US TV Schedule for Premier League Survival Sunday Announced: UPDATED

We can now reveal the TV schedule for the final day of the 2010-11 Premier League season for viewers in the United States.

The games shown below will kick-off live at 11am ET Sunday:

  • Manchester United vs Blackpool (ESPN2, ESPN Deportes and
  • Tottenham vs Birmingham City (Fox Soccer Channel)
  • Wolves v Blackburn (Fox Soccer Plus and
  • Fulham v Arsenal,
  • Stoke v Wigan,
  • Aston Villa v Liverpool,
  • Bolton v Man City,
  • West Ham v Sunderland,
  • Newcastle v WBA,
  • Everton v Chelsea,

*Schedule is subject to change.

Meanwhile, the Championship Playoff Final will be between Swansea City and Reading, and will be shown on Fox Soccer Plus and on Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day) at 10am ET. The winner will be promoted to the Premier League.

22 thoughts on “US TV Schedule for Premier League Survival Sunday Announced: UPDATED”

  1. It’s an interesting choice. On the surface the Reds v Tangerines is not that exciting but Blackpool’s need to win is strong and could lead to an exciting game that keeps the ratings up. Despite all the intrigue if Blackpool and Wigan lose they are most likely down and Wolves v Blackburn would be meaningless. It would be annoying for Man Utd game to be exciting, Blackpool to get something from the game then other results render it meaningless.

    1. In Canada:

      Manchester United vs Blackpool – TSN2

      TBA – Rogers Sportsnet (all 4 regions)

      TBA – Rogers Sportsnet One

      TBA – Setanta Sports Canada


      Rogers will assign Tottenham vs Birmingham, Stoke vs Wigan, and Wolves vs Blackburn to its 3 channels (Setanta Sports Canada is licensed by the CRTC as “Sportsnet 2”.)

  2. Hoping Swansea City make it through to the Premier League for you Gaffer! I know you’ll be going even MORE nuts on this site next season if they gain promotion!

  3. Surprisingly a great selection of games to show. Wish there was enough room for Man City and L’pool’s fixtures though.

  4. Wolves/Blackburn will probably be the best ticket. Not great football. But 2 sides who need to run at one another.

  5. It makes no sense for and Fox Deportes to show Fulham – Arsenal when Arsenal are already in the CL and Fulham only need to avoid picking up cards to get the FairPlay spot in the EL. Aston Villa – Liverpool would have been a better game to show since Liverpool can still qualify for the EL if they draw and Spurs lose or if Liverpool win and Spurs draw or lose. Much more at stake in the Villa-Liverpool game than Fulham-Arsenal one.

  6. I am so looking forward to this weekend.

    I too am pulling for Swansea. It’s too bad Cardiff didn’t win. An all Welsh final would’ve been amazing.

    Since the wembley final for the championship promotion to the premiership is going to be shown on FSC, is there any chance that the finals for league 1 and league 2 will also be broadcast in the states?

  7. Oh thank god the Fulham game is on, I would have died if I could not have seen my whites play on the last day of the season !

  8. Sidenote: Npower playoff final will be on Fox Soccer Plus as Championship has been broadcast on all season long.

    Was holding out for an all Welsh final, suppose not now.

    1. Thanks Craig. Yep, the game will be on Fox Soccer Plus and, not Fox Soccer Channel. While an all-Welsh final would have been great to see, it would have been ruined by hooliganism and off the field incidents. Reading vs Swansea will be a much better final to watch.

      The Gaffer

  9. Thanks for posting the latest from ESPN3 scheduled broadcasts. Felt there were going to be quite a few key matchups neglected this final week. Good to know I’ll be able to see my club afterall rather than resorting to unreliable foreign webstreams.

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