Tottenham Crushed By Mourinho’s Real Madrid

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Former Arsenal star Emmanuel Adebayor bagged a brace as Real Madrid destroyed Spurs by four goals to nil Tuesday night, a result that surely sends them crashing out of the Champions League. The second leg at White Hart Lane next week could well be their last match in the prestigious tournament for some time as fourth place in the Premier League is looking more unlikely as the season draws to an end.

Building up to the match at the Bernabeu, many were nicknaming the tie Ronaldo vs. Bale but it was Adebayor that stole the limelight. Not only did he score 2 goals, but he held the ball up well and was a constant threat to Tottenham’s defence until he departed shortly before the end. His second goal in particular was brilliant, Marcelo whipping in an exquisite cross that the Togolese striker cleverly headed across Gomes into the back of the net. On the other hand Ronaldo and Bale had quieter games than expected. It’s hard to criticise Ronaldo as he scored the fourth goal with a tremendous right foot volley and was constantly involved in Madrid’s attacking play; taking shots from everywhere. But his performance wasn’t as superior as expected. Bale also didn’t live up to expectations. He tried his best and you can’t fault his determination but he just looked out of his depth. A few runs down the left hand side in the first half caused Madrid problems but he never really threatened Casillas in the Madrid goal. Madrid’s defence doubled up on the Welshman doing well to extinguish any bursts he tried to make down the wing. As the game wore on, his movement became predictable and in the second half he drifted out of the game and it became evident that he wasn’t fully fit.

Before the game there was optimism coming from the Spurs camp but, in all honesty, the gap in quality between the two teams was huge and that was displayed in the 90 minutes. The night started badly for Spurs even before kick off with Aaron Lennon was forced to withdraw due to illness. After four minutes Adebayor, who had a brilliant goal scoring record against Spurs whilst playing for fierce rivals Arsenal, headed home his first goal of two. Eleven minutes later Peter Crouch’s stupidity took the tie even further away from the already trailing Spurs. Moments after getting booked for a reckless challenge, he committed the same offence which resulted in him receiving his second yellow followed by a red. Spurs held out until half time but that second goal was always coming and it arrived in the 57th minute through Adebayor. More goals were always on the cards; Di Maria scored the 3rd in the 67th minute with the goal of the match. Cutting in from the right hand side, the Argentinean winger rifled an unstoppable shot into the top corner leaving Gomes with no chance. Ronaldo deservedly finished the route with 10 minutes to go, volleying past the suspect Gomes who should have really done better with the shot. In the end the final score could have been much worse for Spurs who had to defend wave after wave of attack from Madrid.

In all fairness Spurs were up against a far superior team and they were underdogs from the moment the teams were paired together. Although Mourinho says the tie isn’t finished, the Premiership side’s European dream is surely over unless they provide one of the best performances in world football ever and manage to beat Madrid by 5 goals.

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  1. I think it the right end to the Tottenham 2010/2011 season story. All season their strikers have let them down, and in their most important game Crouch crushed the chances within 15 minutes.

    Their chances of importing a top flight striker was probably last summer with champions league play. It will be much harder without champions league play next year.

  2. Spurs were crushed, but in fairness they were also a man down at the burnabue for 75 mins. I don’t think they would have won, but that played a big part in the lop-sided score line.

  3. I love the contrast in Arsenal losing to Barca to Spurs losing to Real Madrid. I absolutely love the sympathy given to Spurs even putting a poll up on FB whether Crouch was unfairly sent off(!!!). Poor Spurs. Those chaps tried real hard whereas Arsenal were a bunch of failures who didn’t want it bad enough and destined to lose the match at Nou Camp anyway regardless of our UNFAIR sending off. Which everyone not a Barca fan agrees with where as everyone not a Spurs fan thinks Crouch deserved to be sent off.

    This blog is getting more and more ridiculous. No mention of the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD having an awful first touch just like Bendtner did that would have put Spurs on the board and surely changed momentum.

    Spurs were an absolute embarrassing joke. And Real is having an awful season- They just got beat at home by Sporting Gijon!!! they haven’t played well at all this year and they knocked Spurs around like that and it’s “Poor Spurs”.


    BTW Barcelona are like, the best team IN THE WORLD (imagine Gareth Bale as a whole team!) and perhaps in history with its current line up. But whatever. It’s REAL MADRID. It’s not like this was the team of years gone by. This post makes it seem liek they rolled Figo, Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo, Beckham and that bloke from “Goal!” Santi.

