Official Nike Ball for 2011-12 Premier League Season: Leaked Photo

A photograph has been leaked of the official ball for the 2011-12 Premier League season from Nike.

The ball, which will also be used in La Liga and Serie A, is called Seitiro. According to Football Shirt Culture, “[Nike] features what looks to be their most modern design to date for their football range. Each league gets it own logo printed on the ball aswell as their own inidividual colour seemingly reflecting each nation.”

Despite the poor image quality, the ball looks very modern and impressive. The true judge of how good a ball looks, to me, is when it’s seen in flight. Some balls that look smart often look horrid when in motion. Let’s hope this one looks as good in motion as it does above.

16 thoughts on “Official Nike Ball for 2011-12 Premier League Season: Leaked Photo”

  1. There’s no way that’s the official EPL Match Ball. The shape of the panels is wrong. Nike has been using more “rounded” panels which lead to a more round ball (a The straight sided panels are only used in Nike’s lower level balls.

    I suppose the design could be right, though.

  2. At least it’s not an Adidas Jabulani; have you guys played w/ that abomination? Worst ball in human history. The Nike balls I’ve played with are just fine, I am sure this one is no different.

  3. I really wish Adidas made the Premier League Matchball, they’d create something unique and different. Not that this isnt but Im sick of all these years of Nike’s dictation. Its time for a change people!

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