How Will You Watch Premier League Survival Sunday?

It’s not too early to start making plans for this weekend’s Premier League Survival Sunday. With ten Premier League matches kicking off at the same exact time, there are so many storylines that will be happening before our eyes. Five of the teams are battling to avoid relegation, two are battling for fifth place to qualify for Europa League, while one of three teams will qualify for the Europa League through Fair Play.

There are a minimum of four Premier League matches on Sunday that are a must-see (Wolves vs Blackburn, Stoke vs Wigan, Blackpool vs Man United, Spurs vs Birmingham), and two that are marginal, Aston Villa vs Liverpool (this one only matters if Spurs stumble against Brum), and the other one is at Craven Cottage where Fulham can qualify for the Europa League through the Fair Play table (versus Arsenal), or if you want to see Arsenal try to grab their third place slot back. The other three matches are only important in terms of determining final position (Everton vs Chelsea, West Ham vs Sunderland and Newcastle vs WBA).

If you are interested in watching the four must-see Premier League matches this Sunday all at the same time, how are you planning on doing it?

In my house, this is what I’ll be doing between 11am and 1pm ET Sunday:

  • Big screen HD television set: Blackpool versus Man United (ESPN2) and, using the split-screen feature, Spurs versus Birmingham (Fox Soccer Channel)
  • Laptop: Using my subscription to, I’m planning on using the pop-out player functionality that allows me to arrange as many of the live games as I would like on my desktop. I’m planning on having the following three games on screen at the same time: Wolves v Blackburn, Stoke vs Wigan and Fulham vs Arsenal. If I want to, as back-up or for a change of pace, I can also show one of the games on my iPhone (using the FoxSoccer iPhone app) and one on my iPad.

It’s hard enough watching two games at once, but watching five at a game is going to be very interesting indeed. On the laptop, I can mute all three games and then listen to the audio of one of the two games on the TV set. If a goal or incident happens in any of the games, I can un-mute it within seconds to hear the commentator.

The tricky part will be determining which game gets my immediate attention from kick-off. I may go with Blackpool against Manchester United to see how the Seasiders start the game and how much of a fight Man United will put up. While watching that one, I’ll be quickly scanning the other games every 30 seconds or so to see if something is happening in any of those.

What about you? How will you be watching the games this Sunday? What set-up will you have in place to watch as many games as possible? Share your stories in the comments section below.


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