has had some memorable goals in more positive formations. I don’t think he would generate much revenue and would be more interested in cashing out Louis Saha. That being said, selling Baines right now may make the most sense from a financial perspective as his value has skyrocketed during his stellar season. Would be sad to see him go though.

  6. Oh, and as for Shay Given, I was furious when Bobby Manc put him in the deep freeze. But considering what an outstanding season Joe Hart had, I have to admit Given would have been hard pressed to achieve that. This lost season has got to have been mentally difficult for Given. I hope that he is not held in captivity again, he still could be a starter pretty much anywhere. The question is whether City will force him to leave the Prem in order to get released.

  7. Things could change drastically if Blackburn goes down. The likes of Samba, Robinson, Hoilett and Phil Jones will probably leave and I doubt that Jermaine Jones would want to make his loan deal permanent if Rovers are relegated.

    I’d have to agree with Salgado, though I have really enjoyed him with Rovers. The man is a pure legend but he really does lack in pace.

    Assuming that Rovers stay up I’d like to see them drop Vince Grella and both of the Diouf’s. Grella’s always hurt and contributes little because of it. El Hadj has never really been one of my favorites and I’d be fine if Rangers wanted him permanently. MB Diouf has speed but I don’t find a lot of quality, so his loan deal can expire and return to United. I’d potentially add David Dunn to the list as well. His fitness is quite poor, but he is one of the few creative central midfielders on the squad. That has to change.

    1. As long as we can recoup our initial investment, you lot can keep MB Diouf. Heck, I’ll take 50 cents on the dollar.
      SAF may be the greatest manager of all time, but even he cannot get every signing right.

  8. Interesting piece. However, I am going to disagree with your assessment of Spurs. Jenas, Palacios, Krancjar and Giovani dos Santos already have one foot out the door. They are deadwood and Spurs cannot afford to pay guys who contribute next to nothing. Van der Vaart is class and I truly hope he stays. How can you love Pav’s spirit? He drifts in and out of games and the biggest criticism Spurs fans have of him is his lack of spirit.

    In my opinion, Spurs need to keep Defoe and Crouch (can’t get anything for him, why sell him), keep the midfield together, add a defender to bolster the back four (bringing back Walker will be a big help and Rose has been encouraging), replace Gomes with Given, pick up Scott Parker (Harry loves him and Spurs can use him to replace the departed wastes of Palacios, Jenas and Krancjar) and then add a striker or two (would love to bring in Gervinho, Forlan, Hulk or Falcao). A healthy King is not possible but the optimist in me hopes he can give us 10-15 games next season. The future is bright, COYS!!!!

    1. I have to disagree with you a bit.
      Up front, lose Defoe, Pav, and Keane (I think he would come back since West Ham is relegated); keep Crouch since it looks like we’ll be playing in Europe (he can play there and sit as a backup in the PL); we need two forwards, at least one of which is top-class and can play up front alone.

      Midfield: lose Jenas, Pienaar, and maybe Palacios (although I think he’s great when he’s in form); Parker would be a nice replacement if we can get him; I’d keep Kranjcar if we can — he needs enough playing time to get in form — you can’t expect much when he plays 10 minutes once every other month. I’d like to see dos Santos stay as a backup winger (as with Kranjcar, give him enough time on the pitch).

      Defense: Lose Bassong, Khumalo (?), Corluka, King, Woodgate. Bring Walker and Rose into common rotation; get 2 new CBs (Heitinga would fit here, and be a backup DM as well).

      Sorry Gomez — we can do better than you.

      And why ignore Europe or think of it as a necessary evil? Use it as a platform to show what Spurs can do and get some playing time to certain players.


    2. Cant believe u fellow supporters going after Krancjar.
      As much as I like Harry, cant believe he brought Pienar & plays him ahead of Krancjar. Such a talented player, he has proven himself every single time he has been given decent minutes.Its so so so frustrating to c him on bench all the time, even after showing his potential in a few minutes in couple of games he was allowed. What a waste of the talent.
      How can u justify playing Pienar ahead of Kranjcar?? or any other midfielder besides Modrich, Bale & VDV for that matter!!!???
      Of all the gr8 things Harry has achieved with us , for us, through us, i wont worry too much if he leaves for England or watever. I know many will think i am insane, but thats how i feel. Such a talented player being treated so so unfairly…

  9. where are the in’s?

    and maybe I’m jaded, but I watch almost every West Ham match this season and Piquionne has done nothing. and I mean nothing to deserve to play in the PL next season. He is slower, his shinning moment was a goal vs Everton. The goal gave West Ham the lead with little time left.. Already on a yellow he runs into the supporters section jumping an advertising board and gets sent off. West Ham down to 10, give up a late goal and lose two points. After that, he seemed to be lost on the pitch and was playing only for a paycheck. He doesn’t deserve to be playing for West Ham let alone a PL club.


