Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 32: Open Thread

Wolves's Molineux Stadium in the 1950s

Saturday is always my favorite day of the week. My day to watch as many Premier League games as I can. My day to watch my 7-year-old daughter play little-league soccer. And this particular Saturday is special for me because I get to watch my two favorite teams, Swansea City against Norwich ( at 12:20pm ET) and the Fort Lauderdale Strikers in their home debut against Edmonton (7:30pm at Lockhart Stadium).

But enough about me. Hopefully Saturday is one of your favorites too. And today we have several interesting matches to choose from.

Wolves kick off the day’s action against Everton. These are two teams we don’t get a see a lot of during this Premier League season, so it’ll be a welcome experience. Wolves are second from bottom so it’ll be a must-win match for the Wanderers, while Everton are rising up the league table and will want to close the four point gap between them and Liverpool, who are in seventh place. It’s incredible when you consider how unimpressive Everton’s season has been that they’re still in the race for the top six.

In the 10am ET matches, we have a choice between Manchester United and Fulham (where Ferguson will again come up against his former player Mark Hughes), Blackburn against Birmingham in another battle to avoid relegation, Chelsea at home versus Wigan where Carlo Ancelotti’s side will want to put the disappointment of losing to Man United mid-week out of their system, Bolton against West Ham (where the Hammers have another great chance to move out of the relegation zone), Sunderland against West Brom (where, again, the match has a relegation storyline with both clubs trying to avoid getting near the drop zone), and, last but not least, Tottenham Hotspur against Stoke City at 12:30pm ET. A win for Chelsea earlier in the day and a loss for Tottenham will put Harry Redknapp’s side essentially out of contention for fourth place.

By now, most of you know the drill. Before, during or after the matches today, feel free to post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below. Enjoy!

33 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 32: Open Thread”

  1. Wolves getting battered by Everton. Really surprised as i thought an injury-plagued Everton might be there for the taking. Wolves controlled the first few minutes but couldn’t score and that was the difference. Everton scored on their first chance. After this perfromance I have to say I think Wolves will be one of the clubs going down.

  2. Everton didn’t play at their best but still scored 3 goals in the first half. Shows how bad Wolves are. Wolves definitely will be one of the teams getting relegated. I feel sorry for them because I like their style of play. They are very wasteful in front and don’t have quality forwards to put away the many chances they create which is why they won’t be able to stay up in the EPL.

    1. Wolves had plenty of chances to score, though. They were the better team in the first half but still came in to the tunnel 3-0 down.

      Interesting to see Moyes and Beckford get into a heated argument!

      The Gaffer

      1. Gaffer,

        More possession doesn’t equal better team. Toffees converted chances and that was all that mattered.
        As far as Beckford having words with Moyes, it shouldn’t be surprising that given his good performance he was upset about being replaced by the worst striker in the prem.

  3. Watching Chelsea vs Wigan and is having the same problems as last week. The stream keeps backing up a few minutes. What is going on with

  4. is messing up the Sunderland – West Brom game. They are getting from bad to worse. I sent them an e-mail last week when the same thing was happening and they never responded. Terrible everything from them. Going to cancel.

  5. Anyone get a response from explaining their problem? They are ruining my Saturday morning EPL games. I hope ESPN gets the EPL rights soon. is so much better.

  6. Unsubscribed last week from

    Still have the rest of the month paid up though. Still garbage this week. Watch two minutes and it jumps back 5.

    I’m watching a better illegal stream which is sad. I want to pay but if your product is garbage, then I’ll stop paying.

  7. I got no reply from them so far. I’m not holding my breath as they did not send me a reply last week when they had the same problem.

  8. On the video skipping between two streams several minutes apart, I complained last week and did get a reply – told me to disable hardware acceleration. I thought it very unlikely but I tried it this week just in case. Guess what – no difference, still skipping. The problem is theirs.

    Gaffer, I don’t know if you can do us all a favour and have a word – I think they don’t even realise there is a problem.

    1. Jon, sorry, I’ve been out all morning so I missed the games on for a second week in a row. I’ll follow up with Fox though to see if they can provide me any information regarding the problems that have been encountered, and will post back here if/when they reply.

      The Gaffer

  9. I just unsubscribed from since I could not stand all the skipping. Happened on all games. Illegal feed has poor quality but no skipping. But free.

