Are You Excited For The FA Cup Final?

For the second time in four years, we are presented with an FA Cup devoid of a big four team (you can thank Yaya Toure for that, or perhaps Michael Carrick). Let me preempt any comments about a “new big four” by saying that I’m going to oblige King Kenny’s Liverpool team and stick to the original big four. By the way, I refer to Kenny Dalglish as ‘King Kenny’ purely out of endearment. As a Chelsea fan, I can honestly say for the first time that another emotion besides bitterness flows through me when I think about Liverpool. That’s all to do with Kenny, but I digress.

Interestingly, I picked Manchester United and Bolton for the final. Clearly I wasn’t going out on a limb. I’m curious to know what you guys think about the upcoming FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Stoke City (get the latest FA Cup odds through sports betting at BetUS). I remember back to the anticipation surrounding the Portsmouth versus Cardiff final a couple years back. However, I, like many, don’t actually remember the game very well. It was pretty obvious that while many of us were intrigued by the idea of a smaller club winning the trophy, we weren’t nearly as up for the game as we usually would have been had Chelsea been facing Manchester United. I think there’s a similar situation here.

The passionate side of me is attracted to the type of jubilation demonstrated by two teams who were clearly desperate to win the cup. The sight of the stern Tony Pulis frolicking along the sideline was truly touching. However, even so, I can’t see myself counting down the days to see Manchester City and Stoke face-off. I’m sure it will be a hard-fought match and naturally exciting given the occasion, but neither of these teams are particularly stimulating. Manchester City, while pushing into the top echelon of English football, are arguably the dullest team in league. If Mancini lines up with four defense midfielders I might just turn off the TV.

Essentially, the question rests on one’s desires. Would you rather see the usual contenders for the cup or have a relative outsider win? I’m sure I’ll plan to catch Stoke’s first FA Cup Final in 148 years, but I can see the event simply slipping my mind.

What do you think? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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