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FIFA 11 Simulation Predicts Real Madrid v Spurs and Chelsea v Man Utd Results

EA Sports have fed all of the data into their FIFA 11 simulation machine to determine who will win the Champions League matches this week between Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur as well as Chelsea against Manchester United.

Watch the above video to see the Chelsea versus Man United match highlights first followed by Real Madrid against Spurs.

What do you think of the predictions FIFA 11 makes? Do you agree or disagree? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, learn how you can win Champions League gear signed by Torres, Giggs, Fabregas, Rooney, Gerrard and Ronaldo.

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21 Responses to FIFA 11 Simulation Predicts Real Madrid v Spurs and Chelsea v Man Utd Results

  1. Phenoum says:

    Can anyone just post the fake results? Literally too busy to watch…

  2. Ochai says:

    LOL this predictions never come to pass. it is always the opposite.

  3. MennoDaddy says:

    This result actually gives me hope! These simulations are NEVER correct!


  4. Dave C says:

    In other news, Call of Duty: Black Ops predicted that I would win a gun fight in the jungle of Vietnam, and GTA IV predicted that I could beat people up in the street, steal a sports car and get away with it.

    What is the point in these prediction articles?

  5. Hoe says:

    I predict the commentators won’t include Andy Gray like the ‘simulation’ (lol) does.

    Still in my ‘simulation’ here Spurs are 1-0 with 10 minutes to go in the first half!

    • Dave C says:

      You’ve just given me a great idea -

      You know how you can download additional commentary packs for FIFA from Xbox Live (i.e. so you can hear Andy Townsend, or some Polish guy or whatever…).

      Wouldn’t it be cool if you could download an x-rated commentary pack featuring Tyler, Gray and Ron Atkinson?

  6. Davspurs says:

    Well andy grey has gone Benzima is not playing so all in all its not true 3-2 to Spurs

  7. El Tri 2014 says:

    RM vs. Spurs look to be a great game cause I can’t guess who will win, both have recently had lacklustre league games and both teams have had their share of recent injuries, both teams do seem to be focused on this match only and the return leg, of course. However, I give a slight edge to RM.

  8. Ahmed Osman says:

    My Champions League predictions (English clubs only):

    Real Madrid 2-0 Tottenham
    Chelsea 3-0 Man Utd

    • El Tri 2014 says:

      Chelsea 3-0 Man Utd? There’s no David Luiz nor Martin Atkinson tomorrow at Stamford. Of course, to Crouch’s misfortune, Martin is at the Real Madrid game.

  9. DP3 says:

    Did the Spurs players stay on their feet in the simulation?

  10. Jdizzle2012 says:

    I really don’t see J. Hernandez out muscling anyone on Chelsea to score a header.

  11. Terry says:

    Rooney is in an angry mood and could help United to a big win. Chelsea are struggling to score at the moment while United, even with a makeshift defence, have goals in them. With United’s defence getting healthy again and with Valencia back I can see United winning both legs easily. The winner of this tie should get to the final as they will meet Shalke who are a decent team but not formidable. That’s why I think United will play their best team tonight and have a go at Chelsea. They can then afford to rest a few players for Fulham at home and if they win tonight even rest some players next week against Chelsea with the FA Cup semis in mind. The treble awaits.

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