  10. I agree with the arshavin, bendtner,almunia. Also, we need to let go of rosiscky, chamak, squilacci, clichey, and sell fabregas. If nasri can’t be signed sell him too. We need to stock pile the money buy some seasoned players that have strong heads and will grind out results. Cole and parker from west Ham. and Defoe would be cool to have. What about Landon donavon?

    1. Before massive cleanout Arsenal should ask themselves why many players who started for them brightly tend to regress after 2-3 seasons or have injury problems. E.g. is it because they are forced to adjust to Arsenal’s style or are played out of position? Is it Arsenal training process? Otherwise, what tells you that the newly acquired players using above mentioned stockpile of money would not follow the same pattern.

      1. Its a very slow eastward journey. Just got to North Texas last week…you might have to wait a few years before they move to Florida Gaffer.

      2. Thanks for making my stomach growl…In-N-Out is always my first stop when I arrive in LA for work (no matter the hour!)

  11. Have to disagree with Beckford needing to leave Gaffer, When you consider the fact he jumped up 2 divisions this year, is being played in an unnatural position for him as lone striker, and has managed to score 9 goals he certainly deserves at least another season. Plus he also arrived on a free transfer so anything the squad gets out of him is a bonus, plus at worst he is a striker that comes into games and changes the look of the team if he doesn’t develop as a dependable starter

    1. Beckford deserves to stay. He has done pretty well for Everton this year. Every other transfer makes sense.

  12. Stoke definitely need to and will make changes. The squad needs freshening up and word on the street in SOT is around a £30m budget will be made available for Tony Pulis to spend this summer.


    Tom Soares
    Michael Tonge
    Andrew Davies
    Danny Collins (Please God)
    Abdoulaye Faye


    Paul Konchesky (we need a proper left back)
    Niko Krancjar (no chance)
    Hugo Rodellega(so,so)/Danny Sturridge(wet dream)/Cameron Jerome(worth a punt), Carlton Cole (Rip off)
    Guy Moussi (rumours suggest this is nailed on)
    Demba Ba (Again)
    David Vaughan (Another strong rumour)

    I’d likes

    Lewis Mcgugan (Forest midfielder and top scorer)
    Ashley Williams (Been linked in the past and would be worth a cheeky bid if reading do the Swans)
    Danny Sturridge (Perfect Stoke striker, no chance of him signing for Stoke)
    Paul Robinson (If Blackburn go down and Stoke sell Begovic)

    Any other waif or stray thats stumbled off the premiership path ala Etherington and Pennant for Pulis to rehabilitate and release back into the Premier League after paying nowt for them.

      1. I’ll see your Paul Konchesky and raise you Danny Collins. Admittedly Konchesky would be a stop gap. I’d like to see Stoke spend £10-15m on two decent full backs that are good offensively as well as defensively to offer support to Etherington and Pennant on the wings.

  13. Arshavin has 10goals and 17assists in all competitions this year, 4th highest assist total in the league – tied with Baines.

    and this was a bad year for him… let him go?!

    1. Assists don’t seem to get the publicity that goals do but the assist is often of far better quality than the goal. People only seem to remember Baines’s free kick goals but those assists are really why Baines is Everton’s player of the year (at least in my mind).

      While I’m yammering on about my pet peaves, I also get irritated when regular goals and penalty goals are lumped together. Anyone who is their club’s designated penalty taker gets their goal stat inflated and no one seems to notice.

  14. I agree with you gaffer about the 3 players you listed for Liverpool. I would also add N’Gog, Maxi (yes, he’s had a terrific few weeks but in total he isn’t consistent enough), Agger (too injury-prone), Aurelio (even more injury-prone) and all the players on loan, including Aquilani (he’s just not EPL material and I’ve watches a lot of him in Serie A and am still not convinced he’d make it in the EPL).

    Use all the funds to buy a left-back, center-back, two wingers and a striker. Maybe another midfielder if the club is in the EL. I personally don’t want to see Liverpool playing in the EL (some important tournament that no TV station is showing it live in the US) as the club should concentrate on getting into the top 4 next season. The EL teams play on Thursdays in Europe and Sundays in the EPL and there are more EL games than CL games that a team plays. More travelling to remote places too.

