Luke Rodgers Vs. Landon Donovan, War of Words

After a fantastic match late Saturday night, the talk of the country was the offensive and attacking display from both LA Galaxy and the New York Red Bulls. During the game, there was some animosity shown by Luke Rodgers who was very angry at Landon Donovan for his behavior of working the referee.

What everyone remembers in the 70th minute of the game was Luke Rodgers going after the ball and trying to poke it past Donovan Ricketts, but Ricketts got the ball and Luke Rodgers did try to hold up his lunging attempt. After an apology from Rodgers both men shook hands and that looked to be the end of it, but Landon Donovan went up to the referee asking for some form of punishment and Rodgers held up his hand and did the talking muppet motion.

On Monday, May 9th the Red Bulls met with the local New York media to give their reports about their opinions of the game and none were more vocal than Luke Rodgers as he was very upset at how Donovan worked the officials all match long. Apparently after Thierry Henry scored in the fourth minute he was already screaming at the near side assistant that the play was offside.

Every time there was a Galaxy player fouled Donovan kept on working the officials and when Rodgers apologized to Ricketts, Donovan came over wanting him sent off and that’s when he had enough. He talked to the NY Post’s Brian Lewis at Montclair State about the situation. “In this league, he’s a respected person, but he’s telling Titi to (screw) off” said Rodgers, “The kid’s a (*$%@#)head. I don’t care. I just think the kid’s a (friggin’ jerk). I tackled the keeper. He’s running [the] whole length of the field to tell the ref I should be sent off. He needs to be a bit more humble.”

More came from Rodgers who was not happy about Donovan’s actions on the field. “I just think he talks too much. You don’t need to. Put it this way, someone like him, he’s done OK for himself, played in MLS, scored a lot of goals, he’s in all-star teams, played in the Premiership and I know people in the Premiership who say he’s done really well when he was there. You’ve got people looking up to him, and he’s trying to get people sent off. Is there one rule for him and one rule for the rest of us?”

What was the response from Donovan after all of this happened? From his Twitter account he replied, “I’m confused; who is Luke Rogers?” After he re-watches the game tape, I think Landon will know who he is. But after a wonderful game that showed plenty of heart and plenty of scoring chances this type of fire and war of words will be lingering before the Galaxy makes their cross country trip to the New York City area on Sunday night, August 28th. I know that the fireworks will be ready for the return leg and it should be another cracker of a game.

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  1. Two things:

    One, I thought the top spending teams in the league being on top would be annoying….boy was I wrong ?…..OR boy was I wrong !
    I am not sure which I mean.
    The game was great, big names played well and so did the no-names plus the banter has been funny.
    After Henry was picked clean and the announcers still had to talk about how great he is, like they hadn’t had any opportunities in his great game before that…..and the banter has been tacky.

    Two, I love Luke Rodgers. Am I going to hate him for being an idiot soon ?

    1. Untill Rodgers does something very rash, I say you should keep on liking him. MLS needs some one like him.

  2. Luke Rodgers should just go back to jersey and quietly sip his energy drink. yea maybe Donovan was being annoying trying to buddy up the ref to get him sent off but football isnt about words, its about skill and if he wants any respect he needs to shut up and just play. he’s doing very well he shouldnt let the energy drink get to his head.

    1. Not sure if your talking about the right guy. Everyone in America saw how much of a cry baby Donovan, such a shame from such a talent.

  3. Couple of points:
    Firstly, what’s up with all the parentheses in the Luke Rodgers quotation? Are the words in parentheses things he actually said, things the NY Post interpreted him to have said, Feuerstein’s interpretation of what he said, weird translations of quirky slang words that he said, or what? For example, in the sentence “In this league, he’s a respected person, but he’s telling Titi to (screw) off” what is the significance of the parentheses around the word “screw”. Did he actually say that, or is it a substitute for a more vulgar word?

