Justin Braun First Career Hat Trick For Chivas USA Dooms Red Bulls

During training on Saturday, May 14th New York Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe knew that he was going to face a tough and scrappy Chivas-USA side. What we saw on Sunday night was a coming out party for Justin Braun as he along with Chivas-USA flew across the country and found a way to gain three points on the road and the first west coast side to win in the eastern end. It was a fantastic performance from the young Chivas-USA striker as he was able to grab his first career hat trick.

It looked innocent enough in the 6th minute but you saw Braun being defended well by Jan Gunnar Solli on the far side, but once Braun got a step ahead of Solli, he curled the ball towards the far post and beat Bouna Coundoul. His second of the match was during a free kick situation when Heath Pearce sent the ball towards the near post. Ante Jazic got to it first, but a quick pass back to Braun who was in the right place put it through Coundoul’s legs and in. “I saw Ante (Jazic) over my left shoulder and I knew he was going to play it back,” said Braun. “I tried to set myself up to strike it, Ante laid it off and put it in.”

Then the third of the night for Braun as he converted it from a freakish rebound off the far post in the 56th minute. Simon Elliott crossed the free kick into the area that was headed in by Alejandro Moreno. Coundoul was there to parry it away, but it hit the post and bounced along the goal line. All Braun had to do was tap it in and received his third of the night and his third of the season.

Even though it was a successful night for Chivas-USA, it wasn’t that great for the Red Bulls. No matter how many times they were behind, they couldn’t find that go ahead goal to break through. The first equalizer of the night came in the 21st minute when Rafa Marquez sent a long looping ball towards Thierry Henry. Just a quick touch to settle it and Henry struck his fifth of the season.

The second equalizer came in the 35th minute when Luke Rodgers was taken down in the Chivas-USA area. After failing to convert their first two, it was Dwayne De Rosario on his 33rd birthday to take his turn from the spot and he ripped it high and into the near upper ninety. But that was all the goals they could muster.

But when it came to the all around performance from the Red Bulls, head coach Hans Backe was not a happy man from what he has seen. “We played too pretty, we played too sloppy,” said Backe. “Conceding two goals like that on set plays it was too sloppy, we know what we have to do during set plays but it was sloppy. It was an effort you don’t win games in this league.”

Well for the Red Bulls they will have to get back to the drawing board and prepare for their road match down in Houston. Before the match got started there was a power failure with the stadium lights as lightning surged through the area, The delay lasted a little over thirty minutes. By the way, in the stadium was San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker.

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  1. I was at the game.

    I was delighted to witness Henry’s classic goal and De Rosario’s penalty kick was risky but perfect. Braun’s first goal was excellent, although he had way too much space to curl it in. His other two goals were scrappy.

    Frankly, I think Marquez was at the heart of two of Chivas’s goals. He played terribly and gave away at least five passes, one of which led to a goal. He didn’t run hard and he took lazy risks. If he wasn’t so expensive, any other coach would have substituted him. It looked like he had just come from a night club.

    I don’t think Backe can blame the players for conceding the midfield. His formation isolated his midfielders and Chivas USA dominated the space. They also pressed more effectively and in a coordinated fashion, while Red Bulls pressed inconsistently. Henry is a wonderful player and a joy to watch but most of his early runs were missed, and the Red Bulls wanted to get him the ball so badly that they lobbed it in as if he was Kenwyne Jones. That’s never been his strong suit to begin with.

    De Rosario had a good game but Lindpere was placed on the wing, which he played uncomfortably. These are decisions for the coach but on the whole it did not seem like a cohesive team. Agudelo is capable of playing longer in the game, since he was effective.

    Still, without more skillful central midfielders and a new formation, I have trouble seeing the Red Bulls becoming a dominant team.


  2. 1. I am VERY happy we have a league where there is parity. I read Chivas has won 3 out of their last 4. They play LA next. The Red Bulls will not have it easy next week with Houston…or the week after that with Colorado….etc. Fun times.

    2. Why did the Red Bulls play the Impact mid week?
    $$$Money$$$ ? The lack of support in NY might have cost them a point.
    (Or the spending too much, huh ?)

