Last Day to Vote for Best EPL Blog (Qualification Round)

Today is the last day to vote for the Best EPL Blog (qualification round). Since there are so many good Premier League-related blogs to choose from, we decided to have a qualification round for many. Out of these, the top three winners (the polls close at midnight tonight) will enter the final round of voting next week for the Best EPL Blog.

This is the third year that the EPL Awards, hosted and organized by EPL Talk, will be taking place. It’s one of the few award competitions that allows you, the supporters to choose the winners. Plus it’s conveniently held at the end of the season so it’s a true representation of the best of the best from a Premier League season.

All of the categories for the EPL Awards will open next week (categories such as best online newspaper coverage of the EPL, best commentator, best iPhone app, best Twitterer as well as a few new categories). But the qualification round for the Best EPL Blog of 2010-11 begins now and runs through Friday, April 29, 2011 at midnight ET.

The 18 blogs nominated in the qualification round include many remarkable sites including Dispatches From a Football Sofa, Left Back In The Changing Room, The Best Eleven, The Andersred Blog, World Soccer Reader, Ginge Talks The Footy, Three And In, Soccer Report Extra, Three Match Ban, The Political Economy of Football, Unprofessional Foul, Post Match Pint, Bagsy Not In, In The Stands, Soccer By The Numbers, Surreal Football, Beat The First Man, and A Football Report.

To go ahead and vote, visit the Best EPL Blog of 2010-11 voting page.

Also, importantly, I’d like to ask for your nominations for the other categories in case we missed any. Feel free to post your recommendations below in the comments section for the follow categories:

  • Best EPL Podcast,
  • Best EPL Club Podcast,
  • Best EPL Podcast Presenter,
  • Best EPL Podcast Pundit,
  • Best EPL Video Site,
  • Best EPL iPhone App,
  • Best EPL Twitterer,
  • Best EPL Club Forum,
  • Funniest Football Site, and
  • Best Online Football Game.

Thanks in advance for your suggested nominees!

14 thoughts on “Last Day to Vote for Best EPL Blog (Qualification Round)”

  1. One of the readers named David has suggested “Dear Mr. Levy” as a blog that should be in the final voting for the Best EPL Club Blog category. Feel free to post your suggestions for that category (and the other ones listed above) below.

    I’d hate for people to grumble that so-and-so blog or person wasn’t nominated in the category after it’s too late.

    The Gaffer

  2. I think The Roker Report ( should be nominated for best club blog. There’s stuff on there every day about Sunderland you just can’t get anywhere else.

    Also they have a Podcast – The Roker Report Podcast – Listen here because they are having one or two technical difficulties on iTunes. They have hit their bandwidth limit due to being so popular! It was deemed new and noteworthy by iTunes recently, and at one point hit the Top 20 in the Sports Chart.

    Deffo nominations for them!

  3. Best EPL Podcast: The Football Ramble HAS to be in there, surely… and I’d also nominate The Whistle Blowers.

    Best EPL Club Podcast: The Spurs Show

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