Manchester United and Manchester City: Northern Pride

Today was a day where the north of England were conquerors. Manchester United won the league. Manchester City won the FA Cup. And, when you think about it, Birmingham City won the Carling Cup, which means that for the first time in 10 years, no London club has won a major trophy in England this season (the Community Shield doesn’t count).

Both Manchester City and Manchester United come from what has been a working-class city. And a proud history. To celebrate that history, here are two videos to watch that put both club’s wins today into perspective, for very different reasons.

The first is a documentary entitled “City,” from 1980-81, which shows what a state the club was in 30 years ago. And the second is a film titled “United,” which tells the true story of the Munich Air Disaster and focuses a lot of the attention on Manchester United coach Jimmy Murphy.

Enjoy the videos.

And here’s the Manchester United film from BBC2:

To learn more about the history of the rivalry between Manchester City an Manchester United, read this interview with Manchester expert Gary James.

9 thoughts on “Manchester United and Manchester City: Northern Pride”

  1. The both teams dservs 2 win. City nd United has things in-comon. So d trophies are meant 4 them!
    Up Man.U. And Man.C.
    Xpeciary my man.utd, they r d best among others…

  2. the busby family have complained about this documentary and are angry at the way matt busby was portrayed..but ur all americans not like ud know

  3. I think this season will be seen as a turning point in the City-United rivalry. I think City will get much closer to United in terms of talent and winning trophies and might just begin doing better than United in seasons to come. I don’t think United are going to be able to keep up with City’s buying power and City will now attract quality players because they are now in the CL and can afford to pay big wages.

  4. I agree that City will overtake United soon for bragging rights to the best team in Manchester. United’s debt problems might prevent them from spending to strengthen while City will spend to get better. The tide is about to turn in Manchester.

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