Bolton Wanderers Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Revealed

Is it me or are Reebok and Bolton Wanderers conducting an experiment each year to see if they can create a worse home football shirt?

In previous seasons, Bolton supporters have been subjected to home shirt designs looking like a harness and tea towel. For next season, Bolton’s home shirt looks like two different people designed the shirt and compromised by marrying both sets of designs. It ends up looking a bit like modern art than a football shirt.

What Bolton Wanderers are severely lacking is an identity. They need someone like Umbro who can create a quality design, something that football supporters would be proud to wear, and an identity that communicate the history and professionalism that the team exudes, not this neo-modernism rubbish.

What do you think? Share your thoughts about the new Bolton home shirt in the comments section. And don’t forget, for the largest selection of Premier League shirts for all 20 clubs, visit the EPL Talk Shop.

31 thoughts on “Bolton Wanderers Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Revealed”

  1. Usually I try not to be real critical of kit designs but this kit hurts my eyes. I hope the Fulham “leaked” pic I saw yesterday is real cause I thought it looked pretty sharp.

  2. Am I the only one who find the sponsoring of football clubs by betting companies to be, how do I say that, a little bit riské? Maybe it is just the way in the US leagues and media try their best to distance themselves from betting companies or endorsement but every time I see a shirt with a betting company logo on it, it always catch my attention as completely out of place or even foul.

    1. They could have “Hustler” across the front of the shirt for all I care. Shouldn’t blame the rest of the world for the United States being ass backwards.

    2. In the rest of the free world you can bet on anything you want. It’s your money, why can’t you spend it the way you want?

      If America wants to keep up this holier than thou attitude to betting while keeping the gambling monopolies of Vegas and Atlantic City then it’s up to them.

      Remember there’s no difference to buying shares than betting on the outcome of sporting event.

      1. I think you are both misreading my comment. It had nothing to do with the US policy, though I do find their hypocrisy funny. As far as I know in the US you can also bet on sporting events, in fact I know for a fact that is the case for NFL games since they even have couple of weekly articles in the paper devoted to betting on the upcoming NFL weekend games.

        What I was saying I found uneasy was the team associating with a particular betting company. Of course, it’s probably just like any other sponsorship business, but in a way I think it is putting a bullseye on a team’s back in case of any match fixing suspicions. I don’t see why allowing the association in the first place.

  3. Is it me or are Reebok and Bolton Wanderers conducting an experiment each year to see if they can create a worse home football shirt?

    You nailed it. Wigan seem to be running the same experiment too.

    This is seriously hideous. It looks like it was designed on MS Paint.

  4. Yeah – nice one Gaffer – Reebok has seemingly lost the plot. Hopefully, it will not – cannot, look any worse on the players.

    The fact that Reebok, I believe, is based in Bolton and sponsors the club in many other ways, probably means that this loveless marriage will go on. Maybe, Reebok’s parent company – Adidas will step in, the way they did for Liverpool.

  5. What is it about Bolton that they seem to have the most consistently ugly kits in the entire EPL?

    I mean there are uglier kits for next season that I’ve seen — check out Borussia Dortmund’s 2011-12 shirt sometime — but I have NEVER seen a Bolton shirt where I’d think “Yeah, I kinda like that.”

  6. I’m a Bolton fan and i must admit that some of the home kits have been awful. But they tend to even things out with better away kits.

  7. I am a longtime BWFC supporter and I have learned to embrace our weird and somewhat unpleasant choices of uniform. Thinking positively, if you ever see someone wearing a Bolton shirt (and I never have outside of Bolton and a UEFA cup game in Madrid) you’re pretty much guaranteed that they’re an an actual fan and not someone who bought it because it looks cool.

    1. my missus laughs at me everytime i put mine on, think we need to bouycot buying them and ask for a fan vote of say 10 designs , for next season , you never know shirt sales might even improve , then we can buy some decent players , failing that ask a primary school in bolton to design kits and the winner gets to get it manufactured, it couldnt be worse, sorry it could evertons pink shirt lmao..

        1. i havnt got a problem with pink, but evertons shirt is rank , the players just look odd on the pitch in it

  8. I’m just scared that players aren’t going to join us in the summer because they’re too busy being sick once they’ve seen this atrocity. It’s a shame because I didn’t actually mind the look of this year’s.

  9. With the terrible kits that we have had, Reebok and the club must have had some bad feedback, or at least read comments like on this page. In that case it baffles me why they don’t let the fans choose the kit, after all they are the ones that are going to buy the thing! They should come up with 3or4 designs and put it to a vote. Would stop us ending up with something like this again, unless all the designs were equally as dyer!

    1. ive just replied to someones post with nearly the same idea , didnt read the whole page, or i wouldnt of posted it lol

  10. After seeing the players wear it against City, I’ve performed a complete u-turn and actually bought it. That picture of it looks awful but in practice, it’s actually not too bad.

  11. As a loyal bolton fan who has been going for 10 years straight i believe this is possibly one of the worst home kits ever apart from the one we wore for charity, however the away kit that has been leaked out looks really good. For some reason like what someone else said our away kits always look better than our home kits.

  12. As a bolton fan of 28 years i would buy any shirt of ours no matter what colour in support of my club. Bolton born and bred not a plastic manc or glory hunter from down south. Proud to say i support my home team how ever the jersy looks its the club badge that matters btw i have seen alot worse shirts than this years bolton top. As for not seeing a bolton fan outside of bolton iv’e seen them all over the world on holiday : in benidorm, turkey, puerto rico, magaluff, mexico, cornwall, london, essex, BOLTON……………………..rickp

    1. Yes – Keith as a proud Bolton fan (of 28 years) it is hardly surprising that you are used to mediocrity both on the pitch and in your kit room

  13. I really like this top , been a bolton fan 25 years , and im proud to wear the super white armys top no matter what it looks like, could be worse could support man urinal and have the same top every year just a different colour.

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