    3. Did they bring DeRo in as a designated penalty kick taker ? I didn’t know they could do that. Well at least he has joined the team finally. Seems like Tchani has been playing for Toronto for a while now.

    1. dude get off of parity/MLS balls already dude. seriously im happy that energy drinks lost and that parity is good in MLS to a certain point but really have you seen the parity levels in MLS? clubs murder each other for a 1-1 or 1-0 not cuz its such a heated game but cuz the teams are so identical in every way it becomes boring. i believe there should be diversity of club strengths without having the gap to large. but i can guratnee you that LA or NJ will win the MLS cup/ SS championship cuz they have the highest payroll in the league. and bigger money buys better players. if you like parity (aka boring soccer) then fine, far be it from me to persuade you other wise but there is no consistency at all in MLS except for LA, NJ and SKC. every other game is purely random .

        1. Umm, yes there is. Considering one team is trying to win the championship and the other team is trying to stay in the top division. West ham got relegated this weekend by losing a 2 goal lead! One of the best matches all year. The final week in the EPL and 5 teams at the bottom of the table still have everything to play for! Come talk to me on the final weekend of MLS and see what the bottom 5 teams have to play for.

          1. I suppose the same thing that Chelsea (who can’t win the league anymore and are going to make the Champions League anyway), West Brom, Aston Villa, and Bolton have to play for. I guess that explains a lot about you if watching West Ham is great play for you and you can’t find a single good thing to say about MLS. And yes, I have seen West Ham play plenty. I will stick with my growing domestic league, and much superior foreign soccer. Eurosnobs are not really Eurosnobs typically. They tend to be EPL snobs that don’t realize that their league is high on production but the bottom half tends to be poor play when compared to a lot of other leagues in Europe.

            What would have happened anyway if West Ham didn’t get relegated? Would they EVER have a chance to win the championship? I am happy for them getting relegated. At least now they can actually have a chance to win something. West Ham plays Sunderland next week. PLEASE tell me what either team has to play for? Sunderland is not getting relegated nor are they going to Europa League. West Ham is already relegated. Sounds like a pointless way to end the season to me. Manchester United already won their championship. What do they have to play for? Tottenham v Birmingham City? Stoke v Wigan? Stoke can’t possibly win anything else. Newcastle v West Brom? Fulham v Arsenal? Fulham can’t win anything. Everton v Chelsea? PLEASE tell me what anybody but Wigan stands to gain from the league finale?

          2. More than half of the teams in EPL have ZERO to play for now. 5 of the relegation sides and Arsenal and Man City are the only 7 teams that have anything invested in next week. The other 13 do not. The season doesn’t mean anything to them except for pride and love of soccer. That can’t possibly be what they are playing for, can it? Maybe that is what the teams at the bottom of the MLS table will be playing for. If it is pointless for the last placed team in MLS, then it is pointless for Manchester United right now.

          3. Alan, I understand your love and admiration for MLS and you are the first to sling “EuroSnob”. However, its seems that soccer fans Stateside enjoy the EPL, Mexican League a lot more than MLS. This of course based on TV ratings.

            I watched a bit of Sounders v. Timbers and guess what…they were mimicking World Leagues that sing songs and wear scarves. Name one place in the American Sports landscape that sings songs and wear scarves. “D-Fense”..doesn’t count.

          4. OK, first, the term Eurosnob is for those that say everything has to be like EPL. They tend to worship EPL like it is the greatest league in the world and nothing else compares, so we need to be like them. With that said, there are teams that I like in EPL. There are leagues that I like in Europe. There are traditions that are fine and would be a great benefit to the league, including wearing scarves and singing songs (which happens everywhere in Europe and in other countries). There are practices that we could implement. There are also things that suck as well, no matter how popular it is. There are things that I want to see changed in the MLS and in US Soccer in general. There are so many different variables that are good and bad on both sides, but I am open to a real and honest discussion to all of them. Eurosnobs are not. They troll and stick their noses up at everything that is not done in EPL.

            I love the tradition of wearing scarves. You, of course, did not answer my questions.

          5. So only 7 of 20 teams in the EPL have something to play for on the final weekend? I don’t think that is bad; I’d bet that often in the final weekend of the regualr season in MLS more than 65% of clubs have nothing to play for. A few have already missed the play-offs, many are locked in their play-off seeds. Obviously in both leagues it varies from year to year.