    Secondly, Donovan comes out of this badly in my eyes (not that he cares, of course). To say “Who’s Luke Rodgers?” is the kind of phoney big-man talk that minor celebs pull when they walk into a restaurant with no reservation and say “Don’t you know who I am??” when they get told to wait for table. If Donovan is such a big man, he should have just not even bothered to address the matter on twitter, as it would be beneath him (not to mention the fact that whether you’re a big man, or just a regular man, Twitter is beneath us all).

    Donovan’s response is also kind of sad because he should be humble enough to know better than that. His whole career has been a story of “Who’s Landon Donovan?” for most of the world, so to see him stoop to the same kind of response is kind of pathetic.

    Of course, the question “Who is Luke Rodgers” also invites the Landon Donovan-critic in me to reply: “Well he’s some fourth division Notts County-caliber journey man who isn’t even a household name in his own family…but he’s playing at the same level as you, ‘the greatest American soccer player of all-time’, so maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to talk trash”

    1. Landon and Rodgers are playing at the same level ?
      What are you smoking ?

      If I am starting a team out of MLS, LD is in contention for my first choice to build around. Luke R. doesn’t make the top 100.

      Landon will make the Best XI again this year and has won more than one MLS Cup in his past.

      1. By the same level, I meant in the same league. Both playing at teams with the same kind of stature, and similar chances of winning anything. I didn’t mean they are equally as good as each other, or that they’re both the best players in the league.

        1. Luke Rodgers was picked up as a bargain by a New York team fighting the a salary cap. The fact that he’s doing well here has less to do with his innate skill and ability and more to do with New York’s collective resurgence this season. Honestly, you could put anyone in Rodgers’ position and have his goal output increase substantially.

          That said, Donovan was doing the one thing EVERY EPL captain does. Don’t believe me? Just watch an EPL match. On top of that, Donovan harassing a referee to keep players honest and safe come out of a) The Galaxy receiving some horrendous calls (and non-calls) so far this season; and b) The rash of ugly challenges ending otherwise all-star seasons. If a referee listens to Donovan as opposed to a no-name Rodgers and starts to police a field more strictly, then Donovan will have done the entire league a huge service.

          1. Oh no doubt, Donovan was just doing what every captain (and many non-captains) in the EPL (and many other leagues) do, I don’t dispute that. Although I think it’s a pretty sad spectacle no matter who does it – the captain should be allowed to respectfully ask the referee for clarifications etc, not chase him screaming like a mad-man. If I was a ref I would send off any idiot who acted like that, whether it was LD, Luke Rodgers, Ryan Giggs or Xavi. It’s not a captain’s job to advise the referee on how to ref the game.

            I just think the whole “Who is Luke Rogers anyway?” thing is particularly poor form from LD.

          1. No, not really. I think you’re getting too defensive. I’m perfectly happy that he’s playing in the US.

          2. Put it this way, if some lippy little gobsh*te called Bob Smith from some local amateur team was trash-talking LD to try and make a name for himself, then LD would be quite entitled to say “Who the hell is Bob Smith, anyway?”. If you or I played a game against LD, badly tried to fool him with our Sunday Pub-League skills, and triedto talk smack, LD would be entitled to say “who the hell is Dave C/Charles?”. Likewise, if a guy was talking trash after walking away from a 6-0 hiding, then LD could put him in his place like that. Patronizing some big-mouth with ideas above his station like that is funny and deserved.

            But I don’t think he’s in a position to be condascending/patronizing towards someone who is playing in the same league, with a similar chance of a trophy, who has just come away with a 1-1 tie really works. It just makes LD look desperate.

    2. parenthesis probably means the word was substituted. Rodgers prob said F*ck off instead of screw off

      Donovan was only being funny and cheeky and thats the way he is. We love him for it. You can argue and bitch all you want about Donovan during the MLS, like all the Galaxy haters do. But when any US mnt match comes on you fall in love with the best player we ever had. so kindly stfu

      1. Oh dear stop stroking your’s and LD’s ego. While he is the main player on the men’s national team I’m not going to grovel for LD. He has had as many Houdini disappearances as prominent successes for the national team (Sorry…won’t count CONCACAF regional games as shining successes but as expected results).

