Poll: Can Chelsea Beat Manchester United Next Sunday?

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Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but if Chelsea beat Manchester United at Old Trafford next Sunday, the Blues will move into first place with a better goal difference, blowing the Premier League title race wide open when everyone thought it was already Manchester United’s.

But at the biggest game of the season next Sunday, who do you think will win? Chelsea or Manchester United? Vote now. And express your opinion and thoughts in the comments section below.

62 thoughts on “Poll: Can Chelsea Beat Manchester United Next Sunday?”

  1. Hahahaha especially Vidic.

    He should be banned for the rest of the season after his hand ball last night

  2. In such a high stakes game I can see a lot of mistakes taking place. Being at home United will manage better and Chelsea’s defence struggles against teams with pace at the front. I can see Hernandez causing Terry and Luiz fits with his movement. This will either end in a draw or a United win. United are unbeatable at home and that record will stay.

    1. Luiz was fortunate to stay on the pitch at SB earlier this year. A fair ref would have sent him off. Hernandez’s and Rooney’s movement on the pitch will cause massive problems for Luiz and Terry.

  3. I think Chelsea has a decent shot at taking the three points. When you look at Man U’s recent fixtures, they failed to score against City and Arsenal and only got one past a weakened Everton side. Of course, they looked great against Schalke but then after watching Bayern pick them apart 4-1 yesterday I don’t think that is saying much.

  4. Chelsea can beat Manchester United but not next week in Old Trafford. Manure are difficult to beat at home so this one will end in a United win. Still, it will keep people talking about a proper title race till next Sunday when it will all end, not mathematically but realistically.

  5. the question is not can chelsea beat MUTD at Old trafford, it’s can they? Lets just hope Ancelotti sticks with his guns and start Drogba over Torres or try playing Drogba behind Torres like United do with Rooney. Drogba is every bit as good a forward as Rooney, if not better. I dont see why Ancelotti is dead set on playing both of them up front instead .

  6. Perhaps Ferguson should have played Giggs instead of resting him for Wednesday against Schalke. Who Knows?

    Arsenal is very inconsistent. A couple weeks ago, you would have thought they were left for dead and then they look like the team that was on top of the table, a great team.

  7. It’s a prize fight and both teams have knock out power. One capitalised mistake or one individual piece for brilliance from anyone could decide it. And of course one piece of referee misjudgement could do it too. Chelsea have nothing to lose and will stick it to them early and so they should. Bear in mind though that ManU slipped last week and may feel vulrerable if Chelsea can thump in an early goal. A JT header from a corner or a Drogba special free kick would set the cat amongst the pidgeons. Hopefully it will be a match to remember!

  8. In the end Chelsea got screwed by the lack of call on Vidic which should clearly have been handball and a red card. A no brainer. Then Chelsea has a bigger hole to play against at OT.

    AND if some wild scenario happens and Arsenal get back level the potential goals they could have scored (they have 68% possession 11-11) could have implications in the goal difference.

    I can’t remember a time or year when so many ref cock ups have affected the premiership. I mean seriously this entire top 3 could be entirely differently rearranged with correct calls, timing or making calls int he first place.

    It’s time to do something about not only the goal line technology, but more officials (why leave it to one guy to run after 22 players on the pitch on his own???

    And most importantly the ability to hand out cards after games! Vidic and Clinchy should be given red cards. Better late than never. They both committed blatant offenses and just because Koy missed it shouldn’t absolve them. It’s time to have football join the 21st century already. Also you’d have less players diving and committing sneaky fouls out of fear of suspensions by the league like here in America.

    1. Easy there, Dave.
      Chelsea benefited hugely from referee’s booboos last weekend as well. Two gifted goals, neither should have stood. 3 points have never come easier.

    2. Dave (dlbags) and all,
      Chelsea can count themselves lucky (again) for getting a win over Tottenham on Saturday, with a 2-1 win in which both Chelsea goals should have been disallowed; so if we’re going to split hairs it probably should have pretty much been over completely by Saturday evening.

      Utd were lucky not to have a penalty given but then Arsenal were as lucky not to have one against them. But in the end the best team won on the day.

      PaulFromMiami – a quick word: Drogba is indeed a good player, so good in fact that he can’t get a game for Chelsea and in all probability he will leave Stamford Bridge at the end of this season. However he is not now, nor has he ever been as good as Rooney. Rooney’s workrate, energy and creativity put him streets ahead of Drogba and most other players. Having said that, I would have Drogba in my side if I was Ancelotti. But then, does he pick the side?