            And don’t forget one thing that relagation brings- three new teams every year. A major part of the excitement of the MLS the last few years has been the new teams- Portland, Seattle, Toronto and the energy they have brought.

            And don’t say the new teams are retreads from a few years ago; recently we’ve had teams like Wigan up for the first time, and Blackpool up for the first time in a few generations. I’d guess usually, 2 of the 3 new teams are in the top flight for the first time in over a decade.

          6. Unfortunately, I think the point was missed here. You can argue both are pointless if you really want to. Its all snobbishness. I don’t care for EPL as a league, but I sure don’t go on EPL blogs and gripe about parity or whatever. I was using the upcoming weekend to make a point. What do teams at the end of an MLS season have to play for? Play off spots, seeding, Open Cup spots, CCL spots, Supporter’s Shield. Will every team have something to play for? No, of course not. Could the league do a better job at structuring things? Absolutely.

            As far as pro/rel bringing excitement to the league, I agree that it is possible if done right. However, promoting a team to never have a chance to win a championship is worthless. It is Man U’s title in EPL to win or lose to Chelsea and Arsenal (mostly Chelsea). Some sort of parity or fair chance needs to be implemented before pro/rel adds excitement to any league. It just won’t happen here because of franchise contracts. Either way, this has nothing to do with the original post by Daniel. Robert just comes out to troll from time to time and he needs to be shut down.

          7. Robert my man, the bottom 5 teams in the mls will actually want to do worse so they can collect better draft picks and allocation money. i think it needs to be the opposite. mls rewards the suckish clubs and gives no incentives to be number one in the regular season and people still praise this parity system? come on! i think it should be back wards have draft picks and allocation money and any other mls goodies be distributed by the order of position clubs finish in the regular season. this solves alot of problems; makes regular season finally become more meaningful than to just qualify to playoffs, forces clubs to play harder and better if they want to rebuild better next season without increasing salary cap (although increasing salary cap or no salary cap is better), clubs fight harder to the last game even the clubs not going to the playoffs and makes rivalries alittle more exciting. BOOM! talk to me garber…….

          8. What is the motivation for West Brom and Newcastle to play their best this upcoming weekend against each other?

            I do agree that how you place in the league should have bigger incentives. The playoffs need to be reformed to be more meaningful. Nobody is arguing that they don’t need to be. As for the bottom 5 clubs, if you really think that they are playing so bad, then don’t watch them, or pick a team that will try harder if they are in last place. Watch one of the other 15 teams that care. My team is the San Jose Earthquakes, who were in last place, but have worked hard to get out of that rut and make it back up the table. Pick a good team to support and it won’t matter.

        2. youre right, it is because its David vs. Goliath not “MLS Team 1 vs MLS Team 2”. if people in europe and south america thought the exact same thing as you guys do about how its boring over there cuz its the same champions over and over wouldnt you think the fans would have given up and soccer would be in crisis mode over there by now? uhh no. fans still support their clubs in numbers, and quality is still better over there. you think its just the regular season champions get all the glory? no you have a fight on 3 fronts. you obviously have the championship spot, you have clubs at the bottom fighting for survival and the third and little known front, prize money. prize money is given out by position so its not like clubs who arent champions go home empty handed.

          1. Too bad that David will never win a championship. Too bad that his “front” means nothing because he will never succeed. Can’t argue with prize money though. Maybe that is one of the good ideas that the EPL fanboys on here should be pushing instead of the usual fantasy garbage that they push.