        Talented? Yes. Done well for himself? Yes. Can he get away with panty in knots tirades? Yeah but it shows just how much of a sissy he can be. LD imitates that kid in high school who is all sophisticated and quiet once the real tough guys step into the room. Around people he feels he can bully though…

        This Yank will always root for the US but I would just love to see LD try to say something to Rodgers one-on-one. He’ll get (what’s the colloquialism now?) … pwned! Acts like a spoiled little punk.

  4. Dave C: Everything I got from the Quotes is what was said by Luke Rodgers from Brian Lewis of the NY Post. I have to give credit to the man as he was there to get those words that were said by Luke Rodgers. If I didn’t give Mr. Lewis credit for getting those quotes, then it’s called Plagiarizing.

    Yes some of the things that weren’t writable is called sensorship. You have to clean it up so there won’t be any issues. Question me all you want, but here’s the thing I sit in the press box with some of the greatest writers in the NYC area for some of the great Newspapers in the city. I talk to them and show them respect. So when I’m not available to get the information, I have to give credit to those that do.

    Why are you always assuming that there is a conspiracy going on when I write an article? This infromation is from a man that writes for the sports pages of the NY Post. If I can’t bring to light what was said then MLS Talk wouldn’t be aware of this. Just go back to the EPL Talk site as you are not an MLS supporter.

    1. Oooh, someone’s cranky.

      Calm down, I was simply asking a question about the words in parentheses – I certainly didn’t mean it to be a criticism of your article, and I wasn’t questioning the credited source of the quotation. I just wasn’t clear as to whether Luke Rogers had spoke those words, or if they had been inserted by yourself or Brian Lewis. To be honest I’m still not entirely sure.

      Why are you always assuming that there is a conspiracy going on when I write an article?
      What? Please point me towards a single post I have ever made in which I have suggested any “conspiracy”? I can’t imagine what kind of conspiracy I could ever have accused you of.

      Just go back to the EPL Talk site as you are not an MLS supporter.
      Wow you really are touchy today.
      Firstly, I’m not sure it’s up to you to determine whether or not I’m an MLS supporter, nor why that is relevant.

      Secondly, does this website get enough page hits for you to be actively discouraging participation from anyone? I imagine I’m probably amongst the top-ten most frequent commentors on this website. And you want to tell me to go home just because you over-react to a fair question about writing style? I guess you must not want those ad-clicks and page-views.

      Thirdly, this is the internet. You put stuff out there in public, it’s gonna get viewed, and it’s gonna get criticized (and again, my comment wasn’t criticism, it was just a genuine question). You can’t tell people to “go back to EPL Talk” – people can visit whatever pages they like.

  5. Haha, energy drink…

    As a USA MNT/Galaxy fan, I will be the first to admit that this is not the first and will not be the last of Landon Donovan’s immature behavior. He just doesn’t know how to take insult and be quiet. For example, look at his tweets after the US lost the World Cup bid (“I have an idea … we play Qatar in a friendly (they can even host it), and the winner gets to host the 2022 WC … wait, do they even have a team?”) and now this little kindergarten spat with Luke RoDgers (“I’m confused; who is Luke Rogers?”).

    Back in 1988 when the US was chosen for the 1994 World Cup, the USA was not the “popular” choice. In terms of soccer, the US was a third-world soccer nation, much like Qatar is nowadays. Luke Rodgers is spot on with his criticism of Donovan’s lack of humbleness. Now that the US has grown into a second-world soccer nation does not give it nor its players the right to question the competitive nature of a third-world soccer nation. If Donovan doesn’t know that Qatar has a team, then he’s making a claim of fact that he has no idea about, which is irresponsible and immature.