  10. I’ve finally given up on and unsubscribed (still have a couple of weeks left on my subscription). Lots of people have written to them about the skipping issue but they haven’t solved it yet. This is 2 weeks in a row where the same thing has happened. I’m very disappointed since the product was quite good early on with only an occassional hiccup. Now it seems that the product is unusable. Two minutes of live action followed by it going back 5 minutes. Happens all the time. I tried watching 4 different matches and had the same problem with all of them. I hope Fox finds another company to host their streaming service.

  11. Cricketlover, this is Fox we’re talking about. When have they done anything properly. So don’t expect their online service to be any good either.

    The sooner ESPN get all the EPL games the better. Are you listening ESPN?

    1. Fox Soccer Channel has the rights to the Premier League in the United States through the end of the 2013 season, so the earliest that ESPN could pick up the rights is for the 2013-14 season.

      The Gaffer

    1. Thanks Kristian. For those readers interested, check out the Swansea against Norwich game on right now. Definitely the two prettiest teams to watch in the Championship by far this season.

      The Gaffer

  12. Thanks gaffer. That’s really bad news if Fox has the rights till the end of the 2013 season. Maybe Fox will realise that ESPN does a much better job with their online product and sell those games to ESPN.

  13. Jon, I got the same respose from them 2 weeks in a row when I told them what the problem was. It’s just a standard response we’re getting. I plan on cancelling my subscription before my next billing cycle. Too bad that they can’t seem to solve this problem. It worked fine for the first 7 months and only recently has it become unviewable.

  14. Add me to the list of people who cancelled today. I wonder if we can find out how many subscribers they’ve lost in the last week. Too bad Rupert Murdoch has too many billions to give a sh*t.

  15. Murdoch has outsourced the online service to a company in England (I think). My credit card is charged for the monthly fee of $14.95 plus I am charged a foreign transaction fee by my credit card company. That’s how I know the company is not a US one. Fox could care less about their viewers.

    I doubt if will give out any information about how many subscribers cancelled in the last two weeks. It would be bad for business. I cancelled this morning during the Chelsea vs Wigan game and gave them my reason in their comment box. I received an email from their customer service department informing me that they are aware of the problem and are working to get it fixed. This is the exact same response I got from them, word for word, last week when I wanted to know why there was all this skipping.

  16. Regarding, I would like to add that I actually like the product they offer – the number of games, the availability to replay games for a week (ESPN Prem Games seem to be live only for the moment), the 45 minute highlights option. I also think $15.00 a month is reasonable value for money if, and only if, the product works as advertised. That means the audio and video have to synch and video skipping issue needs to be fixed. As Carolyn and others have mentioned, it worked fine for a number of months. Doesn’t seem beyond the realm of reason that it can be fixed.

    1. I agree. I love what offers, and I withstood the blotchy moments when the feed would go from really nice on my 37″ LCD to a Monet rendition of the game for a few seconds. I always thought it was me, but my recent experience with Netflix and Amazon tells me it is them.

      However, I took the blotchiness. What I can’t stand is that looping. It would happen here and there in the past, but it is chronic now. I got a reply about the “disable hardware acceleration”. I wasn’t surprised that didn’t work. I sent another email because the looping was killing the Tottenham v Stoke City classic that was going on. They responded noting that there was a problem and they were working on it.

      Stoke City plays Bolton this weekend and it isn’t on FSC, so this may be the last chance gets with me. Granted, I’ll switch to FS+, but offers so much content, and while their service has improved compared to last season, it still requires the viewer to overlook some notable issues. The looping, however, is simply unacceptable and makes anything unwatchable.

      Please get it together!

  17. Jon, I agree that is a great option when it works. The fact that this is 2 weeks in a row that we’ve experienced the same problem and that the company responsible for managing the site has known of the problem for 2 weeks is what’s so bothersome and lead me to cancel. Even if they fix this problem (who knows if and when that will happen) it doesn’t bode well that they will respond in a timely manner when there are other problems. That’s why I cancelled.

    I would like to see succeed and have been one of its biggest supporters in the past. Sadly, not anymore.

  18. Was I hallucinating or did ESPN’s table graphic have bad info? They had Man Utd on 63 points and Blackpool in the relegation zone.

    Granted, their broadcast was otherwise top class, especially when compared with Fux. (not a typo. When you can’t get the audio stream to match the video stream after three months of champions league matches, you’re a bunch of fux)

    1. They had West Ham with 35 points. So it looks like they have WHU winning last week, which we know they didn’t.

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