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Alan Parry summed up Arsenal’s perilous status as Premier League title contenders Sunday by eloquently closing the Bolton vs Arsenal broadcast with the words “Going, going, gone.” Just as those words crystalized what happened to Arsenal’s Premier League title hopes, they may symbolize the chances of West Ham, Wolves, Blackpool and Wigan staying up this season.

The trio of myself, Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer discuss these topics plus many more including the race for Europe, discussions of key matches from the weekend, can Chelsea make a surprise run for the title, Fernando Torres’s goal and much more.

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20 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone (Weekend Review Show): EPL Talk Podcast”

  1. 1. Audio quality is indeed an issue. There is the interference and then there is the record notification beep and the fan noise and whatever that five seconds of moving the mic around and people interrupting was.

    2. I think your Chelsea kremlinology is flawed in a few ways. The Torres transfer was done in January because Drogba had malaria and they had no idea when he would be back to full strength.

    No mention of financial fair play? It’s central to Chelsea’s player moves.

    Rey Wilkins? Really? Not an aging squad in a World Cup year finally playing difficult opponents? Not miscalculating Kakuta and Bruma’s readiness when letting Carvalho and Deco And Belletti go? Not Lampard, Essien, Alex, Terry being hurt all at once? Any time

    3. Pronounciation. Ending “Didier” with an “er” and “Solskyer” just makes it sound like you don’t care. These are managers and players you rate, for god’s sake!

    1. Hey Ossie,

      I’m not sure that I actually did any of the things you commented on but I can explain some of them. Audio: Correct. Chelsea: We’ve had wider discussions on Chelsea before and going over the same thing can be repetitive in this series, but you make perfectly valid points, to some extent I agree. What do you mean about Chelsea and Fair Play? I wanna know what you think of Chelsea, it would be good to broaden the conversation again about them for the season review and before. Think they’ll at least make United hot under the collar?

      3) Everyone has a way they say player names.


    2. Ossie, my apologies to you and the other listeners for the audio difficulties. This was the first podcast I’ve hosted alongside co-hosts in a very long time, so I’ll learn from the mistakes and the next one will be significantly improved.

      The Gaffer

  2. Although Jonjo transferred to Liverpool in July under Hodgson, his transfer was actually signed in April 2010 under Rafa Benitez, not Hodgson.

        1. Thanks Mark,

          Do you think Jonjo has a chance when he comes through? Some of the most promising talents seem to not be in the team yet because they are light on their feet.

          Dani and Suso clearly have talent and Pacheco can survive the Championship…I want to see him in the squad next season. Who else do you see there?

          1. I think it is too early to tell with Jonjo Shelvey. He has very little pace, but great vision and technique. I think that he is suited for CM, but there is a lot of competition there. Dalglish has played him as CM, RW, LB, so he clearly sees something in him and must have some plans for him in the future. If he continues to progress, he could be really good. Just keep him off Twitter.

            As for the other youth
            Pacheco – I really hope he stays. Two things that LFC really needs are pace and creativity. Pacheco has creativity and that shows when he plays. He really fits a pass and move system. I think he will definitely get some time next year if he decides to stay at LFC.
            Kelly has already made it and will challenge Johnson (if Johnson stays) for the starting RB spot.
            Spearing has also made it and will get a lot of time.
            Flanagan and Robinson will make the squad sometimes, but I see reserve football for them for most of next year (or Europa League if LFC makes it).
            Wilson will also get some time next year.
            Of course, if the club buys a bunch of first 11 players and does not sell that many (which is unlikely) the youth will have trouble getting first team matches.

            Suso, Coady, Morgan, Ngoo, Sterling, Silva , Wisdom- IMO they may get a couple chances if LFC makes EL next year, otherwise then will mostly be in the reserves.

            IMO LFC has a really good future ahead of it if this summer goes well.

  3. while it is true that Jonjo Shelvey transferred in July 2010 after Hodgson took over, Shelvey’s transfer was signed in April 2010 by Rafa Benitez, Hodgson.

