MLS Week 4 Open Thread

The Good Ol' Days

A retro look for this weekend’s open thread, because fifteen years ago this month MLS kicked off its first season.  Despite all the complaints we have about the current state of MLS and what it does and doesn’t do, we can all agree that the league’s taste in uniforms has vastly improved.

There are some great matchups this weekend.  Two of the East’s top contenders square off when New York visits Philadelphia and the Union at 7 PM Eastern.  RSL returns to MSL play and faces the still undefeated Revolution in Foxborough.  In what may be the best match of the weekend, the Galaxy will face a mostly full RFK and a healthy DC United team looking to assert its dominance at home.

This is your chance to weigh in on your favorite teams.  Who is playing well and who is struggling?  For those without MLS Direct Kick, share your take on this weekend’s matches.


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