    My point is there were completely beatable, and to let Spurs off the hook after the way this blog was critical of Arsenal is laughable.

    1. And this isn’t because it Arsenal BTW there’s 4 teams represented in CL from the EPL, this is an EPL blog so I’d expect some level of fairness in its match reviews.

      1. What are you talking about?!

        The title of this post is “Tottenham Crushed By Mourinho’s Real Madrid”, and there’s nothing I see that suggests anything other than Tottenham were thoroughly beaten by a superior side.

        There is some difference in terms of expectations between the two team: Arsenal are in the knock-out rounds every year, and made the finals in 2006, they are perennially considered serious challengers for the trophy and its a bit of a disappointment for them not to go farther. It was an achievement for Tottenham simply to make the Champions League last year, making it out of the group-stage was considered an accomplishment, everything past that was gravy.

        1. Dave got a point. The way Arsenal gets criticized (not just on this site) you would think they are battling it out for relegation in the EPL, lost to Unirea in the Champions League and lost in the first round of the FA and Carling Cups to some non-league teams. You would think they are not a consistant top 4 team in the so-called greatest league in the world. There is a difference in the way people criticize Arsenal and the other top teams in the EPL.

    2. Pretty sad that you chose an article about a Spurs loss to tell us all how great Barcelona is. Not relevant.

      Since we’re on the subject let’s set the record straight. Barca may play attractive football but they disgrace the game by all the diving and simulation. There players are poor winners, always claiming that they are the superior side. Ego-mania.

      I would love to see them humiliated by Shaktar, or better yet Madrid. I know that would hurt them more.

      1. While Real was better, and a man up, they were despicable in the diving department (far worse than any game I’ve ever seen Barça play). Also, your grammar is atrocious @DomiNate.

        I think we (Spurs) have proven that we can score goals (sometimes out of nothing, as our strikers have been laughable), and the crazy optimist in me cannot wait for the second leg.

        I don’t think this article was defending Tottenham in any way (except that an 11-man side would probably have faired better). Real is really good, to shrug them aside as Barça’s ugly sister is frankly stupid. Özil, CR, Casillas, Kaká (obviously only used as a sub here), et al. are all going to be long-remembered names.

        It should be noted that the only players I feel positively toward on the Real squad is Özil, maybe Casillas, and Kaká (as long as he isn’t going off in his crazy, religious thing). I have an implicit preference towards Barça, but those two teams have a pretty strong hold on Spanish football.

    3. I don’t like to rehash old debates, but I’m not a Barcelona fan, but I think it was totally fair that RvP was sent off.

      1. Well that reduces any other comments you’ll ever make into rubbish. No sensible train of thought could be occurring after you’ve said that with a straight face

    4. I don’t think this blog is unfair toward your Arsenal team. When they beat Barca at the Emirates, this blog gave them all the compliments and due respect. And when they lost at Nou Camp, most everyone here claimed it was due to RVP’s unfair sending off.

      It’s time to dry those crocodile tears, Gooners. And hope the best for next year, at least Arsenal will be in CL. Not too sure about the Hotspurs. (Oh, and like it or not, the Spurs had a better run than Arsenal in this year’s CL.)

    1. That’s putting it lightly. Being on Twitter during this match was amazing. #stayonyourfeet was the top trending topic in the world during the match.

  4. Honestly, 4-0 is a flattering scoreline for Real.

    Spurs are an attacking side. Crouch being sent off in the first few minutes meant we could no longer play to our strength. Despite that, we managed to hold on 1-0 until halftime.

    It would have been a very different game 11 on 11, and this article fails to take that into consideration.

    I think Real would still have won, but the scoreline would have been very different.

    1. Spurs are an attacking side? This is a fallacy that people here seem to believe, Man City are supposedly an ultra defensive side yet have scored something like 10 more goals this season! So how are Spurs attacking? They have scored 4 goals in there last 6 games while conceding a whopping 10. I think 11 on 11 the score may have been 4-1 or the same. I mean come on both Blackpool and Wolves managed to put 3 past them.

      1. Along with Real we are the side with the most goals scored left in the CL. Our league form right now is horrible, won’t deny that.

        Anyway, vital to our success is the ability to keep the ball and threaten offensively and having our striker ejected from the game destroyed our chances.

        No, I doubt the score would have been 4-1. Real would have had FAR less possession and FAR fewer chances. We were stuck in our half most of the game because we had no outlets. It would have been a very different game with 11 men.

