Newcastle United Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Photo

A photo of Newcastle United’s home shirt for the 2011-12 Premier League season has been leaked on the Internet.

Designed and manufactured by Puma, the new home shirt is quite a diversion from a typical Newcastle United home shirt. The classic look of the black and white stripes has been significantly altered. So much so, that the shoulders look like arm pads. Also, if you look at the top half of the shirt, it looks like someone is wearing a blazer with the black arms cut off. Also if you concentrate on the front middle of the shirt, it looks like the double white line that runs down the middle of a road.

Obviously, I’m not a big fan of the shirt. But what do you think? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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53 thoughts on “Newcastle United Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Photo”

  1. This is terrible. I don’t know which is worse, this jersey or the new ball. Puma and Nike are obviously on the same path… FAIL!

  2. this looks like a black cross (crucifixion) on a white background…

    even black and white stripes please
    – designers should do their research.

  3. This season’s Puma Home shirt will still be worn next season as they are used for two seasons at a time. Non-story!

    1. actually, the tab / label shown on the kit when purchased shows 2010/2011… and the strip will be changed along with 2 change strips for the next season 2011/2012, FA guidlines have been thrown to the side.

  4. Ha, if this is true, then that is a shocker of a kit. The uneven stripes are really ugly.

    I love your observation that it looks like a black blazer with the sleeves cut off. If you take it a little further, the thinner black stripe in the middle could be the tie. I just wish they had a proper collar to complete the look.

  5. Big Phil
    Please keep up to date it was announced at christmas that this season’s strip was being replaced at the end of the season why else would they be selling at half price

  6. I like it. Rather than “a blazer with the arms cut off”, I think they were going with Arsenal’s white-colored sleeves, and the rest of the jersey striped.

    I also like the banded sleeves, like a “ringer” T shirt.

  7. Why can’t we just have a plain black and white shirt striped shirt (with stripes all of the way round instead of the solid on the back which makes the shirts look ridiculous).

  8. Have to say this looks like a relegation shirt….relegated to the scrap heap. Its Pumas way of getting feedback before release, so you will never see it as we all think its shiiite!

  9. I don’t think it’s hideous, but it’s not a Newcastle shirt. I really hope I’m not expected to wear this next season.

  10. As much as i love Newcastle, i am not going to wear that, its a damn disgrace, might be the first time i only get either the away or 3rd change kit, obviously
    depending on if Puma make a mess out of those as well

  11. I would imagine that this is fake. The season isn’t over yet and they are leaking photo’s on to the internet of each strip. If this shirt turns out to be the home shirt for next season, then I will still wear it even though it looks hideous. It’s got that famous NUFC Badge on it and it’s got black-and-white stripes, that’ll do me. Howay the lads!

  12. Looking at it again, it doesn’t look fake. You can see that it’s an actual shirt by looking at the arms. Hopefully this is only a draft copy of the shirt and there are many improvements and adjustments to be made to it. If not, then so be it. I’ll buy it.

  13. Its supposed to look like a magpie. The white sleeves are the white tips of the wings, mainly black torso, etc…

  14. And looking carefully, its a return for the mesh back panel although it looks like it will be black this season.

  15. Well I disagree with all you moaning gits. ūüėģ
    We should embrace the change and go with it. You never know it might turn out to be a change for the good.
    The two tone yellow one from last season got slated badly, yet turned out to be a lucky ish shirt in the end. Especially compared to the hideous blue of this season. Which I dont think we have won in yet.
    I like this shirt.

    1. mongs?? yous r the 1s that are scruffy little bamps that “play” in the most disgusting strips /colours in football today. in the worst stadium ever besides roker park. you comment that on our strip but year after year yours are absolute the pits. This black n white top is in a different class even for just its colours, stripes and the badge. and it will be played in a far superior stadium in front of far superiour fans!!

  16. I have seen confirmed reports that there will be a new shirt next year because Puma only have a two year contract therefore they are providing a new shirt next season for sales purposes.

    On whether or not this is a real leaked version of the new kit, I’m a big Newcastle United fan and look at this stuff every season when it comes out, and last season when the news broke that there was a change in kit provider, I saw several black and white shirts supposedly manufactured by Puma none of which was the end product so my expectations of this actually being our jersey for next season are very low.

    Closing point, who gives a toss what it looks like fans will buy it anyway and so long as the players perform whilst wearing it I don’t care one bit!

  17. Not the official new shirt obviously ! Its shite !
    If it is the new shirt, none but the most dedicated fan would buy that one !

  18. I can’t see this being to popular among our fans to be honest it looks silk but after looking at kits like Liverpool away it seems fairly popular I like the golden Puma badge but everything else just ruins our formal kits don’t think puma have done to well for us this season. Lets hope this is just and idea of a kit.

  19. I think that this is a big fake You can clearly see where the badge has been graphically inserted (poorly at that) also as much as Mike Ashley has messed with the fans I think even he would draw a line at that. Newcastle is a club which is famous for its black and white striped home shirt. I think this is basically an American football shirt edited by a fan looking for some Internet hits.

  20. If thats our shirt for next season I’m not buying that, it’s horrid I think it’s worse than the yellow kit we had last season

    1. a true Newcastle fan would buy the top no matter what the state… the yellow one was a piece of sh***t but this one is still the the home black and white…. IM BUYING IT

  21. well i like it and it looks better in person than it does on the picture. at least they are trying something new. wouldnt mind seeing the stripes going horizontally.

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