Special 1 TV: Wayne Rooney Banned

This week’s episode of Special 1 TV is quite a sentimental and reflective one as you’ll see and hear in the above video.

The show starts off with the scandal that Wayne Rooney has been banned from Special 1 TV for two weeks. Plus there’s some banter between Harry Redknapp and The Special One, and much more.

Enjoy, and be champions!

7 thoughts on “Special 1 TV: Wayne Rooney Banned”

  1. hahaha, this is a great episode. sven fm is great stuff, glad they’ve put a twist on it all to keep sven going strong.

  2. That was brilliant!!

    Though I still think the Rooney two game ban borders on player discrimination! Shut up FA!!

  3. I know what happened to Wayne was quite harsh but after just launching the whole ‘respect’ campaign, there had to knee jerks from the FA. Hopefully it will mellow down before it affects many players

  4. Chelsea spent 50 million for a statue? I don’t get it? Oh, now I do – brilliant. Jose complementing Crouch on his “slide tackles” is a disgrace; does he want him to get sent off or something?

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