      Final question: i’m in the USA on Sunday next week when Utd play Chelsea. Does anyone know if it will be shown on a channel i’ll get in my Hilton hotel room? I’m in Chicago by the way. Cheers.

      1. There are several good bars downtown to watch the game
        Try Fados or Small Bar

        there are several others but you wont see in your hotel
        it will be on Foxsoccer

        1. Thanks Wayne, just Foxsoccer then?
          I’m due to drive up to Green Bay on Sunday. Any idea if the sports bar chains have Foxsoccer?

    3. “Chelsea fans have created an own category of fan for themselves. You used to have people who never complained about referees. Then people who complain about referee decisions the referee made during the match after it happened. But Chelsea fans are now complaining about referee decisions BEFORE a match has happened.” – The Special One

      If your team needs to have players absent to win, they are truly losers.

  9. Manchester United haven’t lost at home this season and hardly ever lose at home at any time. Therefotre this is going to be a routine win or at worse a draw for United. Chelsea have to attack and that will play right into United’s hand as they are one of the best counterattacking teams in the world. The title will be firmly in United’s hand on Sunday.

    1. Exactly my thoughts when I saw the US game time… one of those issues which should require an emphatic “foot down” sound…

  10. United will lose 3-0 to Schalke, and 2-0 to Chelsea and finish the season with NOTHING. Quadruple my arse.

  11. I expect Chelsea to take advantage of their great form. Their fantastic comeback in the title race gives them a good morale ahead of this title decider. Chelsea will put a lot of pressure on United. I would vote for a close Chelsea win.


    Chelsea have proven time and time again that, while they may have assembled a squad full of world-class talent, their constant relying on misjudged refereeing decisions, coupled with their willingness to accept such poor and scandalous victories, is the reason why they are LEVELS BELOW Manchester United, when you speak of “The Better English Football Team”.

    Sunday’s match has already generated a Superbowl/Wrestlemania/UEFA Champions League Final buzz, and it will undoubtedly be a monumental match for both sets of players. What I, as a United supporter, take issue with is Chelsea fans, and other Anti-United people who quickly disregard United’s 0-loss record at Old Trafford (in ALL competitions) this season, and conclude that United will lose against Chelsea. If games were all decided before they were actually played, there would be no use in you buying a ticket to go watch them, would they?

    Another thing everyone seems to forget is, United don’t absolutely have to win next Sunday. A draw would do just as well, as United would still be top of the log at the end of the match. Of course, we would like our respective teams to win on the day, and hopefully, referee and fair-play permitting, the better team on the day will win.

    All the best to Manchester United FC on Sunday. Go for it now!!!

      1. Yeah, I agree with Dan. Chelsea have had VERY few bad refereeing decisions go in their favour this season. Those two against Spurs, for me, were a long time coming. Every team gets those decisions but every single time Chelsea get one it’s United fans screaming “cheat”. Like the penalty at Stamford Bridge which all of you United fans seem to think it wasn’t a penalty, when Smalling clearly tripped Zhirkov. If it had happened at the other end you would be screaming penalty too. At least when Zhirkov went down he was actually touched unlike the great diving Rooney or Hernandez. Oh and Evra’s rugby tackle on Ramires, classic United refereeing.

        United are the benefiters of awful, terrible and frankly shocking refereeing decisions all the time. I truly loathe United, as do most people in this country who aren’t United fans. They are most certainly the most hated club in the country for a reason (and no, it’s not because they’re successful. Not everyone hates Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal).

        I want Chelsea to win on Sunday. With all my heart. I think they can do it if they decide to turn up. At the end of the day though, even if they don’t win what they have managed to pull off this season is remarkable considering how poor they have been until recently. No United fan can deny what they have achieved, being 15 points behind not so long ago and now having the opportunity to still win the league.

        Bring on the Drog!

  13. United will beat Schalke and they will beat Chelsea next week. They have more experience and quality in depth, and Giggs could have the biggest two games of his life coming up before that silly scandal is revealed in the papers this summer. Its good for football that its a close finish, but United deserve the league this year. As for the champions league, nobody wants to see the diving jokers of Barcelona steal another title. That semi with Real was awful!

  14. The refs are the biggest players in the outcome of the season at this point in time. Chelsea shouldn’t even be where they are now.