    Intentionally misspelling and acting like he doesn’t know who Rodgers is is just silly. I absolutely guarantee Bruce Arena has provided the team with extensive scouting reports, including reports on individual players. Again, if Landon doesn’t know at least the name, mind you the quick facts, on an upcoming opponent, then as a professional soccer player that’s irresponsible and immature.

    Luke Rodgers is not a US MNT player and not on the Los Angeles Galaxy so I won’t comment on him. I don’t like him, I don’t hate him. I’m no interested in other teams or other teams’ players. What I will say is that I don’t follow Rodgers’ logic in Donovan being an accomplished soccer player, yet trying to get people sent off, saying “Is there one rule for him and one rule for the rest of us?”. In my opinion, Donovan is NOT a dirty player and can’t ever remember him getting sent off. But Rodgers foul on Donovan Ricketts could have resulted in a yellow card. The fact that Donovan ran the length of the field to argue the call and ruling on the pitch, does not imply that Donovan is exempt to hard fouls, punishable by a yellow card. In this specific play, Donovan’s simply making a case and Rodgers took it a little too personal and went to the media.

  6. Interesting that both sides can be right.

    Donovan is a jerk. Rodgers is a flunked out League 1 guy.

    The pro-Red Bull spin isn’t necessary, though understandable.

    1. This wasn’t a pro Red Bull Spin article Earl. Everyone is talking about it. It had to be discussed and if the MLS extratime podcast was discussing it including Twitter & Facebook, MLS Talk has to be discussing it as well. If Luke Rodgers provides the content, I have to report it.

      You should know that.

  7. I’m a Galaxy supporter so I obviously support Landon on this but regardless this is FANTASTIC for MLS. NY and LA is the main rivalry of the two best teams in the league in the two biggest markets. This sorta stuff will help grow the rivalry that can rival United v Liverpool or Barca v Madrid one day

    1. I understand how this is a rivalry and IRS good for the league and stuff but can we get off the whole every single little scruffle thing is “good for the league”? I mean really we don’t need to over hype everything in order to appear good this isn’t WWE

    2. LA has no rivalry with New York. Sorry to burst your bubble. I refuse to paint the two (current) first-place teams with the biggest star power as “natural rivals.”

      The closest thing LA has to a historic rival is DC United, when back in the 90s the two clashed often for the league’s best honors.

      But since, LA’s most hated rival (or non-rival, depending on how you look at it) is cross-town Chivas USA. This is a rivalry built upon existence alone as Chivas are seen as interlopers by Galaxy fans and, I’m assuming, players. These matches typically get ugly and get ugly fast.

      In the last five years, though, I’d say LA’s biggest quality rivalry has been with Real Salt Lake. The two are polar opposites of each other in several aspects – and both continually fight for who gets to carry the banner of the league.

      The problem with RSL is that their name won’t pull in the casual viewer – and many foreign fans might not know where the city is! So of course, while it’s in the league’s best interest to have their two biggest markets clash, to suggest it’s a rivalry in a non-manufactured way is wishful thinking at this time.

  8. OT (since there is no Open Thread here)

    MLS Cup to be played in Los Angeles/Pasadena FOR THE FIFTH TIME!

    I wonder if MLS should play its final game in cities -and stadia- that doesn’t belong to the league circuit, such as Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Las Vegas or Phoenix. In a way to avoid cold weather and promote the game in cities that does not have the opportunity to follow the league closely.

      1. I definitely think that is something worth trying. The MLS Cup here in Detroit? I bet you’d sell a lot of tickets since there are lots of soccer fans here without a team above 4th Division.

    1. I think the final should alternate between Las Vegas and an east coast location (Orlando?) for the next 20 years.

  9. Ok, I tried to reply directly to Dan Feuerstein’s angry comeback, but it didn’t publish for some reason (maybe there is some kind of conspiracy going on…).