        3. @ Alan, ok im going to answer your question as to what EPL and other leagues clubs has to play for.

          first off i am what you call a eurosnob. but i dont worship EPL like a god, infact i watch more MLS than EPL but im a eurosnob because i advocate for single table, independent clubs, pro/rel at some point in the future and i believe we need to be more in line with the rest of the world, not just england. so if you still want to call me a eurosnob fine.

          ok then just to make it clear to you and any other ignorant fanboy out there EPL CLUBS HAS ALOT TO PLAY FOR! now i think i mentioned this already but to answer your conern EPL clubs and other league clubs fight on 3 fronts, i actually forgot one so its 4 fronts. 1st front is of course is the championship, 2nd front is survival from relegation and the 3rd and most relevant front to your question and most important to clubs, money. the FA at the end of the season gives out prize money on a merit basis based on the posistion a club finished. i pulled these numbers from the 07/08 season the 1st place club gets 14.4 M pounds, 5th placed club gets 11 M pounds, 17th placed club gets 3 M pounds and last placed club gets 1 M pounds plus a parachute payment to help them out during the 2nd division campaign. thats why theres so much drama in EPL, La liga, Bundesliga and other leagues beyond becoming champions because of the prize money. now MLS has something similar by way of draft picks and allocation money and other mls goodies but MLS does it backwards. MLS gives them out by last placed club first. so in MLS when a club doesnt make it to the playoffs they actually have nothing to play for (deja vu alan?)so the opposite takes effect, clubs start to not care and actually purposely peform worse to get those mls goodies to rebuild next season which is a recipe for rewarding mediocrity. the fourth front btw is champions league slots and the FA cup.

          so you see what you said primarily about EPL is wrong and actually opposite. and MLS clubs not going to the playoffs actually have nothing to play for at all. they are not pressured in anyway, actually wants to perform worse to get better draft picks, and theres no incentive to be number one at all. i would love to hear what your have to say seriously because i just threw you the facts, and not eurosnobish propaganda.

          1. Promotion means absolutely nothing. The first point of a league is to have a champion. Only the teams that spend enough can win it. Man U and Chelsea pay WAY more than Wigan, Blackpool, and West Ham, so they will never win the title. Consistency is not the same as this. That is called buying the chance to win the title. Consistency is about being a strong team with a strong program and being tough to beat, not impossible. Everton and Fulham will NEVER win an EPL title. EVER. Without this, prize money and whatever other incentive you have is pointless.

            Oh, and as far as the “ignorant fanboy” thing goes, my favorite league is not MLS. That doesn’t mean there are not flaws there too. South American and Mexican teams don’t do everything like in Europe. Some things, yes, but some use playoffs, some have 2 parts to a season with 2 champions, and Mexico even participate in the biggest South American competition (which we have been offered too). Our league spans more than one country (US and Canada).

            As far as prize money goes, I think that is a great idea. It won’t mean anything without SOME parity though. The drafts are not an incentive to do bad. They are to give all teams a chance. The Whitecaps were one of the first teams to get a pick and they are last in the West. DC United is doing better, but they are a ways away from leading the table. The same thing with New England. LA, RSL, New York, and Colorado are still doing great even though they didn’t get first pick.

            AGAIN!!!!!! Can the MLS do things better? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Does it need to be exactly like EPL? No!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we learn things from other countries and take great ideas? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Now where is the “ignorant fanboy” in that?

          2. @ Alan, im not arguing about all epl clubs having a equal chance at winning the cup. i agree its basically a bidding game and that does take some excitiment out of the game but what im arguing is your point that other clubs have nothing to play for. in this day and age unfortunatley clubs are businesses, they want to make money. so owners care about where their club stands cuz of the prize money but that also gives clubs below the Big 4 hope so they can re build next season. and as for the fans they have a level of support that the average american sport fan will never ever understand or equal and for them since quality is the best its good entertainment for them, especially if they win a game. so for owners and fans its not a total lose for them, thats what im saying. as far as champions go youre right, its sadly a bidding game and unless Everton or Blackburn find a investor like Man City did a couple of years back then they’ll probably never win a championship

            and atleast we can find common ground with your last statement. MLS can do better IMO by fixing its merit based reward system and switching to single table, and i dont believe we need to copy EPL in every way. instead we need to form a hyrbid of all the things that work with other leagues worldwide. and yes parity is good for MLS in small amounts. like i always said i believe in diverstiy in club strength without having the gap too big. and as far as MLS being invited to Copa Libertadores (which is something i want more than anything, even more than pro/rel) i dont think we ever got a invite. if anything there has been talks by concacaf to allow mls clubs to participate but a formal invitation, no. either that or garber was stupid enough to say no. MLS did get a invite to Copa Sudamericana twice but that was years ago and Concacaf kicked us and mexico out because they decided to make that a solely south american tourney.

