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New Liverpool Away Kit 2011-12 Revealed: Photo

liverpool away shirt 2011 2012 New Liverpool Away Kit 2011 12 Revealed: Photo

A new photograph purportedly of Liverpool’s new away shirt for the 2011-12 Premier League has been leaked on the Internet.

The photograph, featuring Luis Suarez and a fellow Liverpool teammate, shows the Uruguayan striker modeling the dark grey shirt with red trim. The shirt color is such a dark grey that it looks to be almost black. The shirt colors are consistent with the description of what Liverpool’s new away shirt will look like, according to the Liverpool FC website.

If this is indeed Liverpool’s away shirt for the 2011-2012 season, it looks quite stylish. The simplicity of the design is accentuated by the modern Adidas sleeve design. What do you think of the design? Click the comments link below to share your opinion.

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35 Responses to New Liverpool Away Kit 2011-12 Revealed: Photo

  1. w says:

    FAKE….that is the old Ajax away shirt, bad bad photoshop effort!

  2. Desh says:

    That’s cool I like it

  3. drew says:

    Eh, another black kit. Great! How about another boring white 3rd kit? What makes it worse is the boring retread Adidas designs. Liverpool should be a flagship club for Adidas and they should get better designs than this.

  4. rodney says:

    bollocks…. good photo shop. kit will be grey/silver as stated on club website

  5. John Mc says:

    Definate fake, the picture is from the AJAX away kit campaign from about 2 seasons ago. Seen here:

  6. Robbo95 says:

    That’s Ajax away kit last season. Photo shop but does lOok nice

  7. DaveWestAus says:

    The grey/silver strips should be done away with for ever,the are hideous ! LIVERPOOL’S original strips are the best – ‘RED & WHITE’ or ‘FULL RED’ as SHANKLY said to big RON YEATS “you’ll scare everyone in that strip”! All these different strips are helping LFC’s decline ! The ‘RED MACHINE’ must return! LIVERPOOL should be playing away games in the full RED STRIP,always,unless the colour clashes! Then it should be predominently ‘white shirt/black shorts’!Then they will start to win games more often !

  8. Gary Russell says:

    That the Ajax shirt photoshoped

  9. Bebbsy says:

    the new away shirt is actually yellow with red trim…pictures are on google already… if we manage to get 5th we will score a third kit.. but seems doubtful

    • Lemmy77 says:

      Actually the 2011/2012 Away Kit is not the Yellow shirt with Red trim… even though that shirt looks decent.

      The 2011/2012 Away Shirt is Silver/Grey/Red…. it even says this on the official Liverpool website if you try to pre-order the new shirt…

  10. Chris Dearden says:

    thats the ajax away kit from 2 seasons ago..liverpool new away kit is silver/grey with red trims..bit like the silver kit we had 2 seasons ago..and it not the yellow kit with red trims either,,although that is nice

  11. Chris says:

    just seen the new awy kit on a lfc is the link…hope you like…

    • Ian says:

      This is a fake. Kit will be revealed april 14th, like the website states….

      Chris, the all black shirt is not their actual kit…They just aren’t displaying the image yet.


  12. Sam Kiernan says:

    Poor poor poor!! seriously my 3 year kid would do a better job at photo shop.

  13. amiaretard says:

    Pretty sure this is from the image where you pre order the new away kit on offical website clearly not the new away kit just what they are using untill 14th which, like many have mentioned, is suppose to be grey. So its not a photoshop just really bad journalisum to get visitors on this website.

  14. selvano says:

    That is fake, Currently the jersey`s are all close to body hugging. but these is not. so I don`t buy these. currently there already a black, so LFC is not idiots to launch another one thats close to black, I guess then will go for another color thats not white,black.

  15. clive says:

    although this kit is fine it’s not going to be next seasons away kit, it’s black, simple as, read the LFC website, the kit will will a solid Grey/silver/red kit, there is no silver(except the badge) and no grey on this picture, also this kit is an exact replica of the lfc away kit of the 2009/10 season except it had Gold adidas stripes/trim/sponsor, it was the last Carlberg sponsered away kit, so no way will they use an exact same shirt style as a shirt only 2 seasons ago, and if this is ‘the kit’ why would they have took the standard chantered logo off the front for a kit advertisement, also what is that stadium suarez is standing in?? have they gone to another teams ground to do the promo pics for the kit?? highly doubtful, so yeah, it looks nice, but it’s total bull !!!

  16. Gerard Stevens says:

    Bebbsy, there will be a third kit as the LFC websitye states on the Away Kit pre-order page, its being releases 17th of JUne I think

  17. adam says:

    silver stripes down the arms, you can see on gerrards left arm on there main pic under wear you pride .:)

  18. Beaty59 says:

    I have been told the new kit is a reverse of the new Venezuela home kit (same design but red and grey reversed)

    See here

  19. Stephen says:

    Has everyone missed the liverpool site and behind the blacked out shirt, looks to me like the material is behind. lol

    Its a gun metal grey colour.

  20. jdog says:

    fake ajax 2009 away kit look it up

  21. liverpoolfan says:

    hey what y’all blabbering abt thats a real livpool away kit.. Maybe yeah it kinda løøks like the ajax kit but that pic is not photoshopped check out the official lfc site.. Or the adidas lfc site.. Well maybe our manager photoshoped it and post it onthe lfc site aint that true.. ITS A REAL LFC 11/12 KIT

  22. Collylfc says:

    The new kit is goin be all black

  23. The G says:

    liverpoolfan – click the links people have provided, it’s definitely the Ajax kit from a couple of seasons ago. You’d think a site like this would do some research before posting stuff like this, like ‘let’s see if Suarez’s previous club had a kit JUST LIKE THIS’, or something.

  24. YNWA says:

    Well that is an obvious fake but the real thing look very similiar to it anyway.

  25. Muhammad Nazreen bin Azli says:

    cantik gilaaa baju liverpool skrng ehh

  26. imran says:

    this shirt looks fake

  27. KENNY KING says:

    Adidas is not a Liverpool fc sponsor for 2011-2012. it is an american company called Warrior. Any shirt displaying adidas logo or stripes is fake. The logo for Warrior is a W!!!!. A true liverpool fan should know this. Please go support everton if you don’t.

    • FC Asheville says:

      A true LFC supporter would know the Warrior deals starts with 2012-13. Pwnd much?! Now, go support Everton.

  28. James says:

    its fake because Adidas arent making our shirts next season

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