MLS Week 4 Open Thread

The Good Ol' Days

A retro look for this weekend’s open thread, because fifteen years ago this month MLS kicked off its first season.  Despite all the complaints we have about the current state of MLS and what it does and doesn’t do, we can all agree that the league’s taste in uniforms has vastly improved.

There are some great matchups this weekend.  Two of the East’s top contenders square off when New York visits Philadelphia and the Union at 7 PM Eastern.  RSL returns to MSL play and faces the still undefeated Revolution in Foxborough.  In what may be the best match of the weekend, the Galaxy will face a mostly full RFK and a healthy DC United team looking to assert its dominance at home.

This is your chance to weigh in on your favorite teams.  Who is playing well and who is struggling?  For those without MLS Direct Kick, share your take on this weekend’s matches.

15 thoughts on “MLS Week 4 Open Thread”

  1. There was no foul in DC-LA final minute play. In Brazil, referees award this as PK all the time, but it is just wrong. Bad call there.

    Very good attendance, though.

    My question remains. Could DC buy the RFK and reform it to be a smaller SSS?

    1. No it can’t.

      You might think you’re being insightful with your inquiry but at this point you’re just annoying and would be enthusiastically flamed on the bigsoccer boards and by many DC United fans.

      I’ll be nice to you because you seem to be asking an honest (though frustratingly naive bordering on ignorant) question.

      1) Doing anything with the RFK site requires an Act of Congress. Good luck with that.

      2) RFK is an example of brutalist architecture. That means that it’s mostly contructed of poured concrete. Poured concrete is very expensive to renovate or maintain. That’s why cities like Baltimore and Philadelphia and every other city who had brutalist ring stadium opted to tear them down and build new stadiums rather than renovating the old ones. It was simply cheaper to tear down and rebuild.

      3) See point 1 again about why else no one can do anything with RFK.

      Now do us all a favor and accept that United needs a new stadium and that it can’t be on the RFK stadium site.

      1. Cavan,

        Do me a huge favor and keep your angry to yourself. I live 5,000 miles away from DC. The closest I’ve ever been to RFK was Dulles Airport.

        My team is moving from an old and problematic, but well located, stadium to a beautiful new one, in a bad part of the city, close to our airport. And, guess what, it was the best move; although plenty of traditionalist wanted the old to be reformed. So, DC’s problem is nothing but similar to what I’m living as a soccer fan, and I see no problem in moving away.

        As you’ve pointed, I made a curious question -for the SECOND TIME in THREE months- about DC’s stadium, without any interest but to understand what is happening there. You cannot possibly be annoyed by me.

        So thank you for you time and answer, but not for your (lack of) patience.


        1. Sancho, you make a point. It’s not personal. It’s not about you. It’s just about hearing the same questions with the same (non-helpful) answers over and over again.

          I’m sorry to hear that you’ve only been to Dulles Airport as it’s hardly the most interesting part of our region. I welcome you to visit a DCU game and the Washington region in general.

      2. If DC United moves away from Washington, I suggest to “change” its name to

        Deportes Club United; to keep it short: DC United.


  2. Official 1906 Ultras Statement Regarding Protest:

    Due to mistreatment and unjust punishment of the 1906 Ultras by the Earthquakes front office, we did a silent sit-down protest for the full 90 minutes of the SJ-Toronto game last night. Buck Shaw stadium went dead quiet and sounded like a cathedral last night. The outrageous and unjust actions of the Earthquakes front office flies in the face of everything we keep getting told about MLS trying to be more supporter friendly.

  3. Until further notice, we request that you suppress these images, as the logo designs violate several Atari packaging trademarks.

  4. Wow, those uniforms are shocking. It’s like each team was trying to fit as many different colors into their uniform as possible. I have to admit though, I like the hooped socks – Arsenal used to wear a red and white pair in the mid 90s, and I’ve always thought it was pretty cool.

    The two mullets are shocking too – I thought MLS was founded in 1996, not at a mid-80s Motley Crue gig.

    1. Oh and the guy at the top right – is that a rainbow on his shirt?? I don’t know what team it is, but if there’s any logic in the world, it should be San Francisco.

      1. It’s KC.

        From left to right:
        Top – NY/NJ MetroStars, Colorado Rapids, DC United, NE Revolution, KC Wiz;
        Bottom – Dallas Burn, LA Galaxy, Columbus Crew, SJ Clash, TB Mutiny.

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