Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 36: Open Thread

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Six hours of continuous Premier League action is not a bad way to begin a Sunday. Kicking off at 7am ET is the West Midlands derby between Wolverhampton Wanderers and West Bromwich Albion. Needless to say, three points are vital for Mick McCarthy’s side today against a West Brom team that continues to float up the table.

Following the early kick-off is the 9am match between Stoke City and Arsenal. Regular readers of EPL Talk will know that Stoke City supporters are really looking forward to this one and will raise a ruckus at the Britannia Stadium, one of the loudest grounds in the Premier League. Arsenal will want to grab an early goal in this one and kill the game off early. This match could end up being the most entertaining of the day.

Third and finally is Manchester United against Chelsea, which is always a massive fixture and is even more so today with the outcome having a profound impact on the Premier League title race. In this particular match, I’ll be glad to see it kick off so the talking can be done on the pitch. There’s been a lot of comments made by both Chelsea fans and Manchester United fans this week about referee Howard Webb and how his appointment has already sealed the fate of the match before it’s kicked off. I think that’s balderdash.

You know the drill. Before, during or after the Premier League matches today, use the thread below to rant, rave, question or observe anything Premier League-related. Enjoy your Saturday of football, Premier League style.

49 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 36: Open Thread”

  1. Same here. sucks! tried sending them an email and couldn’t do that either. They are getting from bad to worse.

  2. Another dropped ball from Time to drop them. No live content, can’t send them an email, web pages not working. Terrible!

    1. Not sure. It’s not working on the FoxSoccer iPhone app either. Looks like there’s a problem with the website because nothing is coming up when I click on ‘Upcoming.’

      The Gaffer

  3. Thanks Wilson for the score. I cannot believe I’m paying for this crap service. You’re right you cannot even send them an email as that doesn’t even work from their Contact Us link.

  4. Gaffer, the Contact Us form doesn’t work either. As soon as you complete the form and click Submit you get a message that there was a problem. Terrible service.

  5. Is this the message you guys are gtting on
    Oops! Sorry, something went wrong
    We couldn’t find the page you were looking for.

    Nothing is working on their site this morning. Really pissed as I’m a Wolves fan and cannot enjoy the game they’re winning. Aaaarghhhhhh!

  6. Same issues for me. Thankfully I was able to find another “free stream”. Don’t know why I bother with

  7. Yeah I am having problems also guys. This started last night actually. I sent them a email last night and this morning and never got a answer at all.

  8. For Arsenal, another goal conceded from a set piece. Fifty six percent of the goals Arsenal have conceded have been from set plays this season. A worrying trend.

    The Gaffer

  9. Arsenal deserves all the scorn and laughter of its critics, with yet another despicable performance. What a flawed, flawed club as of late. Next season can’t come fast enough.

  10. Feel sorry for all Arsenal fans. What a letdown so far after the solid performance last week. This has been an Arsenal staple for the last several years, it seems…

    1. It’s tough to have to sit through it, but in a weird way I don’t think today’s result was the worst thing in the world.

      If the last memory of the season had been the victory over United, maybe it would have been possible to overlook the obvious flaws that killed the season. This will be a good, if bitter, reminder of what needs to be addressed.

  11. Is there a more frustrating team than Arsenal? When will Wenger realise that he has a problem. The man is too stubborn. Six years without any silverware is unacceptable.

  12. Given that Ferguson ahs praised the appointment of Webb as referee for the big game today it’s all but over for Chelsea. Webb is the most pro United ref there is in the EPL. No wonder Fergie is all smiles. Too bad. I’ll still watch it though.

  13. Referee bias or not United will dump Chelsea 3-0 at least. There’s no way Chelsea can handle Giggs, Rooney and Chicarito. Valencia and Nani will be too good for the Chelsea wingbacks. Chelsea will not score against United’s strong defence.

  14. I am really starting to worry about the mental health of some Manchester United supporters. These predictions are just ridiculous.

    1. I know right? It’s almost as if every United supporter should expect their club to lose. That would make much more sense.