    1. What exactly does it mean when a player is injury-prone? It sounds like a defect in the player rather than “someone who has been kick at a lot this season”. Granted, players have groin/hamstring/knee problems that accumulate/aggravate over time, but there seem to be a lot of injury-plagued players in the PL. Could it be a function of playing in the league rather than frailty?

  15. A surprisingly good bunch need to leave Arsenal, all of the above and Denilson, possibly Eboue, etc.. Jesus, Arsenal needs a total change haha.

  16. My worry is that if Blackpool stay up, will they lose Adam and Vaughn anyway? Then what? Straight back down after “second-season syndrome?” Oh well, we’ll worry about that come Monday. Keep hope alive.

  17. As a Fulham fan I agree about Murphy, although it doesn’t look like happening. I would at least like to see him drop down to the bench and perhaps pass on the armband. He has his moments but he’s just too inconsistent and sloppy for such a pivotal, central role. Agree on Gudjohnsen, and need to add Kamara and definitely E Johnson to that list as well to give Hughes a chance to bring in another striker hopefully as promising as Dembele is (please not Santa Cruz!). There is also a whole raft of second string players brought in under Hodgson who need a chance to prove themselves or move on: Greening, Riise, Dikagcoi, etc.

  18. “Dimitar Berbatov (needs to move to a club where he can play week-in week-out)” Really??? Like Spurs or a mid-table club, where he can play for 7 years and win NOTHING – week in, week out.

    Torres – depends on if Chelsea commits to building the squad around him this summer.

    Arshivin – he had an underwhelming season but put away the passports, at least for another season Gaffer.

    Pavlyuchenko – not good enough for Spurs? – it’s actually the other way around – Redknapp has never given the striker the confidence he deserves.

    Bolton – Sorry Gaffer but they need to make Sturridge’s loan permanent

    Carlton Cole – regaining his form? Like missing 3 foot sitters again?

    Gomes – not too sure – technically good most times but he needs to work on his basics – decision-making, and focus, er- ok, maybe they do need a new keeper. Seriously, they have a decent back up, at worst, he should lose his place next season.

  19. As a Spurs fan the Gomes issue is honestly like the most depressing thing ever. When he is on he is on and has kept us in so many games. On the other hand when he is not, he can make some of the dumbest and simplest mistakes. For example, we could of done the double over Chelsea this season, but the game at the lane he let Drogba’s goal go right through him and at the bridge the first goal he let through his legs changed the game in Chelsea’s favor and is where our day started to go downhill. Even though the goal shouldn’t have been given, the ball shouldn’t have ever made it past gomes. Even the Blackpool game, he made some great saves and had the chance to be the hero, but again poor decision making ruined it all. There’s no doubt he is a great goalie, but his decision-making and inconsistency are something that need to be replaced for Spurs to have a better shot at top four next season. I think all signs point to Given to replace him and if thats true I think spurs could of added a couple of more wins to this season.

    As for strikers I think we need to get rid of Crouch. Again I know how good he can be and all the problems he creates for a defense, but the way that spurs game totally revolves around him when he is in hurts us in possession. I’ve watched to many tottenham games this year where all we do is just heave balls to Crouch with little to no effect, getting the rare goal here and there. I just don’t think it is the right strategy for us. Either we get rid of him or figure out how to play with more possession when he is in. As for defoe I think he should be playing more as he is one of the better strikers of the ball on the team and he should stay. Pav is pretty inconsistent, I think anyone that follows Spurs knows he has the talent, but genuinely doesn’t want to be in England, which I think is holding him back and for the most part we should get rid of him unless he has a change of heart. Then there is Keane. Honestly over the years Robbie Keane has been one of my favorite players and to see him bouncing all over the place damn near breaks my heart. he has been such a key player for Spurs over the years and this season all you have heard is the small number of goals that our strikers have put up. I really think if Keane was getting regular time at tottenham, he would of gotten 10 to 15 goals this season. I know he has had some shaky performances of late, especially missing that sitter for west ham, but when you dont play that’s what happens. I would really like to see KEane come back and given a chance next season and if he cant cut it sell him to a bottom half of the table team and be a regular starter.