        1. You forgot to mention that Spurs have played 4 games more than most the other teams in the Champions League! Twelve in all Madrid have played 9.

  5. Chances are had Crouch stayed on the pitch Spurs would not have been beaten 4-0. Granted, they were already 1-0 down and playing badly but Spurs are always 1-0 down in games and tend to come on later.

    The fact is that Crouch was sent off and rightfully so. I have nothing against him and feel genuinely sorry for him but it was 2 daft identical challenges. He might have got away with it with a more lenient ref but he didn’t here and I’d have no complaint over it.
    Spurs started with 11 and went down to 10 by themselves. There are no what if’s here, there is only what was and what should have been avoided.

  6. This real madrid side were beatable, spurs shot themselves in the foot last night, a sloppy goal and a man down away within 15 mins. It was damage limitation after that. Lennon pulls out 10 mins before kick off, it seems everything that could have gone wrong did, now the dream is over, i think Spurs will win at home but not by a score to turn this around.

  7. It was a poor piece of managing by Redknapp. He’s down to 10 men at the Bernabaeu at the half and just ONE goal down, yet he brings on Defoe at the start of the 2nd half.

    He should have bought on a more defensive player to help take a reasonable scoreline back to White Hart Lane. Maybe Defoe could have come on the last 15 minutes to try and nick a goal. Now the tie is virtually gone. Shame.

  8. The crap floats to the top and is scooped out in every toilet. Now maybe we can see Europe’s superior teams play…

  9. This article, and any other article comparing the two teams based on yesterday’s game is nonsense. We’ll *never* know who was the better team since Crouch’s idiocy prevented seeing the two teams match up. Period.

    If two race cars went head-to-head and one blew out a tire on lap 3 of a 20 lap race, could you definitively say the car that finished was the *fastest*? Of course not. I’m not saying Spurs would have won, but I am saying we’ll never know. I do think they *could* have won with 11 men. Spurs held Madrid to one goal in the 1st half, playing 2/3rds of that half with one less player. I’ve seen Crouch win countless defensive headers — if he were in, it would have been a completely different game.

    1. …and for the record, I feel the same way about Barca, and the 2nd match against Arsenal. How it’s lost on the entire population that just a single goal would have put Arsenal through, and that they played the 2nd half without their main striker, is just beyond me.

      Maybe sometime we can see a Spanish team progress to the next round via an 11-on-11 match.

    2. Tire management is one of the most important skills a race car driver has. Just as player management is one of the most important skills a football manager has. You fail to manage your tires properly and you will lose, even if you are “faster”. Likewise, fail to manage your players well and you will lose, even if you are the “better” side.

      This isn’t like picking up a nail in the tire, that’d be Lennon’s illness.

  10. The whole article is written by an author who previously wrote about Jack Wilshere being Youth Player of the Year over Gareth Bale completely ignoring Chicharito. The first line contains “former Arsenal star Emmanuel Adebayor” not “current City loanee.” It’s Arsenal fans trying to dig at Spurs fans. Oops, I guess it worked.

  11. obviously the fact that arsenal and spurs are rivals is the reason adebayor being a former arsenal player is mentioned also there have been rumours about the pfa shortlist and chicarito is not belived to be on it.

    1. While Chicarito looks a good player he will not be near that PFA shortlist. He may get onto the young player category if they don’t think he is to old. I believe the 6 are Vidic, Tevez, Adam, Bale, Parker and Nasri. I would personally have them in this order 1, Adam 2, Parker 3, Tevez, 4, Bale 5, Nasri, 6, Vidic.

  12. Sure, Crouch’s attempted tackles were ill-timed and deserving of cards from a referree who clearly meant to control the match from the beginning. In addition to Crouch, the difference between Spurs being out of the match and out of the tie is the generally poor play of Modric and Gomes.

    Modric was on the line and got crossed up with Gomes on the 1st goal. Once Spurs went a man down his playmaking abilities were naturally curtailed, but he did little to no defending when that is what was needed most.

    Gomes is like Almunia — just not world class. Could have done better on the 1st and 4th goals, and inexplicably punched some shots that could have simply been caught.

    Bale was a mixed bag — responsible for the few attacking bright spots for Spurs, but let Ramos get in his head. He’s young and will learn, but will he stay at Spurs long enough for them to get the benefit? Who would have thought that he was capable of a Delap throw-in, and the intelligence to see that it was on?

    2-0 you’re out of the match but still in the tie. 4-0 you’re done.

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