  15. Carlo announced his lineup for the game, surprisingly he’s going with a 433 with referee Atkinson sandwiched between Torres and Anelka.
    Ivan Luiz Terry Cole
    Essein Malouda Lampard
    Torre Referee-Atkinson Anelka

  16. I’m sick and tired of all the Manure fans talking about how the refs have helped Chelsea this season. Ask any neutral fan and they will tell you that over the years Manure have benefitted the most from refs. That’s a fact partly because Fergie has a go at them every opportunity he gets. Also, Jeff Winter, a referee who has now retired has said that because of a decision that Fergie didn’t like he complained and the FA made sure he never refereed another Manure game again. Every team has been at the short end of referee decisions but only Manure feel that should never happen to them.

  17. Man United never lose at home and I see that staying as is for their game against Chelsea. United have more depth to their squad and know how to win when the chips are down, especially at home.

  18. United will thrash Chelsea 3-0 so everyone can stop saying how close the title race is. United know how to win at home no matter what the circumstance.

  19. Chelsea gets matches handed to them. Did anybody watch the Spurs match? Game should have ended 1-Nil in Spurs’ favour. Man. United will win at OT and win the league as well.

    1. You are forgetting Chelsea were denied a clear penalty… If you watched the game… Chelsea were the better side.

    2. Saying this as a manure fan, i bet you did not watch arsenal vs manure; where ref intentionally stops arsenal passes from reaching their team mates about three (3) times and like as if that is not enough, denied them of a penalty that was suppose to be accompanied with a red card. Just that arsenal was destined to win that match, otherwise they would have lost it. NOW ASK ME WHY???

  20. Sev, Manchester United have had many a game handed to them over the years. Lots more dubious penalties than most teams. Don’t look at what happened this weekend or the past few weeks.

    This game will be decided by which team plays better on the day. Right now I’d pick Manchester United becuase they are at home where they haven’t lost all season and they know how to win big games. Their midweek game against Schalke doesn’t require them to play their strongest team so United will use the game to tuneup for Sunday’s big showdown. I would never bet against United at home.

    Do Chelsea have a chance. Yes, but not the way they are playing right now. They have been winning but haven’t been very convincing. They struggled to beat a Spurs team that aren’t that good right now (with all due respect to Spurs fans). And Chelsea were at home. So I give very little chance to Chelsea to win it.

  21. Chelsea has a chance to beat manure next sunday and thats all anyone can ask. Manure last lost at home to Chelsea in April 2010 so i don’t think Chelsea will be intimidated. If Manure beats Chelsea next sunday then fair play to them as champions and lets hope that the match isn’t clouded in referee mistakes.

  22. Now that Howard Webb has been named as the head official I would say ManU is on it’s way to number 19. Looking forward to Ryan Babel’s tweet after the match.

  23. Finally Fergie gets his wish, Howard Webb as referee. He is the most pro-United referee around. He is the most inconsistent referee around yet is considered the best in the EPL. Shocking. Anyway, if you’re a Chelsea fan I wouldn’t raise my hopes too high as Webb will make sure United don’t lose. United’s 19th title is on its way!

  24. I agree that with Howard Webb as referee united have the advantage. He is so pro United that it’s not even funny. Too bad the EPL couldn’t get a neutral referee for this big game, like someone from Italy or Germany. I’m afraid Webb will hand it to United.

  25. There’s no chance in hell that Man U will lose with Webb in charge. We should be voting to see how many minutes before United get a penalty. United are definitely winning the title now.

  26. What a bunch of Chelski whiners…ya’ll are worse than femme fatale Barcelona. You get a game handed to you by the ref against the Spurs and then continue whining like you broke a nail…get over it, go the nail salon and whine about the refs there…jeez.

  27. What was the FA thinking by appointing the most biased referee in favor of United for this game?

    Howard Webb has awarded 3 penalties to Man Utd at the last 4 games that he officiated in at old Trafford! 84 of penalties Howard Webb has awarded during his career have been for Man United!

    United win 19th title easily.

  28. I’m not a Chelsea fan. Just telling it like it is. When the referee is the story even before a ball is kicked it’s bad for the sport. Whatever the facts, there is an impression that of all EPL referees that Howard Webb is very pro United. It’s the FA’s fault for appointing Webb knowing that he is considered pro United. I was lsitening to talksport earlier and the discussion was just on this topic, why Webb when he is considered to be so pro United.

  29. Too bad this game that I was so looking forward to is being officiated by Howard Webb. I don’t know why people think he is such a good referee. I think he is very average at best. This game calls for a better referee. Whenever he referees a big game he invariably becomes part of the conversation. Terrible decision by the FA.

  30. Howard Webb?? Damn, might as well just hand it to Manchester and not even play it. Talk about preferential treatment. Doesn’t matter….the best team will win. The way Drogba is playing, I wouldnt bet againt them. And would somebody please tell Christiano “pretty boy” Ronaldo to quit crying!!!

