FA Cup 2011 Official Highlights and Classic Goals: Video

If you need to watch something to get in the FA Cup mood this weekend, this video is it featuring highlights of some of the classic FA Cup goals scored over the years as well as highlights from the 2010-11 FA Cup season.

Ricky Villa? It’s in here. Wimbledon shocking Liverpool? Yes. Paul Gascoigne’s wonder goal against Arsenal? It’s in here. And many more. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “FA Cup 2011 Official Highlights and Classic Goals: Video”

  1. Still can’t disguise the fact that it’s now a pretty meaningless trophy. The fact that the big clubs play reserve teams for FA Cup ties is one thing but when pretty much every team does you know it’s an afterthought as a trophy these days. And semi-finals at Wembley this weekend is just wrong anywhich way you look at it. Completely devalues the tournament even more. Bolton Stoke should be a decent game but the Manc Derby will be a waste of 2 hours for all concerned.

    1. AZSaint, sorry but I disagree. The FA Cup is not a meaningless trophy. It may be to you, but to many of us the FA Cup is a wonderful competition featuring David against Goliath teams. Hopefully the derby today will show how much both teams want to get to the final.

      The Gaffer

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