ESPN2 Premier League Programming Note

Immediately following tomorrow morning’s early kick-off between Manchester United and Everton on ESPN2, the TV network in the United States will be airing a special episode of ESPNSoccernet Press Pass.

The 15-minute episode will feature Shaka Hislop and Gabriele Marcotti discussing the race for fourth in the Premier League as well as next week’s Champions League semi-finals.

The special episode will begin at 9:45am ET, so you’ll have plenty of time to watch it before the 10am matches kick off.

8 thoughts on “ESPN2 Premier League Programming Note”

  1. Hi gaffer, do you know if espn is planning on having a football programme for its US audience? Yes they have press pass but its not shown on us tv, you can only watch it on the internet. To me that is the only thing missing on ESPN USA. Any news? cheers

    1. No news. But I’m sure the ESPNSoccernet Press Pass crew would love to have the game broadcast on US TV. The tricky thing is rights. They can’t show highlights from games that they don’t have the rights to in the United States.

      The Gaffer

    2. There is no room on ESPN’s U.S. domestic networks to show ESPN Soccernet Press Pass or any other soccer magazine show.

      Note that ESPN Classic is no longer available for such programs per ESPN’s new programming policy, which moves all “niche” programming to the Internet ( for live events, for Press Pass.)

  2. I think it is wrong that you have to buy rights to show highlights. You see different networks here in the US show highlights of games from all the leagues why can’t ESPN and FSC show the highlights from soccer matches?

    I listen to the podcast everyday but you loose some stuff because you can’t see anything obviously.

    1. The law in the U.S. allows rival networks to show 90 seconds of highlights of each DOMESTIC sports event (which includes league matches held in Canada) on REGULARLY-SCHEDULED newscasts within 48 hours of the event.

      The law does NOT apply to international sports events.

      That means ESPN Soccernet Press Pass cannot show highlights of UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, etc. without obtaining prior permission from the rightsholders.

      Press Pass is a talk show, not a regularly-scheduled newscast.


      Both Reuters Television and SNTV (AP/IMG joint venture) sell rights to soccer highlights for use on regularly-scheduled newscasts.

      FOX Soccer Report buys from both Reuters and SNTV. (That’s why you get to watch Belgian, Dutch, and Argentine highlights on FOX Soccer Report on Tuesday nights.)

      So does CNN International World Sport.

      Don’t believe GOLTV News buys from Reuters (though I suspect GOLTV News still buys from SNTV.)

      Don’t know about Contacto Deportivo on TeleFutura (which is produced in Miami.)

      Don’t know about Cronica FOX or SportsCenter ESPN Deportes (both of which are produced in Mexico City.)

  3. its sad that ESPN pressPass doesn’t air in the US. Its a good show. Especially with Tommy repeatedly busting Shaka’s balls(LoL). Sometimes Shaka gets mad, some other times he hits back at Tommy. Still it is a pretty good soccer show, better than Fox’s soccer show. I just hope that Champions league comes back to ESPN.

    ESPN3 is one of the best things that ever happened to Soccer fans. If only it broadcasted more EPL games(i hope ESPN can acquire the rights to show more EPL games).

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