    I think when our midfield is fit it is quite strong. I’ve always been a big fan of Huddlestone and if he continues to play he is going to be great, he’s a big strong player and passes the ball effortlessly. I dont think i need to say much about Modric. Sandro has really come out of his shell and been playing sensational for us lately. Lennon is always a threat i dont think we should look to move him. As for bale, when he was more of an unknown he could really do some damage, but ever since is rise to fame I definitely dont think he has been as effective as he used to be. For me he has been pretty frustrating lately, but still he is a great player and I hope we are able to hang on to him. Hard to see him end the season early with that bad ankle injury. I think palacios has to go, as good as he may be on the defensive side of the ball, he is an atrocious passer of the ball and really slows down our attack. Jenas I think isnt great, but he isnt bad either I cant honestly tell what to do with him. I always liked watching Niko at portsmouth and he really is a class player and when we first signed him i really had high hopes, but i don’t think he has got the playing time he deserves and it has really effected his game and fitness. I would love if we kept him and could integrate himself into the team a little more, but if the powers that be decide that to not be the case it wouldn’t be the worst thing. Then there is Van der Vaart. I wasnt sold on VDV when he first got here, i kind of thought he messed up our chemistry a bit and even though he has scored a handful of goals for us i dont think it would be awful if we lost him. He is a world class player, but i dont think he fits into spurs as well as everyone thinks.

    Lastly, our defense has been our biggest problem over the last couple of years and the focus on it has definitely led to some improvements. Gallas has actually been a big help this season and it is to bad that he is reaching the end of his career, we could really use his experience. King is another good defender and been at spurs a long time, but his re-occurring long term injuries are hurting us more then they are helping us. I think Hutton played some decent games for us and Dawson has played great lately and shown some real leadership lately. Kaboul is another who has really shown a lot of promise lately and played some great games for us. Bassong has been decent and i think most spurs fans know that BAE is a fan favorite and will most likely end up staying. If we can get kyle walker back from villa i think we have a pretty strong defense. We could definitely use a replacement leftback for BAE though as we are seeing know when he is gone we are hurting our attack by having to put bale in his place. And with both bale and BAE out our left side is pretty weakened.

    Overall the big changes for Spurs over the summer will have to be with our goalie situation and finding a replacement for Gomes and maybe making him our second choice. Our attack definitely needs some changes and i think it would be good for us to look somewhere like the bundesliga to get a hardworking striker with some size and strength, it would do us some good. With one or two solid midfield signings too i really think we can turn some of those 14 draws into wins.

    1. If I’m doing the math right, we needed about four more wins to get into 4th place. Gomes gave at least that many away.

      1. Agreed. Spurs really have to say this season was unsuccessful I remember earlier in the season looking at our schedule and our run of games against Blackpool, Wolves, West Ham, Wigan, Stoke , Arsenal, West Brom, Chelsea and Blackpool again. From these games we lost twice, once to Blackpool and once to Chelse, drew 6 and won against Stoke. two of those draws were goalless against wigan and west ham. Without Gomes we could have won a couple more games, but also this really says a lot about our attack. We really need the goals next season and I think most spurs fans looking ahead at our schedule in February had high hopes. Im still in denial about it all, we had every chance in the world to be playing champions league next season.

    2. And remeber the Chelsea game at the Lane, he not only let the first goal go right through him, he nearly gifted Chelsea the win when he tackled Ramires in the box for a penalty in injury time. He then saved Drogba’s penalty and a point… Pretty much epitomizes the season for him.

    3. I’m glad you mentioned Hutton — I don’t know why people seem to dislike him, he showed some good skill when he played and helped open up the attack. Walker coming back will be good and I was really impressed with Rose as a backup for BAE — better than Bale (let him rest some of the time). Gallas is great but how long will he be playing for Spurs? Dawson is solid and Kaboul shows promise as well, but I have to disagree about Bassong — he always seems like a liability. I’d say we need 2 more young CBs who can grow into the squad. Kaboul can always provide backup for fullbacks.

  20. WBA has been the most fun to watch this year, partly because they need to revamp their back 5. Olsson is one of my favorite players, but can Carson, Reid, Meite, and Shorey cut it in the EPL? Barely this year, even with Mulumbu and O’Wingie playing out of their minds. Carson and Shorey in particular never inspire confidence in me when I’ve watched. Meite only got in for the second half so I’m not sure, but Reid’s attitude gets him into trouble and silly fouls so often, and I’m not sure he is phyically up to it, and I only wish I had a dollar for every obvious clearance I’ve seen Shorey make a mess of. Not particularly valuable players for transfer, but they need to not be the starting back 5 next year. Albion has been fun to watch, I hope next year they will be so because their defense is helping them to win games, not turning them into shooting galleries.