  31. Right after United’s loss to Arsenal, Fergie was immediately at it about referees and how in the big games United don’t get the calls. He also spoke about Chelsea benefitting from the day earlier against Spurs. All this was a masterful stroke by Fergie as it puts him in a win-win situation. If the referee on Sunday gives a decision against United he will say “I told you so”. If the referee gives s decision for United he will say “we deserved a bit of luck after all the decisions going against us in the past”. More importantly he puts pressure on the referee for Sunday. Now that he has Webb officiating he must be all smiles and feels his words after the Arsenal game has borne fruit. Fergie is the master of manipulation.

    One of the soccer writers in England said it is understandable when a manager criticises a referee immediately following a game as the emotions are still high then But its worse for a manager to talk about a referee before a game. That’s what Fergie did. I have a lot of respect for United’s play and and success but have no respect for a manager that’s a sore loser or who tries to manipulate others.

    As a neutral (Everton fan) I know it is going to be hard for Chelsea to win on Sunday but I will be rooting for them. Even under the best of circumstances it would have been hard for Chelsea to beat United at Old Trafford but now with Webb in charge it is going to be doubly difficult.

  32. United crushed Schalke with their top guns rested so I think United will easily beat Chelsea with Rooney, Giggs and company back. United won’t have it as easy as Schalke (they must be the worst CL semifinalist in history) but should still beat Chelsea easily. Even if United don’t play well I don’t see Chelsea beating them and a draw will still give United the title.

    The double awaits United.

  33. Every team benefits from bad calls by the ref. Vidic should have been carded and sent off, but then again, Chelsea got 2 goals that should have been called back.

    Man U will win. Rooney and Hernandez up front, Nani and Velencia on the wings, and Gigs to make it all work smoothly. As for Drogba being better than Ronney. Look at Rooney’s work rate and how he comes back to help on defense. Drogba is a primadonna who flopps to the ground any time anyone even gets close to him. He scores goals (so does Rooney), but that’s it. That and complain to the ref about how he’s always being fouled.

  34. Yes, I am of the opinion that Chelsea will definitely defeat Manchester United if all these conditions are kept. To start with ,Chelsea should always keep someone with great speed up-front to do the finishing. someone like ivanovic should aways be given the chance to overlap steadily.Then he should include mikel in his start line so as to channel right passes to drogba, torres and possibly anelka.
    The coach should see to it that drogba plays for 90 min. And since he has almost accurate shot at goal, he should create more chances to shoot outside 18 yards together with lampard. Please contact me for more details. I also know that David Luis will make a great impact .I predict the scores to be 2-1 in favour of Chelsea

  35. @ Jimmy talking about Drogba and Rooney; when you talk about being a striker Drogba has got it all, less you forgot Rooney had all the time last season when Drogba returned to Africa for Nations Cup and later went back to carry the golden booth.

    That aside, this season (presently) Drogba has 11 Goals and 13 Assists while Rooney has 10 Goals and 11 Assists, though the league is not through yet. (That takes care of the work rate you’re talking about)

    Again i think you forgot to mention the fact that Rooney never plays a match without picking a card while he’s loosing, in other words he hardly escapes Yellow/Red Card while he’s loosing a match.

    And when you talking about dive, ma brother Rooney does that too.

    Left for me I wouldn’t compare them both now, i’d wait until Rooney turns 33; oh, i think you forgot that too, i think you forgot that any player whose at his 20’s should be at his climax and so Rooney should, but would he at his 30’s? We’ll find out when the time comes.

    As for the match comes Sunday, for Chelsea closing the 15 points gap to this point, if Webb is fare i see Chelsea carrying the day.

  36. I actually believe Chelsea will shock Utd in a 3-1 win. They will go up 2-0 by half. Mid way through the second half Torres will grab the third goal. Late on Man Utd will score a consolation goal. Vidic will be sent off in the game due to two yellow cards. My prediction for the line for tomorrows game below. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ivanovic Luiz Terry Cole

    Ramires Lampard Essien

    Torres Drogba Malouda

  37. Theres too many nonsense comments about the referee on here and not enough talk about the game itself.
    The fact is the two best teams in the premiership are playing the biggest game this season. Webb is a good referee and not pro United at all…this is bull crap dug up by Chelsea fans so they have a get out clause and excuse should United beat them.
    Referee’s should not be the talking point before such fantastic games of football!

    1. Don’t conclude without having an investigation. If i were you i’d go watch all Webb’s officiating during Man U’s game. And you’ll be sure to see what other fans are saying.

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