    1. Great evaluation of the reserves and fringe players! We hold many of the same opinions on this squad right now.

      Pacheco is such a catchy name too! I know this sounds like a fan-boy comment, but it’s the kinda creativity that I like to see as a fan, his determination is of a similar standard…

      Any transfer targets?

      1. Hmmmm. . . transfer targets. I think this is the first time in a while that I am excited about the possible players coming in. I have no idea who will actually come in – the club seems much more secretive about transfers than in the past which is a good thing. We knew nothing about Carroll until he was almost signed. IMO we only knew about Suarez because Ajax was trying to increase the price.

        Everyone says we need width, and I agree to an extent. I think more than anything we need pace and trickery. Many teams play a really high line against us which is really difficult for us because we have no pace. We also don’t have many players that can take someone else on one-on-one (except Suarez and Glen Johnson). We have RBs (Kelly, Johnson) to provide width. I am pretty sure that we will bring in an attacking left back to provide width as well. Suarez provides some width as does Gerrard when playing CAM. One out and out winger would be good if we are to play a 4-4-2. But we really need pace and trickery.

        It seems like we have been linked to every player above the age of 14 in the world. The players that we have been linked to the most are below. I would categorize players into three categories: dream signings, probable/definite starters, squad /future starters.

        Dream signings: Sanchez, Hazard, Coentrao, Adam Johnson, Aguero (never going to happen), Hulk, and Lavezzi (doubt these but even one would be a dream signing)

        Definite/probable starters: Cahill, Ashley Young, Enrique, Afellay (there are sketchy rumors out there, but doubt it after the performance against Real), Gaitan, Hamsik, Dzsudzsak, Izaguirre, Baines, Taiwo, Honda,

        Squad players/future starters: Marveaux, Charlie Adam, Kjaer, Santon, Gervinho, Elia Eljero, M’Vila, Moussa Sissoko, Chung-Yong Lee
        Who would I predict:
        Cahill, Charlie Adam, Enrique, Ashley Young, and one dream player

        I am not really excited about Charlie Adam but I think that Dalglish rates him based on our interest in January. He doesn’t really track back much and would be a defensive liability putting all the defensive responsibilities on the other CM. I can’t get excited about Marveaux as we have a lot of players whom have tons of injuries already.

        I may be completely wrong – I probably am which is a good thing. I would love Hazard, Sanchez, or Adam Johnson as they would fit our team really well (Right forward in a 4-3-3 or Right midfielder in a 4-2-3-1) as we have Sanchez on the left. Pace and trickery is what we really need and they have these in abundance. Unlikely to get them, but just one would make me ecstatic.

        And IMO Cole, Poulsen, Konchesky, Jovanovic, Amoo, Darby, and Kyrgiakos should be gone. Aquilani will probably stay in Italy.

  4. I sincerely believe that Liverpool will overtake Tottenham for 5th spot in the EPL this year and next season will be serious challengers for the EPL championship. I have’nt seen such enthusiasm and enjoyment in Liverpool’s play since Robbie Fowler was putting them in the back of the old onion bag. YNWA.

    1. It’s true that the enthusiasm is there. They have a few players who really believe in the culture there right now: Kuyt seems to be at the very top of it which is great for a player so often maligned in the past, not that he deserved some of the criticism.

      But where do you see Liverpool strength in the summer? Who’s the top target and rejectee?

  5. can’t you make it a little lite. i mean 111mb is too much, as i use my mobile. its forcing me to cut down on my other usage. please reduce the size of the podcast.

    1. Raok, future podcast episodes will be shorter in length. This one was 80 minutes. When the episodes are shorter in the future, the file size will then be much smaller.

      The Gaffer

  6. That was cool as heck. Thanks for taking my comment about Hernandez and RM rumor that I had seen.

    I hope he stays.

    1. Hey Daniel,

      Thanks for the comments and question. Keep ’em coming because they are the kinda thing I’m looking for, good discussion points!

      You a United fan?


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