    I’ll try and post a brief recap of what I said.

    I didn’t question you or criticize you in anyway, so I think your angry response was unwarranted and a little hysterical.

    I had a genuine question about the way you had written the quotation from Luke Rodger’s quotation. I was not sure what the parentheses meant, and despite your response, I still don’t really understand.

    Why are you always assuming that there is a conspiracy going on when I write an article?
    Please point me towards a single comment where I have ever suggested some kind of conspiracy by anyone. I can’t even imagine what kind of conspiracy you suggest I have accused you of.

    Just go back to the EPL Talk site as you are not an MLS supporter.

    1. It’s not for you to decide whether or not I’m an MLS supporter.
    2. Whether I’m an MLS supporter or not, I can still comment on the website. That is the beauty (and the flaw) of the internet. If you’re that sensitive to criticism (and again, my comment was not even criticism), then maybe you shouldn’t publicize articles for public consumption and feedback.
    3. Why are you discouraging somebody from reading MLS Talk? Don’t you want page-hits and ad-clicks?

    1. I don’t mind a good debate Dave C. I can discuss anything you want, but how is it that you are commenting on what I write constitutes as conspiracy. The other parts of your comment is discussing the actions of Donovan & Luke Rodgers. I never touched it. So please understand where I’m coming from.

      1. I can discuss anything you want, but how is it that you are commenting on what I write constitutes as conspiracy.

        I don’t know what you mean by this. You’re the one who previously said “Why are you always assuming that there is a conspiracy going on when I write an article?”

        I have never accused you or anyone of being part of some conspiracy. It is bizaarre to suggest that I’ve ever assumed you’re part of a conspiracy. I can’t begin to imagine what kind of conspiracy you think I may have implicated you in (MLS Talk faked the moon-landings? Donovan and Feuerstein killed Kennedy? I don’t know…)

        I just asked a genuine question about the quotation. I know you’re touchy about spelling/grammar issues because people often criticize you on that front, but I think you overreacted big-time on this issue. FWIW, I recently posted a comment on one of your articles complimenting you because your grammar, spelling and writing style seem to have really improved recently.

  10. Oh great, now my comment posts twice. Note to moderator: you can delete my comments at 4:23 pm and 4:26pm if the first one stands.

  11. I love the USMNT. I”m no yank basher and I love the MLS and support it and would love to see the growth continue. So with that perspective out there…Donovan is a crybaby. He gets away with so much verbal abuse it’s absolutely passes the bounds of sportsmanship. Putting it plainly…he’s spoiled by the league and has a big fish in a small pond behavior.

    All the interviews with Rodgers seem to suggest to me that he’s an okay chap and I’m glad to have him in the league. Donovan shouldn’t be deriding a foreigner who has taken a chance with the MLS. He may be a third rate player in some people’s eyes (not mine) but what does that say about the league then. If Donovan is some sort of quasi-ambassador/spokesperson then it’s classless. If he’s a rank and file player…it’s classless.

    The tweet that read “Who’s Luke Rodgers?” can be duplicated by any Bundesliga fans…”Who’s Landon Donovan?” A little humble pie is in order.

    1. You should be feeding Luke Rodgers some comebacks. That was perfect.

      But I HATE when people call MLS a small pond. IT IS OUR LEAGUE.
      Get that into your heads people. We live here and it is our league. Have some pride. Just because Donovan can play on a team that finished only 25 points back in the EPL doesn’t mean he should or that playing in MLS is a BAD decision.

      I actually think it is the opposite of a bad decision. I think playing on a team with zero chance of winning ever is a terrible decision. Maybe not money wise but in every other way. There are plenty that disagree.

      But no matter what your opinion, you should be able to understand his decision in our country….and not have to belittle OUR LEAGUE while talking about it.

      1. My comments weren’t meant as derision of the league. I agree with you whole-heartedly about the league. We have a well defined and quality product in MLS.

