Manchester City Knocks United Out of the FA Cup

Manchester City scored a massive achievement Saturday by defeating Manchester United one-nil in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley. Could this be a turning point in City’s history? We’ll have to wait and see. But one thing is for sure, City will look back fondly on this season for years to come and will never forget the year that they beat their cross-town rivals at Wembley.

You could see by the way that City supporters and players celebrated after the end of the match how much this match means to them. They celebrated as if they had won the FA Cup. I’m sure in many ways it felt like they did after decades of being in the shadows of Manchester United. The blue half of Manchester finally are in touching distance of winning a trophy for the first time in 35 years. And to knock United off their perch and to stop them from having a chance to win the Treble must be bliss for City supporters.

To be fair, Manchester United were awful on Saturday. Dimitar Berbatov had several clear-cut chances in front of goal to score. He missed all of them. And in hindsight, I believe Sir Alex Ferguson made a mistake of starting Berbatov instead of Javier Hernandez who has been on a hot goal scoring streak for several weeks. As for United, the difference in this game between them and City were mistakes. Michael Carrick was to blame for United letting in the first goal. But all over the park United players made poor decisions, whether it was giving the ball away too easy, awful crosses or poor decision making.

City started the game off awfully and looked like they would be in for a hiding. But slowly but surely the Citizens started to get David Silva more involved in the game and the creative Spaniard was a key to unlocking the United defense.

When United’s Paul Scholes was sent off in the second half for a late and high challenge against Pablo Zabaleta, it looked less likely that Manchester United would be able to grab an equalizing goal. For Manchester City, they now face the prospect of playing either Bolton Wanderers or Stoke City in the final on May 14 at Wembley Stadium. There’s still a long way to go before City can think about winning the FA Cup, but for now, their supporters can bathe in the glory of defeating their hated rivals.

PS – It was unfortunate that Mario Balotelli and Rio Ferdinand got into a scuffle after the full-time whistle blew. What Balotelli said to Ferdinand is unknown as of writing, but Ferdinand was so incensed that several of his players had to hold him back from the fiery Italian.

23 thoughts on “Manchester City Knocks United Out of the FA Cup”

  1. Whoever wrote this is talking out there arse!!..
    “To be fair, Manchester United were awful on Saturday. Dimitar Berbatov had several clear cut chances”
    I was actually at the game for a start.. Firstly in the first half we created some good chances, but unfortunately didn’t score, we dominated city chance wise and attacking wise.. second half we were poor granted..
    The match is summed up by the fact that:
    a) yaya toure (who barely left the centre circle for the entire 90 minutes) scored.. A player who gets a nose bleed when he goes top far up the pitch!!..
    b) this was a cup final to city.. Where as for United it was another cup semi-final, and was just another ‘must win’ game, to add to every other ‘must win’ game that is expected when you play for a BIG club.

    Good luck in the final, you’ll need it as there is no chance you’ll beat either Bolton or Stoke.. City don’t win trophies.. And don’t worry too much about competing with the big boys in the champions league next year as tottenham will beat you to 4th.. 😉

    As for United.. Well.. We’ll have to go one better and win the premiership and champions league which is already half done…

    Much prefer to return to wembley again for a champions league final than for an fa cup final..

    Chin up and Keep trying city.. Money can’t buy history..
    Enjoy today as youll always be in uniteds shadow.. :)

  2. Harry, you’re just a sore loser. United have spent lots of money in the past to ensure they have a club with quality players. Ferdinand was bought for a transfer record fee and so was Berbatov. Chelsea has also spent millions to win the trophies they have since the arrival of Abramovich. In the end it doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent, what matters is how many trophies you win. City are now getting in on the act of spending big to boost the quality of their squad. They may or may not win trophies but they are doing what most other EPL teams are doing to try to become a winning club. Spurs had to spend to make their way into the top 4. City is only playing catchup to what United has already spent.

    Today City thoroughly deserved their win. Yes, United had chances in the first half which they squandered but so did City in the second half.

    In case you’re wondering, I’m an Everton fan. A neutral on City vs United.

  3. Idiot Harry, it is you who is talking out of his arse. You also need to look up the difference between “there” and “their”.

  4. This clown might have bin at the game but still knows less than a tv camera.
    For about quarter of first half city were awful, but picked up and dominated united both attacking and chance wise the rest of the game barring the closing 10 mins.

    Unfortunatly for utd this was one of those MUST win games so they can actually turnover a profit this season and utd are in no position to let chances like that fly no matter how many titles theyve won.
    just shows the arrogance of utd fans when they think they can tell the future, fact is utd wanted this just as much as we did and dont try to deny it.
    And your wrong, The match is summed up by the fact that the better team won on the day.
    Time to get rid of that banner rags, whos bitter now harry?

