Manchester United Win Historic 19th Title

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Manchester United won the 2010-11 Premier League Saturday after securing the draw they needed against Blackburn Rovers to win their 19th top flight title.

It wasn’t pretty, but Manchester United managed to grab the goal they needed to tie 1-1 in somewhat controversial circumstances.

The controversy resulted from Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez making a run into the box in the 70th minute. He managed to poke the ball ahead of him just a split second before Blackburn goalkeeper Paul Robinson made contact with the Mexican striker, bringing Hernandez down in the box. Phil Dowd didn’t make an immediate decision but seeked the input from his assistant referee who was closest to the incident. A penalty was then awarded. And up stepped Wayne Rooney to score, securing the draw and winning the title for Manchester United.

The foul by Robinson on Hernandez was a cruel blow for Blackburn. Robinson made a poor decision to rush out for the ball, but when Robinson made contact with Hernandez, Chicharito made the most of it and dived. There was no way that Hernandez could have run on to the ball if Robinson hadn’t made contact, but with contact being made, the decision was inevitable that Dowd would award the penalty. Ultimately I believe Dowd made the correct decision.

The incident reminded me of a similar instance that happened in August 2009 when Manchester United beat Arsenal 2-1 at Old Trafford after Wayne Rooney ran into the box but poked the ball ahead of him before Manuel Almunia knocked Rooney to the ground. But again, Rooney made the most of the dive as did Chicharito today.

Over the course of the season, though, Manchester United are deserved champions. Congratulations to them and their supporters. Securing the 19th title in their history will definitely push Liverpool next season into pushing as hard as they can to equal United and get their 19th title.

Now that Manchester United have won the title, they’ll undoubtedly will rest most of their places for next Sunday’s final game of the season against Blackpool. The Seasiders, who beat Bolton 4-3 in a wonderful match today, will play United at Old Trafford on the final day of the season. Blackpool will have a golden chance of staying in the Premier League. But that’s unfair for the other teams in the relegation zone who may go down because of Blackpool’s good fortune.

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  1. Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez has performed like a true Red Devil in his role as striker. His goal scoring ability comes naturally. Thank goodness for b/c in my opinion it’s the best soccer blog covering the English Premier League. All in all I feel Man U deserved to win their 19th top flight league title. Their focus is now the 2011 UEFA Champions League Finals against Barcelona FC.

  2. To say Hernandez dived is an obnoxious slur against the striker. Hernandez was running at top speed when tripped by Robinson. How is that a dive?

    1. “an obnoxious slur”

      yeah good one. What the gaffer should have said is, ‘she fell over’.

      Look at the replay… Robinson sweeps the floor and is pulling his arms back, Hernandez drags his feet waiting for contact, then falls to the floor. In my mind wasn’t a penalty cause the ‘foul’ didn’t prevent a goal scoring chance. as Hernandez was never going to get the ball… but that is beside the point.

      Sorry to give you FACTS, but that is the definition of a dive.

      The Gaffer congratulated your lot, enjoy the title.

      1. Was there contact? Yes, and that is fact. There is no mention of preventing a goal chance when deciding penalties so you are making shit up.

        FIFA Laws of Game:
        A direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits
        any of the following seven offences in a manner considered by the
        referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force:
        • kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
        • trips or attempts to trip an opponent

        A penalty kick is awarded if any of the above ten offences is committed by a player inside his own penalty area, irrespective of the position of the ball, provided it is in play.

      2. Actually, there is no rule saying that the foul must have prevented a goal-scoring opportunity for it to be a penalty. As a matter of fact, if a clear goal-scoring opportunity were denied, it would have been a pen and a red card for Robinson.

        I do agree that some refs would not have given the penalty based on your interpretation. We all have seen such decisions go either way.

        That being said, it was a foul by the book and is worthy of a pen by the letter of the law.

          1. Its hardly sour grapes…
            again watch the replay, he starts sliding his feet BEFORE any contact. and the point is that its hardly a slur to call it a dive, every objective pundit has said a best he went down easy.

            and I’m not that bothered about going down… the reality is we have bloated contracts from the Curbs era that need to go. As for Parker, He’ll probably go to Spurs or another almost top 4 team.

            West Ham have some quality young players that will do well a level down, and it may take us two years to get back, but we’ve been through this before…

          2. Look at the replay around 0:18 – 0:20. There’s undoubtedly significant contact on Hernandez. To be honest, I don’t even think he’s particularly “dragging” his leg either.

            Whether Robinson is trying to pull out of the foul or not doesn’t make a difference.

            Robinson was pretty dumb in this incident – Hernandez was probably going to run out of play anyway, and even if he did keep it in, he was at a very tight angle. Robinson should have just stayed on his line. But I guess that’s easy to say in hindsight.