        Donovan’s mentality is “big fish in a small pond”. He’ll get away with most stuff (including dumb Twitter comments) and he knows it. It’s just that even dumb Twitter comments can be interpreted to mean that the league is wanting to bring the like of “Who’s That” Rodgers. That’s what I meant. My mistake.

        I’ll add that truth is truth. If LD had succeeded in the Bundesliga early in his career he would have stayed there longer. He uses the socal lifestyle and climate as pretext. Love the USMNT and am a fan of MLS but LD’s princess tirades and diva moods have to go.

        1. I think you should let his USMNT performances disassociate your “big fish in a small pond” theory. LD scored as many goals as the whole English National did in the World Cup. Please keep in my the US and England were in the same group. If he’s a “semi-good” player, than England is a mediocre nation when it comes to soccer. He played in Germany as a substitute.

          LD probably didn’t receive the same youth development as someone like Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard, yet he went to the Premier League and automatically and quickly made impact. I’m not a fan of the Galaxy or a big fan of LD, but Euro-snobbery is like screeching nails to me. I should also note that I’m an SJ Earthquakes….me defending Donovan of the Galaxy is how much Esnonnery like that annoys me.

          1. I get your point.

            I think it, in part, proves mine. LD is surrounded by opposing players who have had as much, if not more, success as he has when he plays for the USMNT. I don’t see that “big fish in a small pond” attitude then. I see it in MLS games. He acts like a bully basically.

            LD is a good player. Not arguing that. But I’m not buying the rationale for LD being this amazing thing. Comparing him to England and their performance at the last world cup isn’t a comparable thing. In that case, he’s also better than the nation of France and their soccer is mediocre as well.

            Don’t forget also that LD’s world cup performance wasnt’ this greatness personified junk. He had a great dramatic goal that will be played for years to come (I was going nuts myself). But he wasn’t this stellar player for the four games. He disappeared for enourmous parts of the game.

            Euro-snobbery? I hate it too. I’m not posting to show Europe’s supposed superiority. I hate that we have to judge everything in US Soccer through that prism. I was measuring LD’s performance in one of their leagues. Yeah, he was a substitute. He didn’t make it to first team play. That’s exactly my point. So that’s one of the many reasons why his “Who’s that?” comment comes across as a lame, childish, and classless thing.

          2. Yeah I don’t think calling some one a “big fish in a small pond” is a slur on their actual abilities – it simply means that his abilities and reputation are superior to those of most of his colleagues/opponents in the MLS. The fact that Donovan has performed well in the World Cup or in the EPL doesn’t disprove the notion of him being a big fish in a small pond. If anything, it reinforces it – he’s a player capable of doing well in the WC/EPL, but he’s “slumming it” alongside relative journeymen like Luke Rodgers, etc etc.

        2. Thanks OZ, I hope that I wasn’t too harsh, just a sore spot for me, as I defend MLS and US Soccer.

          I was there when the US didn’t produce any big fish, now we have a league full of them…..enjoy the games, they were great this weekend.

  12. New York Cosmos fans at it again. I hope they get their application for MLS 20 approved, they will be a breath of fresh air to the league. All over the internet their supporters ( I think they are Borough Boys) are spamming and absolutely destroying RedBull supporters, or to quote them Harrison SodaCow Fans! They are making fools of what they would refer to as the Evil Austrian Beverage Company, the North Jersey Energy Drinks, or the Harrison Sodacows. New York Cosmo supporters are like the Geordies of North America to the RedBulls Mackems. Absolute top class. hope your energy, passion, and humor are in MLS soon. Good Luck and hope to see “Twice in a Lifetime”!