  15. How bout some praise for Stoke? Already having achieved safety, with an FA Cup Final a week away.. they go with their “A” side and thrash Arsenal at the Brittania. For my money, Tony Pulis is manager of the year and his accomplishments in 3 years at Stoke are borderline historic. In their first year up they were viewed as the ‘Blackpool’ of their promotion clash. Keep in mind this little squad has virtually no debt and still has one of the lowest payrolls in the EPL.

    Full credit to Pulis for having to listen to Arsene Wenger bash him for 3 years for playing negative hi-way one football only to have Wenger resort to the same style by bringing Bendtner in to the game and going 4-4-2 to even try and beat Stoke today.

    1. “Hi-way 1”??? That’s an awesome Americanism of “route one”, which is referred to as such for a particular cultural reason. Funny though!

  16. Arsenal had a pretty awful game. Stoke played well.

    Still in the bigger picture Man City and Spurs had far worse weekends with worse implications for their season. But Arsenal will still get most of the bad press and scorn.

  17. The fans in green and gold jerseys/scarves celebrating this thing on TV after paying 150 pounds to get a ticket are some of the stupidest fans I’ve seen in my life.

    Full marks to Man U. But seriously.. enough with the green/gold crap. AMERICAN sports fans wouldn’t care if their team was owned by extra terrestrials as long as they were winning championships and bringing in good players. These douchebags need to stop, or stop showing up to the games.

    1. I agree that it’s hypocritical and counterproductive to the cause to attend matches if they’re anti-Glazer.

  18. Just got back from the Britannia Stadium. Chants of the day:

    1-0,2-0,3-1 To the rugby team

    You’re just a sh*t Barcalona, sh*t Barcalona

    Swing low sweet chariot (England rugby anthemn)

    I bet you saw that, I bet you saw tha-at, Arsene Wenger I bet you saw that (When a Stoke player commited a foul)

    He didn’t see that, he didn’t see tha-at, Arsene Wenger he didn’t see that
    (When an Arsenal player committed a foul)

    Stupid French tw*t, stupid French tw*-at, Arsene Wenger you stupid French tw*t (Just in general)

    Pleased with our performance, well refereed, Arsenal didn’t turn up on or off the pitch. A nice, easy warm up for next week.

    Keep an eye out for me at Wembley next week if you’re watching!

      1. ahaha, yah i was listening to that this morning laughing. you could really hear the, “i bet he saw that” and “he didn’t see that” chants. that’s why stoke fans are some of the best in england for sure. can’t wait to see them take on city in the fa cup final, i think they have a legitimate chance.

  19. It sure is too bad Howard Webb influenced the game so much in United’s favor like a lot of the comments said he was going to…..Oh wait the two biggest calls he blew were in favor of Chelsea. Ivanovic not being sent off and Lampard’s obvious handball that should have been a United penalty.

  20. Fair play to United as they have shown without a doubt that they are champions this year. i thought for the most part the match was played well and Howard Webb do a good if not ok job and United played so well that the title wasn’t decided by a referee decision or any controversy so congrats to united on their 19th ( 12th premier league ) title as next year they will have to give back the title to the Blues ! KTBFFH

  21. United definitely deserved the win. They outplayed Chelsea when it counted and should have scored at least 3 more. United played like they were the ones needing a victory and Chelsea were out of sorts from the beginning.

    I hope people will stop saying that Ashley Cole is one of the best lefbacks in the world. He is way overrated and cannot defend if his life depended on it.

    Congrats to United! United are now the most successful EPL team as far as domestic titles are concerned, 19 to Liverpool’s 18. Maybe after they beat Barcelona they will be closer to overtaking Liverpool in Europe as well.

  22. agreed. this was the most awful match and it really summed up our season. but surely there are a lot of arsenal hating tw*ts here.
    we have gone through many trophyless periods longer than this. we will definitely bounce back.

    congratulations to man utd.

    and also to stoke. is this your first fa cup final in???
    oh my!!!!! its more than six years.

  23. United deserved to win that game and deserve to win the title. Hope they can play like this against Barcelona and win the champions league aswell. Giggs organising and creating in center midfield could be the golden ticket for that fixture!

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