  3. Simon, El Chicharito is one of the best strikers in professional soccer in my opinion. He has the “it” factor. This just in…Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez will headline the 23-player squad for defending champion Mexico at the Gold Cup in the United States in June. Seven European-based players were picked Friday, with veteran defender and World Cup captain Rafael Marquez also included for the June 5-25 tournament against other teams from North and Central America and the Caribbean. West Bromwich Albion striker Carlos Vela and Barcelona FC reserve Jonathan Dos Santos are the surprise omissions for the Mexican National Soccer Team. The two players may still be selected in the squad of players mostly aged under 22 that will represent Mexico in the Copa America in July.

  4. United once again benefit from a bad referee decision. That was not a penalty. Hernandez made contact with the goalie because he knew he had no chance of getting to the ball.

    1. Oh get off it. United could have easily had a penalty last week against Chelsea when Valencia’s cross was handed in to box, but notorious Red Devils supporter Howard Webb didn’t give it. It all evens out in the end.

  5. Congratulations to Manchester United for winning their 19th Title in the Premier League, I think that Berbatov finally played to his full potential made the difference this season with Hernandez also.

    I agree with Shawn Hill, this is the best football blog about the EPL, I don’t post often but I read almost everything.

  6. Congratulations to Manchester United on the 19th title.

    But in their heart of hearts, when the euphoria of this day settles, Man Utd fans know they have reason to be nervous.

    It has been said numerous times by numerous people that football is about cycles. Liverpool’s dominance ended with Hillsborough and Kenny leaving the club in 91. Despite sitting on that “perch”, we’ve mainly been sleeping since then. But now that Kenny’s back, the ownership/debt issue is cleared up, squad investment coming shortly, Liverpool is on an up swing.

    United, in contrast, has a manager on the verge of retiring (who are we kidding, he’ll be there until the end of time! or he’ll leave this summer, who knows?), several key players aging/retiring, but most importantly ownership/debt problems, which will likely limit investment. Storm clouds are a head for United. So, as happy a day as this is for you, I’m comforted by the fact that Liverpool enjoyed their time on the perch for far longer than Man United will.

    (By the way, Liverpool STILL has more overall titles than Manchester United, including….how many European cups? Oh, yes: FIVE. #justsaying)

    1. Oh, but let me add that I am kind of hoping Man United beat Barcelona. My hatred of Barcelona shockingly outweighs my dislike of Man Utd. So, I’ll happily see them lift their 4th cup if they can wipe that obnoxious, holier-than-thou smirk off every Barca player’s face.

      Get it.

      1. Right on. God if it were Man Sheikhty against Barcelona, I would have grudgingly rooted for the former.
        I will support anyone against that diving racist called Sergio Biscuits.

      2. Oh yes! This is my thought as well. I do not like Man Utd at all; but if they beat Barcelona, I might have to like them for 5 minutes – maybe even 10.

      3. Me too, Let’s prove once and for all that EPL is the best league, I am sick and tired of Barcelona and Real Madrid, that’s why the Europa League is a lot more interesting.

  7. United should enjoy their latest title win because next season I can see their neighbors City finishing above them. I’m also not sure Fergie will definitely be back next season. I also cannot see United buy big this summer whereas Chelsea and City will buy big and improve immensely.

    Congratulations to both United and City for winning trophies on the same day.

  8. 19th Titles, 12 without response makes me ill but well done to them. Well done to Man City – an absolute disgrace to have premier league matches the same day of the Cup Final..

    1. It’s just unfortunate timing I guess but UEFA insisted Wembley must not be used for 14 days prior to the Champions League Final. Having said that, maybe the PL matches could have been played tomorrow. Thoughts anyone?

  9. maybe for once the City and United fans can get along for the day and celebrate respectively or even together. Huge day for Manchester.

  10. The Gaffer is only using the phrase “he dived” to provoke the ire of United fans and get the hit and comment counts up on this post.

    You can say he went down easy, you can say he played for contact, but you can’t say he dived (pejorative) and “the referee got it right” in the same story. That’s just trying to have it both ways.

      1. Well Gaffer, maybe you have to re-define the term “dive.” Yes, Hernandez sadly, like 80% of modern day footballers saw the challenge coming and made an embellished, cynical meal of it – he was still fouled however. I have no idea what Robinson was thinking. As opposed to what Eduardo did in the champions league a couple years ago – that was a “dive”

          1. Yeah I agree it doesn’t really make sense to say he dived, AND say the referee was right to award the penalty. I think there’s a big difference between “diving” (which to my mind means going down when there is absolutely zero contact), and deliberately looking for a foul/embellishing the impact of a foul.

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