  13. If you check the Redbull fansites(Viper Nest-Once a Metro), the NY Cosmos supporter groups are launching an assault all over the internet, and are quite good at it! They are quite funny actually, I feel bad for the Viper, Sam, and Corrales fellows, wonder if they can take it to the authorities, although the Cosmos blokes are funnier than they are malicious.Instead of banning (running) from them, they should engage them. Healthy banter in football is quite normal every place else. Makes that boring lot in New Jersey interesting. It must feel like they are in school getting picked on again. Geordies versus Mackems you say, understand the comparison, but lets not go over the top lads. Luke Rodgers has seemed to misplace his bottle rockets again, anyone have his bail fund yet?

  14. Thanks for the support we are building around our application to be granted permission to be MLS 20th club. Things are moving along nicely with the application process and we expect to have our side on the pitch in the top tier in 2012. About the Harrison SodaCows, we are having a laugh, obviously at their expensebut they cant compare to us in knowledge, history or passion for the beautiful game. Twice in a Lifetime, New York Cosmos reborn in 2012!

  15. Good Luck to absolute top class support in the NY Cosmos supporters. La Galaxy and Harrison Sodascow (LOL) not a derby, but New York and New Jersey may have something there. Best wishes to the New York Cosmos football club and their fantastic supporters!

  16. Oh Crap! Can I go surfing the net on MLS sites without these Cosmos people having a say. Get a TEAM FIRST. Orlando City may have passed you guys by, why don’t you attack them and spam their websites. You guys are all probably those buttholes who did’nt like the rebranding hjen RedBull took over. How about thanking the RedBull company for saving the team and building one of the best stadiums in the world! Let the Metrostars stuff go already, who else could you be?! Ny Cosmos, PLEASE, failed experiment 20 years ago, doomed to fail now! This is’nt the NASL, it’s MLS. Anyone who has purchased the retrogear probably is wearing bell bottms with that silly Cosmos kit with long oily hair and a bad bushy mustache!

  17. Yeah, Garber wants to put a club in a town thats famous for a six foot mouse and a rollercoaster, not the greatest city and American association football these shres has ever seen. time to drink your Redbull, sound like it may wake you up!

  18. Put a f@#king club back in Miami already. It’s Barca bankrolling the thing for Christs Sake! New York can’t even support the Redbull club, nevermind the silly Cosmos. You are both mentally unfit!

    1. But Ray. I thought you were happy to see the return of the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers. You said so when they made that fantastic announcement before the NASL season started. Oh wait, your the @NotRayHudson guy, aren’t you.

  19. For all your astute analysis on Redbull New York, none of which is fact based, consider this. Without the jealous, juvenile insults that New York Cosmos supporters have perfected all over MLS websites, heck of a way to build support by the way boys, consider these FACTS (hope I dont sound like a Rafa Benitez rant). New York Redbulls have raised the bar on other MLS clubs by spending good money on quality footballers-fact. Redbull Corporation has set the standard on what a soccer specific stadium should look like and be-fact. Redbulls use New York in their crest because they represent the New York metropolitan area, not just New Jersey, they DO draw support from New York as well, explaining Redbull Arena’s location-fact. They have also proved the MLS critics wrong that foreign ownership and club management don’t understand, therefore cannot be successful in MLS handling the draft and wage cap. Mr. Soler & Backe have acquired quality European talent (Tannio, Lindpere, Solli, Rodgers) without using DP slots to acquire them. Instead of using NYRB fc as some kind of punchline, if you are really MLS fans , you should be grateful for this classy, well run club. But you dont have an MLS club yet, so your presence means nothing. You live in the past Cosmos supporters, you should consider staying there. Cheers!

  20. Oh and to get back on topic, Luke Rodgers is just as quality a player as Landycakes thusfar this season, at a fraction of the price. Another one of Mr. Backe’s ingenious personnel decisions. How can anyone in the New York area that is a footy supporter not like these guys?

  21. What a load of crap, rodgers should of let off a firework in donovans face! lool, It just goes to show how shit the quality of football is in america, we send a hasbeen over from one of our lower leagues and he scores loads of goals! , get a grip americans go back to playing indoor football!!

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