Ticket Details for Seattle Sounders vs Manchester United Announced

Tickets for Manchester United’s July 20 game against Seattle Sounders at Qwest Field are now on sale through OneUnitedUSA.com, the Manchester United Membership and Supporters Club of America.

OneUnitedUSA.com members had first access to buying the tickets, but now tickets for the United-specific section of Qwest Field are open to the public. Tickets are $79 each (limit 20). These can be purchased from Ticketmaster via this link (courtesy of OneUnitedUSA.com). The password is: ROONEY.

According to OneUnitedUSA.com, they speculate that ticket allocation details for the other cities on the tour will be announced around these dates: April 6 (Chicago and Boston), April 11 (Washington DC) and New York/New Jersey (between May 2-10). You do not need to purchase a OneUnitedUSA.com membership to receive tickets. However, members will receive the link to buy first.

For more information about Manchester United’s tour or to purchase tickets, visit oneunitedusa.com/usatour2011 or e-mail usatour2011@oneunitedusa.com.

13 thoughts on “Ticket Details for Seattle Sounders vs Manchester United Announced”

  1. How much would a Man U fan be willing to pay for this game?

    We may have extras 10 rows back right next to Sounders supporters section, just wondering what I might be able to get for them.

      1. Face value on my season tickets is only $16.50, but the same seats go for close to $100 for Seahawks games.

    1. I’ve already picked up tickets in sec. 126 about 20 rows back and they were $90 each ($100 w/ service charges). I would suggest checking stubhub for what people are charging in the same area and go five dollars lower. I saw a lot of people trying to charge between 130-175, which to me is crazy.
      Also, the United supporters section through one united is way up in the 300’s section and $78, hence why I decided to pay about $15 more for much closer seats. Hope this info helps.

      1. I appreciate the info. I figured somewhere around $100 was reasonable. I’ll be looking to sell off any extras but will be attending the game.

  2. Gaffer do you know if the open training tickets will available on OneUnitedUsa to purchase on April 6th. Also would I still be able to go even though I’m not a member.

  3. Gaffer,

    It seems by this article that Man U is in ticket control over all games they are playing over here i.e. their member website advance ticket sales. Do you know if Barca have anything going on? I have looked around but cannot find anything.

    1. Barca hasn’t announced ticketing for their tour yet. I know for the Man U – Barca match in DC, DC United Season Ticket holders have the friendly as one of their special game tickets, so right now they are the only ones who have guarenteed seats for that match. Eventually other DC United ticket holders, and I am sure Man U and Barca sites will have allocations as well, and then the rest should go on sale to the public at the end of the month.

  4. My 9 year old son is a huge Manchester fan and begging me to take him to the game against the Sounders on the 20th July. Do you have tickets available for that game? We see the ones in nose bleed section are going to be about $105 with fees, so would like to put that money toward tickets where we can actually see the football!
    Thanks, Fox

    1. Mrs. Fox- It turns out my friend next to me can’t go. We have two extra seats, ten rows from the field and right next to the ECS. What is your email address?

    2. My email is: ddewell@gmail.com
      We’re not in great financial times, just lost my job on Tuesday, so I can’t go as high as $100 for the two tickets. Would you be willing to go less? We are a nice couple of soccer fans to sit next to?
      Thanks, Mrs. Fox

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