          3. Well, it looks like we might see eye to eye than both of us think. I don’t agree with everything you say, but I do at least think you make some valid points beyond the usual Eurosnob junk I hear from guys like Robert that don’t even watch MLS. As far as the Copa Libertadores goes, no there was never an official invite. It has been talked about by many parties involved and, yes, I would LOVE to see this happen. That will give the MLS something else to qualify for, and it would be MUCH better than the All Star game and all these friendlies we do. Imagine a Boca game with an MLS side that qualified that actually means something taking place right here. Yes, it happens with Mexican teams in CCL, but even more meaningful international exposure would be great. Pro/rel is a pointless debate in my opinion. It won’t be happening any time soon, if ever. Stuff like salaries, prize money, international competitions, how play offs can work better, etc are much more productive. I am glad that even with our disagreements that we can find some common ground. Its a rarity on this blog.

        4. Really, it’s either no parity, the biggest parity gap in the whole wide world, or nothing? Give me a break. Just look at all the other sports in the US. That is how it should be done.

    2. Charles- I disagree about parity- Every year, I root for the team with the best start (except for RSL) to be a model of consistent excellence every year. It’d be great to have a top notch team for everyone to try to knock off their perch.

      By the way, I also agree that the EPL has got too predictable. Ferguson has been the best ever. It will be interesting to see if ManU remain at the top after him, they were not at the top before him (see the 70’s and the 80’s).

      1. Thank You! i agree with what you first said. there should be a level of consistancy in MLS not random parity results. and yea having 1 2 or 3 superclubs for other clubs to chase after, providing that david vs goliath games always makes it interesting.

        1. @Alan,

          Do you mind that the league you admire so much, is goosing the two largest tv markets with the highest paid players + team salaries? The way things look NJRB + Carson Galaxy are going to be taking the supporters shield year in and year out (pending everyone stays healthy).
          Its no wonder MLS Cup makes absolutely zero sense. It creates the illusion of parity by some team getting lucky or getting “hot” at the end of the season. If MLS Cup followed the traditional home and home format + away goals rule, parity would fade away. Cup soccer is a different beast.
          Timbers being faux promoted, Union created out of Garber’s behind, Sounders faux promoted, White Caps faux promoted, etc etc etc. you can’t deny the excitement. Imagine the late season drama both in lower divisions and MLS if this happened year in and year out. If you don’t support your club through relegation you don’t deserve to be a fan. I bet you didn’t own a single Euro Inspired Scarf before your team paid for faux promotion. I bet you barely learned the lyrics for the Euro Inspired Songs. Take a look my friend, I see a lot of Euro Inspiration in the stands. Last I checked I have never seen a baseball fan sporting a scarf.

          1. Listen to yourself. You are the worst troll on here. You hate the league, we get it. Now go away because you didn’t read a singe word I wrote. bye.

  3. Unfortunately, I was working during the game so I didn’t watch. I only got a chance to catch the San Jose/Columbus game this weekend and part of the Seattle/Portland game. I figured I’d chime in with the attendance for the game. 16,365.

    1. I know about the attendance Alan. It’s always going to be a tough thing when you have the horrible weather that was going on and people are not paying attention to the schedule. It did clear up towards the start & the power failure.

      But even though it was over 16,300 it sounded like it was 20,000+. The crowd was into the game and it sounded great.

      1. Oh sure, I know. It was really more of an FYI to everyone because I think this and TV ratings are things that people wonder about. Glad to hear that even with the weather that the crowd was fired up.

    2. You know, when I was young, they used to publish the attendance numbers in the papers. You sweated over every fan….and for good reason the league was gone 8 years later ( more than 8 years, I joined late, I am not THAT old )

      These days, I don’t get that feeling….at all.

      First of all the attendance isn’t a lie
      Second of all the attendance, while smaller at the top compared to NASL, the average team is WAY better off.

      So then, do I care ? Sort of. I want the league to succeed, but in Seattle NFL tickets where they sell out at $50-250 per game. My tickets are $22. When they had empty seats everywhere in the Kingdome, I paid $5.