    1. Who’s prediciting the future now then? You haven’t actually won anything as yet, just a place in the final. Still have to beat either Stoke or Bolton. Better keep your fingers crossed…

  5. In the early stages, United seemed to be running on pure adrenaline. As the match went on, they were gassed.
    Once City squeezed up the pitch, Carrick and Scholes were overrun for about the last 15-20 of the first and the first 15-20 of the second. The play leading up to the goal was poor all around. Rio’s back pass was less than spectacular, VDS’s clearance was just as bad and don’t even get me started on Carrick’s “pass”.
    A couple more observations from a United supporter: 1. Park is a great big game player on chilly European nights, but he was wholly ineffective in this match. 2. The next time someone wonders why chicharito starts over berbatov in a big game, let’s just throw in this tape and let it speak for itself. 3. Hart made some really good saves. 4. Once City got its legs under them, they won nearly every 50/50 and were far more ambitious than a United attack that lacked any real venom for the final 60+ minutes.
    Overall, neither team played lights out today, but United was definitely the poorer side.

  6. OK. Let’s bring a little common sense to this article. First and foremost, City deserved to win. They took their chance and United couldn’t convert theirs. City dominated the second half especially after Scholes was sent off, but United weren’t “awful’, but tired.

    This was City’s biggest game of the year, and one of United’s many huge games. Ferguson was definitely cagey by not starting Hernandez as Berbatov doesn’t have the Mexican’s mobility up front.

    This was a game that Ferguson thought he could win with his line-up, and one that Mancini had to win with his. Not one of the classics, but as a United fan, I’ll give it to the Berties. They deserved it but don’t get carried away. The balance of power is right where it was before the game. Smack bang in the middle of Old Trafford.

  7. well lookey here. A united loss and all the scummers crawl out from under their rocks to rub it in. Enjoy it because you don’t get many chances to do this!
    united were shit on the day, looked tired and played with no heart, yet city needed a goal gifted to them on a platter and a scholes red card to beat us. Nice job!
    the fa’s plan worked, no rooney and we’re forced to play berbatov so we had no pace. Throw in a red card just in case. bernstien’s beloved club is through to the final. Rio should have crushed balotelli for what he did, that disrepectful little cunt. I’m sure rio will get slapped with an improper conduct charge anyways.
    ah well. We’ll still win the league, and champions league anyways, if that’s any consolation.
    GGMU FOREVER BITCHES!!!! Go crawl back in the gutter now.

    1. Cool, just what I wanted to read on a Sunday morning: Racism, misogyny and homophobia.

      Aside from all of that despicable claptrap, are you insinuating that the FA concocted a conspiracy against Manchester United? *And* that the FA forced Ferguson to play Berbatov (instead of, say, Hernandez)? Come on, guy. It’s comments like these that remind me why I visit this site once a month and never more.

    2. ‘What Balotelli said to Ferdinand is unknown as of writing’
      Gaffer I belive he said “tweet that You cuxt!” LOL

  8. I was on the BBC 606 boards and I came cross this in reply to an angry Utd fan saying that all the City players and officials should face an F.A disciplinary for doing the Poznan at the end of the game which he calls City ‘taunting’ the Utd supporters. The writer has information regarding the goings on in Utd’s changing/locker room after the game and a trouble causing wall……..

    ‘I understand that the wall in the Manchester United dressing room is also up on a possible charge.

    A furious Taggart steamed in after the provocative brickwork appeared to grab several United players shirts after the match and show a complete lack of respect by hooking these shirts with their backs to the players.

    Sir Alex smashed his bottle of Thunderbird over the offending masonry. An angry Rio Ferdinand sobbed ‘Sir Alex may have over-reacted a little, but there was no need for the wall to that – maybe if he’d scored a goal, but not after the match’.

    Rio has had a mixed time of it recently, whilst United could be on the verge of a double and he recently became a dad; he was very upset about losing to non-rivals City in the totally unimportant FA Cup. He has also had problems with a mysterious person following him around threateningly with a bottle. This turned out be the FA Doping Control Manager – however plucky Rio is taking no chances and has once again gone into hiding.’

    Posted by Blueatherts, very funny, depending on who you are!

    1. Jon, I think I found it on Flickr. Can’t remember right now. But it’s a picture of a typical street in England with the building being two houses. It just so happened that one of the houses belonged to a City fan, while the other side was a United fan. I agree, I love the photo.

      The Gaffer

  9. Cant wait for Sunday, united have been playing SH*T, and remember what happened last time? 6-1
    So all of you need to get off your united high horses and realise that city are getting better and better every game, weve been top for months now.
    ahahhaahha, were going to HAMMER you on sunday, cant wait.

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