Vote for the Best of the 2010-11 Premier League Season

Today marks the opening of the 2010-11 EPL Awards, an annual competition (now in its third year) that encourages the public to vote for the best of the Premier League season. There are 31 categories this year to choose from to give soccer fans the chance to vote for the best managers, best footballers, blogs, podcasts, online news coverage, Twitterers, video sites and many more.

Hosted and organized by EPL Talk, the 2010-11 EPL Awards runs from now until Sunday, May 22 (the final day of the Premier League season). Winners will be announced on Monday, May 23.

Last week, due to so many quality blogs to choose from, we had a qualification round for the Best EPL Blog category to determine which 4 blogs would make it through to the final round. The final round of voting is now open where readers can choose from the top 20 best Premier League-related blogs.

The nominees for each category were selected by EPL Talk’s writers. Some of the categories feature recommendations from you, the readers.

What makes the EPL Awards different than others is that one, they’re held at the end of the season rather than at the end of the year or mid-season, and two, the winners are selected by you, the readers.

Only one vote per category per person.

Go ahead and vote for the 2010-11 EPL Awards!


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