Poll: Predicting Tottenham Hotspur Against Real Madrid

Tuesday night’s Champions League game between Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur will be an eyeopening event. Knowing Spurs, anything can happen. They could get thrashed. They could settle for a nil-nil draw or they could turn the match into a goalscoring frenzy.

We do know that Karim Benzema will be sitting out the match. Cristiano Ronaldo looks likely to play. Tottenham, meanwhile, have been devastated by injuries with the following players out: Steven Pienaar, Ledley King, Jonathan Woodgate, Younes Kaboul and Alan Hutton. William Gallas and Tom Huddlestone, meanwhile, are doubtful.

Who do you think will win the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final at the Bernabeau. Vote below and share your opinions in the comments section underneath.

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15 thoughts on “Poll: Predicting Tottenham Hotspur Against Real Madrid”

    1. Nah, true Spurs fans are pessimists at heart. We THINK we’re gonna get thrashed in the away leg, but we HOPE we can pull out a draw.

      Part of the reason that this CL campaign has been so magical. (Taxi for Maicon, anyone?) Hell, we would’ve been happy just to beat Young Boys and make pool play.

      I voted “draw.” I’ll settle for a one-goal loss, with a Spanish thrashing at WHL in two weeks.

  1. There’s a lot more confidence in Spurs than I would have thought (I’m a QPR supporter) Real have a few injuries, and Mourinho did lose his first home game in 9 years against Sporting Goujon last weekend so there may be hope.

    but if you believe in omenS, and most football fans do, what are the chances of Jose following up his first home defeat in 9 years consecutively with a second?

  2. As a Spurs fan, I’m not overly optimistic about this match-up. However, this team has surprised me this season, so I won’t ever count them out. They’re completely Jekyll and Hyde. I think the injuries (particularly Gallas) could cripple them for the away match, but I could see them pulling out a draw if they’re stout like they were against Milan in their second leg.

  3. tottenham will lose, they just cant afford to start out like they did with inter (the gallas absence will be felt)… just keep it a 1-0 loss is the best they can hope for

    1. HI(And first,sorry for my inglish)I’M a supporter of the REAL MADRID.but is easy too,be a fun of the REAL MADRID.I’m spect(takking abaut to the SPURS)IS your first time in the europe chanpions league,and when have go to LONDON. In 15 days,only can win one.Good luck for the SPURS people,and the people for the REAL MADRID too.WHERE THE SPURS SUPPORTERS,AND OVER AND OVER,sorry i’m drunk,but good luck,for the SPURS.

  4. A nil-nil draw would certainly fit Spurs’ form and trend as reflected in their latest results. My vote goes for a draw. Moreover, I would dare predict a scoreless draw as this quarter is going to be a very tight clash as well as a strategic battle.

  5. If Bassong plays, Spurs will get HAMMERED. If Spurs back line is a piece of swiss cheese (which it is) Bassong is the biggest hole, by far. Gallas isn’t world-class anymore, but his experience has shown this season, especially in Champions League play; in his positioning, his poise, and his tendency NOT to commit stupid, game-changing fouls in or around the box.

    Honestly, I’d rather Spurs play without Bale tomorrow than without Gallas, because with they way they’re playing up front they are going to need to keep the score down to have a chance.

  6. They will get thrashed – even though I wouldnt mind them staying in the CL and continuing to drop PL points for MCFC :-)

  7. Real Madrid are a team that creates lots of chances (except against Barcelona) and can therefore score a bundle or not any. That’s how their season has gone. If Spurs are able to come away with either a draw or a loss by one goal then I fancy Spurs going through to the semis. Spurs can also win it if they are bold. For Spurs, containing Ozil is the key. He is brilliant in creating chances for his team-mates. Spurs also need to play attacking soccer rather than sit back since Madrid are vulnerable in the back. Their wide defenders go forward a lot and that can be exploited.

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