      Good soccer at $22 per ticket might be better than even better soccer where I am watching at home….or even worse…The Don decides NY needs to sell out, so he gets rid of parity even more and we have a team go 12 wins vs 7 losses for championships over 19 years.

      Not sure what my opinion is, but one thing is for sure, I am more worried about places like Dallas and Columbus drawing fans than NY.

      1. That’s a pretty good take on attendance. I half-heartedly agree. Being a New England fan, who is now living waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outside of Boston (Alabama), it is tough to watch the Revs play in an empty stadium, but at the same time, for the first time in a long time I do not feel like MLS is about to close up shop.

      2. charles, the championship is determined by points and performance, not attendance figures. if that was the case seattle would have won the cup 3 years in a row and your beloved parity would be out of whack. i dont care about attendance and neither should you, you should care about your club and how well its doing, not about how fans look on tv. but im not going to argue with you on your obession on attendance. im going to answer your question as to why NJ cant draw attendance in MLS biggest “market”.

        1st marketing. NJRB markets primarily to NJ, their training is in NJ, their HQ is in NJ, and of course their games are in NJ. with 80-90% of the fanbase being from NJ its hard for new yorkers to accept NJRB as their own club and go out and watch it because they dont feel like its their club. and just to cover my base, NY Jets and Giants are a exception because american football is the most popular sport and both clubs have their roots in NYC before going to NJ. and this leads me to my next point. location. mls says it takes 30 mins to get to RBA from NYC but really it takes about 1 1/2 hr. NYC are put off by commute time to go see a club play in a city they dont even know. so in the end you dont have a NYC club, you have a club playing in a suburb of Newark. so compare population size of Newark to other MLS cities instead of NYC.

        but what i dont really get is your emphasis on parity. would it make you happy if mls clubs take turns sharing the cup every year? while i do agree maybe garber has something to do with NJRB being more powerful than before (im my view beyond the parity limit, but to me thats a good thing) but really do you want a clubs record be W L W L W L instead of W W W W W W? i dont understand why you love parity so much and you hate it when a club wins 4 or 5 games in a row or becomes a powerhouse. go watch a snail race then, thats all the parity you’ll ever want and then some.

  4. The Red Bulls are so eager to get Cosmos on board in order to improve attendance. The atention towards soccer through the NY derby would be immediately. Although a lot of people would become Cosmos fans, there would also people people sick about the hype that would cheer for the other team in town (metropolitan area, whatever) just to balance things out.

    – You support a beverage drink!
    – Oh, yeah! But my team is for real, not a black-and-white dream of greatness!

    – It’s the New York Fashion Week Cosmos! Only hype, no substance!
    – At least, we have a history and we are grounded in the community!

    And so on, and so forth…

    1. i agree. Red Bulls would welcome Cosmos as a necessary evil to up their attendance. but then again they could face a attendance drop because NY Cosmos plan on building a 30k stadium! with all the hype MLS is riding on Seattle and Portland and to a extent Toronto, plus with all the ground work cosmos is laying on the hearts and minds of new yorkers and soccer players alot of people will either switch sides or immediatley become cosmos fans not just in NYC, but nation wide and even world wide! Cosmos is undoubtely the biggest american soccer club ever, on par (in terms of club recognition) with Man U, Real Madrid and etc. they were the original superclub in terms of star power. think of the brand recognition MLS will get from being associated with Cosmos

      plus dont forget its not a NY derby, its a NY/NJ derby. which i think sounds better because its NY vs NJ. Big City vs. Shadow of a Big city.

      plus you can throw the whole “hype” thing out the window. Cosmos are offically a PDL club. so theres some substance. but still i cant wait for Cosmos to win their first MLS cup before those stupid energy drink do. stupid marketing puppet franchsise soda club!

  5. No article about the Sounders-Timbers? Alright. Well, what I noticed there is just how pathetic the turf at Qwest field looks on television. Here we are watching what the telecast pitched as one of the best rivalries in American sports (they compared it to OSU-Michigan, Red Sox-Yankees, Duke-UNC), and then live from the “Emerald City” we’re treated to a pitch that looks like the carpet at a motel with hourly rates. It makes the Sounders and the league as a whole look cheap.

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