  21. I’d like to see Bendtner actually play a full season in his natural position. He’s not good on the wing at all. They will sell him, he will be played to his strengths and blow up. for some reason Wenger has this reverse Henry thing with him going on where he’s moving him into a position where he can’t uses his talents. Same with Van Persie. They both are far more successful on their international clubs when played int heir natural positions- not that RvP had a bad season or anything.

    Anyway if he goes I wouldn’t cry. I think Vela gets sold to WBA, Bendtner to like QPR or one of the new teams looking to splash some cash, rumored to go to Blackburn too. Dennilson, Diaby and Eboue will b egone as well as Arshavin, Clinchy and Rosicsky. Almunia goes without saying.

    Going to be a crazy summer for Arsenal. After they extend Nasri I expect them to go get Parker and maybe Cahill who I think is just what they need. After that I expect them to do what they do and sign obscure French and African low risk high reward players to fill the ranks.

  22. um, for spurs, you gotta add Keane, Bentley, either Hutton or Corluka, Dos Santos and Niko, who wants to leave. So a realistic clear out at tottenham includes
    F: Keane, Pav, and probably Defoe
    M: Kraj, Bentley, Dos Santos, and maybe either Palacios or Jenas, if the money is right
    D: Woodgate, and, sadly, King, though he is still the best on the field when he plays, as well as Bassong and one of the two right backs (Corluka or Hutton). I expect Spurs to unload 10 to 12 players, and still have enough for two more or less full squads, one of which should be entirely deputized for Europa, Carling and FA competitions.

  23. If a quarter of the transfers forecasted actually occur, I would be surprised. As one of the posters above mentioned about Crouch, if he is not worth anything in the transfer market, why sell him? Well, it’s crunch-time in the Premier League and a big wage bill will be enough to write down the player so management can get those high wages off their books. I think we’ll see fewer top tier transfers (again. Adebayor anyone?), with the middle of the market really quiet and the majority of the activity involving younger/lower rated players under 5M and a bunch more loans.

  24. Getting rid of Torres would be asinine. Yes, it was stupid to purchase him in the first place, but give him this summer and beginning of next season….

    And yes, ManU should definitely keep BEBE. Start him every game. Haha..

  25. Must remove from the lane:

    Pav Lazy and just not very good, like we have 10 men when he is on.
    Keane Just not good enough anymore.
    Crouch 1 dimensional now, gets zeroed out of prem games.
    Bentley Doesn’t fit with the manager.
    Jenas Lazy and drifts in and out of games.
    Lennon Drifts in & Out, final delivery not good enough, get what we can.
    Charlie Donkey, too slow, too many mistakes
    Wilson P Too many errors, not enough focus

  26. I agree with getting rid of Pav and Crouch. I think Bentley was a given to most people. I also agree with Palacios and Corluka, its always funny to me watching Corluka play cause i don’t think he has ever actually learned or tried to sprint in his life. I know people like to have a go at Keane, but i honestly think if hes given the time he is an asset to spurs. As for lennon i dont think we let him go, his delivery may be off sometimes, but thats when were playing with crouch and as most people notice our game goes very one dimensional. when our midfield is given more freedom to overlap and what not i think lennons speed really helps us. I kind of agree with Jenas he does drift in and out, he’s not terrible but not the best. If we could get a decent price i actually wouldnt mind if we let him go.

    1. If Harry buys joe cole or charlie adam or to be frank another pienaar I think I will loose it, this court case of Harry’s coming in the summer has been far to distracting and effected him way too much. to not have grabbed a striker in jan was crazy, the fact that we could still finish 5th when our stickers could not hit water if they jumped out of a boat at sea is impressive on some level and extremely disappointing on others, wasted momentum and potential. I do not want Berb back in the summer, we need an Edison Carvarni or Björn Vleminckx price tag would be reasonable and they have not yet hit their prime. maybe we can pick up Shay Given.

      1. Yeah that transfer window really went to s#*t, and then we waited so long that he seemed to just throw some possible players in there at the last second. It seemed like Harry and the rest of the staff had hardly prepared for it and that’s why we ended up with barely anything

  27. Well, I think torres is part of the future team. He is still new at the club and so we don’t expect him to blend immediately. I do expect him to come back next seasono though with full force though. As for mikel of chelsea, he has improved slightly but he needs to improve some more otherwise I see ramires benching mikel more because he seems to be catching up more than mikel. The players I feel should leave are players like kalou, anelka, malouda, bosingwa, zhirkov, ferreira. Ashley cole needs a substitute replacement. I believe chelsea should hang on to lampard and drogba because their experience still counts but they need younger, faster and more skillful midfielders and strikers. Same thing goes for the defence and a substitute goal keeper.

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