FIFA 11 Predicts Outcome of Manchester United vs Chelsea Match

In April, Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti declared that the title race wasn’t over yet. And he was right. Tomorrow will be a defining moment where we’ll see whether Chelsea can make a run for it, or whether United will get the edge they need to clinch the title next week. Or not.

EA Sports has put together a FIFA 11 simulation of what it thinks will happen on Sunday between Man United and Chelsea at Old Trafford.

What do you think? Do you agree with the prediction? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

30 thoughts on “FIFA 11 Predicts Outcome of Manchester United vs Chelsea Match”

  1. United will win, unless once again officialdom makes the result with favourable Chelsea decisions. I believe United will win 2-0.

  2. That would have been the score if Howard Webb wasn’t officiating. With Webb in charge it will be United 2 – Chelsea 1. One of those goals for United will be a penalty.

    The FIFA predictor should take the referee into account.

  3. I wonder how well the FIFA predictor has done this season. United will handily beat Chelsea 3-0. Rooney and Hernandez will cause all kinds of trouble for Luiz and Terry. Also with Giggs back and rested he will cut open the Chelsea defence time and again. This game won’t even be close. The hype of Chlesea’s resurgence will end here. The Predictor showed Torres starting the game. I don’t think Ancelloti will start both Drogba and Torres. Drogba will start and Torres will enter with United up by 3 which will happen early in the second half. And he will miss two open goals. So much for 50 million pounds worth of junk.

    1. i LOVEEE how Chelsea fans still have that “Hope” to win the league even dough Manchester is just teasing them….

  4. Does the FIFA game take in account the refs helping the Rent Boys win some of those matches on their comeback trail?

    3-1 United. Game. Set. Match. Title.

  5. May the best team win…I’m just hoping to see these guys play well..attack hard. play hard. smooth. each player bringing their best. It’s gonna be a huge game and I’m really excited

  6. Although the pressure may be on us but i still hope we can win this game only by luck!! ’cause it’s 50 50 game for both prediction (man utd vs chelsea-5 1) WE ARE UNITED!!!

  7. Although the pressure may be on us but i still hope we can win this game only by luck!! ’cause it’s 50 50 game for both prediction (man utd vs chelsea-5 1drogba 47 mins.rooney 56,69,85.nani 90+,chica 90+) WE ARE UNITED!!!

    1. So a united team who are struggling to score of late in the league to put 5 past the best defence in the league? Delusional doesn’t even begin to describe you.

  8. from what ive seen so far from both teams i think the fair thing to say now is
    for Manchester United to win with a generous 50-0…..yyeeah
    that seems reasonable….oh and its a good chance that all united players are gona get hat tricks too….even EdWin kus hes a winner… really shure this will be the outcome of toommorow..i already bet my mexican blankets on this one.

  9. Complacency might cost United the title because win/draw is their target while Chelsea who has little to lose will go all out for it searching for a win and will certainly be all bit more aggressive.

  10. My only fear in today’s game is the ref. Webb. His major decisions are always controversial, he is one of the most favoured man on earth, he is overrated, he is not among the 10 good refs in England, yet, they see him as the best. Maybe it’s delibrate, he is just doing the bidding of FA. With his intimidating skills that makes both players and managers to be afraid of him. I pity the two sides in today’s game. Because only webb knows the side that will win.

  11. funny to see all you plastics talking about the ref helping manchester united when you won by 2 ILLEGAL GOALS LAST WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! talk about the ref influencing a game. how soon you forget. of course you lot must think those goals were completely legal.

  12. Ferguson has just announced his team for the game. He has told his team that they should win since they will be playing with 12. Webb has been named to be their utility player for the game.

    Chelsea have no chance!

    1. Now that the match is over its so funny to read all these comments about Howard Webb favoring Manchester United. In my opinion the two biggest calls he got wrong both favored Chelsea. Ivanovich should have been sent off late in the first half, and even worse was the non penalty call on Lampard’s handball early in the second.

  13. U ar all wrong. Manchester United won by 2 to 1. Chelsea has failed to stop d wheel of progress. MANCHESTER 4 LIFE. Up Man Uu!


  15. For all the ref whining, it turned out to be a non-issue in this game. Even more so, Howard Webb was determined to keep all eleven on the field even with Ivanovic late tackling Rooney all game. Game came down to some manhandling of Chelsea’s back line, Luiz was replaced by hafltime for allowing Chicharito all the space in his first goal (officially 36 seconds in the game). Terry lacked pace the whole game and has Essien fill the back line – Chelsea was just too vulnerable in the middle. Alex was a good sub especially in defensive set pieces. Great game to watch.

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